Remember This?

Man, everyone guessed Earthworm Jim. I thought that one was going to be brutal! Congratulations to WhitePointer who guessed it first.

Just to clear things up: the new time for the lunchtime game is 12.15pm. It's been that way for a while — I'm now making it official!

Now good luck with today's effort!


    Oh wow, this one's tricky.

    It's got to be an Atari 2600-era game, or maybe nes/master system, judging by the font the numbering is using. Possibly some kind of space themed game. Other than that I got nothin'.

    Last edited 10/07/14 12:25 pm

      That's what I had in mind, but was leaning towards a sports game (racing or w/e).

    Uncle Touch on Game Boy Colour

    Commander Keen? or possibly Ghost House on the master sys.

    been thinking on this for a while now... that shading behind the numbers makes me think its not as old as the font makes it out to be

    Last edited 10/07/14 12:42 pm

    No idea on this one, but I can happily say today's image doesn't seem to come up with a google image search. :)

    Omega Blast: The Serrels Bukake Chronicle

    Biiiiiiiker mice from Maaaaaaaaaaaars!

    Metal Gear on the MSX Computer? lol looks 8-bit definitely.

    Wing Commander
    Star Wars: X-Wing

    or something along those lines...

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