Remember This?

Hahaha! Wow. I think my last Remember This may have been my best work yet. Stumped you all for three days! Well done to Batguy who finally guessed correctly. It was Night Trap, the ill-advised Sega CD game. Alrighty, time for another one. Let's see if I can keep this run going!

Good luck everyone!


    It's a beat-em-up methinks... I'll go with Double Dragon.

    Reminds me of Streets of Rage...but I don't think that's it.

      I thought that too, but the SoR isometric view shows the paths sloping top left to bottom right

    Hmm, seems like a brawler or fighting game so maybe Mark of Wolves or King of Fighters?

    I'll probably kick myself when I find out what this is, but I can't pick it. I agree it looks like a scrolling beat em up, but not sure which.
    My brain sees the image and only equates that colour palette to the original Blood though!

    Rampage: World tour? [Maybe universal tour?]


    ...What the hell was it called? Move left to right, shooting, not brawling, there's a subway level... Ummm... Ahhh.....

    Edit: Old DOS game, I might be able to find it tonight if I go through the HDD backup from the old 286.

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      Yeah, that's the one I was thinking of.

    I was going to guess Double Dragon, But I am going with Streets of Rage?

    I've spent over 30 minutes looking at screen shots of hundreds of games with street levels... I QUIT!! Well done Serrels, my brain is fried thanks to you!

    Turtles in Time? Or whatever variation of it is called?

      Haha that's what it had me thinking too for some reason.

      Even though I'm not sure I've even played the game at all.

    Also think it's a beat-em-up... and since it hasn't been said....


    rival schools???? or rival schools united by fate if i have to use the full title.

    Ninja Gaiden? (as in the side scrolling arcade hack & slash, one that I seem to recall having another name in different regions)

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