Remember This?

Well done to xBoNe AU who managed to guess — in my opinion — one of the most difficult Remember This posts I have ever put together. I thought we'd definitely get to day three on this one! Nice job.

Good luck with today's effort everyone!


    Biker Mice from Mars

      you're bound to be right one of these days bro

    FFVI? The map after the you know what spoilers I don't care if the game is over 20 years old you should damn well play it so I won't spoil it for you event?

      I was going to say! Looks like the oceans from a Final Fantasy game!

      That or something like the Secret of Mana


    Reminds me of DonPachi or DoDonPachi

    Last edited 17/07/14 1:15 pm

    The adventures of Link that time my tv started to lose certain colours.

    Seriously though it reminds me of a free game i got in an old PC mag about 13 years ago cannot for the love of me remember the name of the game or what it was about but i just remember starting in a big paddock fenced in and a barn in the top corner.

    Last edited 17/07/14 12:42 pm

    Made me think of Golden Sun. Well, more The Lost Age.

    Though I don't think it's that.

    Water, water, everywhere; and not a game I can think [of].

      It's clearly SimOcean! EA released it as an expansion pack for the original SimCity!

      It looks more like Ice than water to me...

    First instinct is Raiden. Or a similar vertical SHMUP.

    Final Fantasy IV?


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