Remember This?

Congratulations to both kalypsophox and Stevorooni — within a minute of each other both managed to guess Friday's Remember This! It seemed unfair to declare either of them a winner so we'll just call it a draw!

Good luck with today's effort!


    Knights of the round table (was that even a game?)

      Knights of the Round was. It was a pretty decent side scrolling beat-em-up with some Dungeons and Dragons trappings.

    We all know it's some kind of Italian beer featuring a green bear. :P

    star trek: the next generation: futures past or echoes from the past?

    Ninja Turtles

      love how those two words are 43 guesses in one.

      Bit broad.. but it works :P

        Well for clarification I'm talking the original game that came to C64/NES/Amiga/AtariST. (The terrible one, not the port of the arcade)

        It had overhead sections where you drove around in the Turtles van which is what the screenshot reminded me of.

        Last edited 21/07/14 4:27 pm

    Faery Tale Adventure

    The Dig?

    one day I will recognize the game and be able to do a serious answer!

    balderdash or however you spell it.

    Uber-feltch Commanche Dragon All-Stars?

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