Remember This?

Three strikes and you're out. If you can't guess this game today, I'm starting a new one tomorrow! This is the third and final image. Have at it friends!

The two previous clues can be found below...


    Looks like the X-Men, couldn't say which System though

    it looks like either phantasy star or phantasy star 2....or maybe not

      nah... i guessed Phantasy star on day one and didnt get it :(

    I think I worked out the answer by reverse image searching, but even then it was tricky.

    It pointed me to this page and... wow:

    Apparently they are some sexy, sexy pixels!

    EDIT: Oh, and if you're curious, my cheating answer is:
    Dragon Quest/Warrior II

    Last edited 24/07/14 12:45 pm

      Dagnabbit I knew it was Dragon Something...!
      (I guessed Dragon Slayer on Tuesday)

      The one with a moon for a head is pretty hot.

      I'm still not convinced that it's Dragon Warrior, but I reckon it's a MSX game; maybe Xak...

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