Remember This?

Well people, I'm officially claiming victory. No-one guessed Remember This and I pretty much dragged it out for an entire week. I'm pretty impressed with myself, but now it's time to relay the final answer.

It was The Return of Ishtar or Resurrection of Ishtar — I would have accepted either — an action RPG thing that ran on the Namco System 86.

This might be the most vague game we've ever run on Remember This. I doubt I'll ever reach these giddy heights again!

Anyway, enough gloating from me. We have a new thing going on today. Get wit' it.


    That one from last week... was that a Japan only game? if so NO FAIR !!!!
    This I am going to say Metal Gear... NES in the desert bit

    Looks like something from a C64 game.
    Who dares wins?

    The Dig?

    yeah I got nothin.....

    I thought it was "Gun.Smoke", but it's not quite right.

    It's very cactus-y in the top right, though.

    Star wars game from the early/mid 90's cannot remember the name of it though.

    I'm going to hazard a guess and say Loom... Most likely wrong though. Loom was much prettier than this :P

    The Ninja

    well done Serrels. you got us all. But not today!....that my friend is..... duck something. duck tales. yeh thats the one.

    or maybe Valiant Quest IV

    Mark kinda cheated last time with Return of Ishtar seeing as it was only released in Japan....

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