Remember This?

No-one managed to guess Friday's Remember This, so I'm carrying it across to today. Today's clue should make it a little bit clearer for everyone I think!

Here's Friday's image just for reference!


    Ancient art of war.
    had that thing on my Dad's old Apple II.

      GOD DAMN IT! You must have done that a second before I did!!!

        sorry man :p

          I say we call it a tie! We've even got the same timestamp!! ;)

            NEVER! You both must be in different timezones, whichever one is closer to the GMT wins!

    The Ancient Art of War! Probably Atari ST or DOS PC?

    I remember this game! It's The Ancient Art of War

    Thought it might have been Ninja Golf on Atari 78hundo.

    ancient art of war hands down , this was something from back in my day

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