Remember This?

Well pretty much everyone managed to guess yesterday's Remember This. I knew I went too easy on you all with the second clue! Congrats to 35 and Welbot who guessed correctly within seconds of one another!

Good luck with today's effort everyone!


    Arrgh! I know this one... ummm... arrrgh!

      I instantly recognised it too just cannot think of the name. Nope mental blank.

      Damnit, it is DK Jr Math, came back here to post, but beaten to the punch!

    Donkey Kong Jr. Math

    Edit: Photo for reference:

    Last edited 29/07/14 12:25 pm

    Argh I had to try and remember my login details so I could say Donkey Kong Jnr Maths and I was too late! Would never forget it after getting the NES games on animal crossing.

    DK jr math... spent so much time watching Pat the NES Punk that one is easy.


    Dangit, I know it straight away but was out...

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