Remember This?

As MrTaco said in the comments, yesterday's Remember This was like an echo chamber yesterday! I KNEW THIS I KNOW WHAT IT WAS! But Mase got in first — it was Donkey Kong Jr. Math. Well done mate!

Good luck with today's effort everyone!


    Nigel man sell Grand Prix

      Ah yes, I fondly recall Nigel Man Sell Grand Prix - the only Grand Prix based male prositution & pimping simulator featuring that beacon of sexuality, Nigel Mansell.

      whats he selling?

        Haha I don't know, but hopefully a dictionary so I learn how to spell

    Full Throttle

      That was the only game that came up in my mind: FullThrottle. And Ben introduction of the game "Whatever I smell asphalt, I think of Maureen..."

    Toy Story on mega drive!

      You beat me to it!

      Even though we're both wrong, that was my first thought also :p

      EDIT: I also now have the toy story theme [the 16bit mega drive version] stuck in my head!

      Last edited 30/07/14 3:25 pm

    That thing I used to play out under before I discovered videogames?

    That's Shadow of the Beast. Those clouds are unmistakable.

    Last edited 30/07/14 1:11 pm

    The clouds looks like its from Duke Nukem 2.

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