Remember This?

Hey Rethilgore — you are 'mad pro'. You managed to guess yesterday's Remember This post even though I thought it was pretty tough. You are a machine. The game was Shadow of the Beast. I think the screenshot I used was the Amiga version. I think I actually played that game on a Spectrum...

Good luck with today's effort. I HAVE CRANKED IT UP A NOTCH.


    Wild Arms?

      That was my first thought too! But nahhh, the character there looks like a 2d sprite, which the battles at that camera angle didnt have.

    I know it's not the right answer, but I have to say Minecraft.

    I was going to guess Wrath Unleashed but it looks a bit too old for that

    I know that I've seen this before, but I can't quite remember where. I'm wanting to say that it's a battle in a Pokemon game, but even then I'm not really sure...

      Also potentially Fire Emblem (GC version maybe). Definitely not the 3DS version, though; there were no feet in that one!


      My first thought was Grandia or Grandia 2, but i cant remember that specific scene, the art-style isn't right though Grandia games were 3D sprites from memory weren't they?

        Grandia 1 had 2d sprites on 3d environment if im not mistaken

          Right there. Also sported censorship that was not seen again until the 4 Kids version of One Piece.

          See case in point, a "coffee" shop that only opens at night.

      Darn! Beat me to it!

      And I seriously think it's the first Grandia.

    I'm going to Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain

    It's Buck Bumble for N64!

      The ground does look very similar

    Christ this one is hard :) been racking my brain for hours. as a joke im going to say its Final Fantasy 5 :P lol

    Biker Mice from Mars. late submission. work is riding me

    Looks a whole lot like Eternal Darkness to me, the sequence where you play as the Roman soldier.

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