Reminder: Never Trust Anyone In Dark Souls II

Reminder: Never Trust Anyone in Dark Souls II

Hi everybody! Here's your daily reminder that the Souls games are engineered to cause pain and misery, even from people you trust. Never trust anybody!

Ahar Ance went out and griefed the living hell out of Blue Sentinels in Dark Souls II, placing items precariously next to cliffs for people who were there to help him, while an invader knocked them off. What a jerk!

Oh Dark Souls fans, you loveable scumbags. Never change. Also, good use of Tiny Tim.

Ahar Ance via R/DarkSouls2


    I'll play when they mod it to look liked it did before release.

      Yeah. Been waiting for someone to mod in the lighting.
      I think the code is no longer in the game though. There are so many torches and odd textures that I think the light was going to be a part of the gameplay big time and got dumped.

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