Scare Your Friends And/Or Minions With This Diablo Night Light

Scare Your Friends And/Or Minions With This Diablo Night Light

We all love lamp. The sweet convenience of reading/gaming/building a toilet roll fort from the comfort of one’s bed, just before sleepy time and not having to walk to the light switch before closing your eyes. But your current lamp just isn’t evil enough. It needs more horns. And teeth. And glowing yellow eyes.

Blizzard, fortunately, has come to the rescue with this Diablo night light. From the outside, it looks nothing like a lamp, but as you can see in the video, a simple flick of a switch and bang, it’s covering all sorts of surfaces with a diffused yellow glow.

If you’re interested in picking on up, it’ll set you back $US19, plus an extra $US13.65 for standard shipping, which isn’t so bad considering some US retailers like to charge $US30-50 for similar postage.

Sadly, like a lot of novelty lights, it struggles to serve its primary purpose as a source of illumination if the product’s one and only review is to be believed, but it’s still rather cool.

Maybe hang on to your trusty old lamp… just in case your new one is ambushed by a necromancer and cheese-grated to death by bone spears.

Night Light: Diablo [Blizzard, via TIWIB]


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