Sega, We Are Still Waiting For Yakuza 5

Video: Yakuza 5 was released in Japan in December 2012. It is yet to see a release in the West. Sega, we are still waiting. Hurry up.


    They said they couldn't localize it because the whole team was focused on Yakuza Ishin.

    Now that's done and they're already started on the next one, presumably Yakuza 6.

    Combined with Kenzan and the two Black Panther games on PSP, that's 5 released games in the series we haven't gotten and another in development. :(

    Also we're probably never getting Yakuza 5. Time to give up and let it fade into obscurity with the other sadly Japan-only Sega franchises like Phantasy Star, Shining, Valkyria Chronicles and Sakura Wars. :(

    Still waiting for Yakuza 5? How about Shenmue 3?

    Still waiting, Sega! STILL.WAITING.

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      I think the difference here is that Yakuza 5 actually exists and has been released in Japan.

      Yep. Still waiting for Half Life 3? Try waiting for Shenmue 3!

        Don't forget The Last Guardian. ;)

          Between Shenmue 3, Half Life 3 and The Last Guardian, we'll all be 90 years old by the time...

          Here's an interesting little video that Shenmue Dojo put up a few days ago. Keiji Inafune gave some advice to Yu Suzuki on how to best Kickstart a game development project. Interesting ;)

            Interesting little tidbit. I'd definitely give my dollars towards a Shenmue kickstarter.

            And how did I miss that YT channel? *subscribes*

              Here's their webpage too

              They've have been the most devoted to keeping the Shenmue flame alive - even when you think there's no hope for Shenmue 3, their site is still there, still going. I think it's been well over 10 years, easy!

    Is their any journo on this planet who can find out what Sega's devs are working on at all? I thought the new CEO knew what he was doing...

    Not even working on a new Virtua Fighter which seems strange... maybe Sega are finally done. I really wish Nintendo would purchase the company and put all Sega's Legendary IP to good use.

    I miss the Yu Suzuki/AM2 Sega of old. And Yuji Nakas' Sonic Team.

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