Selecting King Of Pop Grants The User +19 Dexterity, But Also +14 Infamy

Briefly: Selecting King of Pop grants the user +19 dexterity, but also +14 infamy. [via @LookItsX]


    If you're playing through Oblivion right now and would like (for some godless reason) to look like Michael Jackson, you can download this very same 6 year old mod. (I think this is it)

    And nobody make a joke about 6 year olds, 'cause that would be in poor taste.

      You realise you just wrote a better article than Plunketts stock standard jronalrism right?

        It is an insult to journalism to call what he wrote journalism.
    I did this last year by accident.
    Have to admit that this one puts mine to shame.

      You made Marilyn Manson?

        Now that you mention it, it looks like marilyn manson and mj's child.
        but i personally think it looks more like mj.

    I ask again, how old are you luke? so many posts and most are aimed at 10 year olds. you do realise the age of the average gamer is ? how about you start writing for the age of the average gamer and not 10 year olds, oh and where the hell did you learn Journalism, primary school? I am coming to this site less and less and starting to loose a lot of respect for most of you. I think its about time you grow up before you drag with website down into nothing. this place is not what it used to be. I swear its now run bu 13 year old girls. seriously guys Grow the F*** up and start posting articles for the age of the average gamer, that is 30+ if you did not know. do you really think teenagers are all into anime and stuff aimed at children?

      Aouch, no need to go full out on Luke mate, he is awesome (most of the times * *giggles* *)

    I know there's no point in writing this comment, but FUCK! This "article" sucks some disease ridden arse. Get your shit together Kotaku.

    But Oblivion doesn't have dexterity or infamy...?

    Your article is bad, and you should perhaps consider a new profession. (Or feel bad, whatever)

    You do remember that Michael Jackson was a Pedophile. He lost his crown a long time ago. He is no 'King of Pop...'

      actually he was found not guilty and all charges were dropped

        No. He payed cash to shut up most of his victims. I assure you that, unfortunately, he was a molester. There's alot of unpublished info, across the net, that proves the point whether you like it or not. It's hard to accept, but he was just that. I was once a fan too :/

    For christ sake. Again and again, you make bullshit articles about NOTHING.
    Kotaku gods, please throw this twelvie out >_>

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