Sharp Six-Year-Old Makes Up Her Own Smash Bros. Names

Sharp Six-Year-Old Makes Up Her Own Smash Bros. Names

That's not Samus Aran in her Zero Suit, guys. That's Fighting Girl.

Tumblr user The SoupyOne says that he asked a younger sibling the names of the various characters showing up in the latest Nintendo's all-star brawler. She got some of the more popular characters right, like Mario, Luigi and Peach.

Sharp Six-Year-Old Makes Up Her Own Smash Bros. Names

Still, it's when she doesn't know the fighters that hilarity ensues. Blue Robot and Fast for Mega Man and Sonic are dead on, even if the little sister in question doesn't know them from playing video games. Me, I can't decide if I like Number One for the Animal Crossing Villager or Princess Angel for Kid Icarus' male protagonist Pit.


    Hahaha Pakistan, that was unexpected

      Pakistan is great but im loving Ghost Peach

    Lost it at Princess Peach 2. Then Ghost Peach. Then Power Ranger.

    PAKISTAN! *dies*

      Almost the exact same reaction, man proper lost it at Pakistan

    I'm going to call that adventurer in the green tunic and hat, Zelda.

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    Cue toddler's reaction that both robot & fighting girls are the same person, samus is a girl causing n00bs or people who aren't familiar with samus' gender to open their mouths with shock since 1987, classic

      Of course Samus is shocking!! How can a woman be a badass bounty hunter!? Only men can be fighters!! She should be in the kitchen making cupcakes for Adam.

    This literally made my day :')

    Rebecca reminds me this:

    When my boys were 5 and 6 they had some funny translations of the Smash Bros Melee characters' names, based off the way the announcer said them. By far my favourite was Monkey Core (Donkey Kong). I love the idea that Monkey Core is a genre of music, but in general it's just a funny name.

    Peach = Beach
    Bowser = Dorzer
    Samus = Thomas
    Gannondorf = Cannon Door

    I would hear them and refrain from correcting them. So cute.

    That's cute. The only thing I find odd is that he's apparently heard of 'Martha' but he hasn't heard of 'Fast', 'Dragon' or 'Princess Peach 2'.

    I died a little inside to see that she didn't know who Zelda or Sonic are.

    Even she knows that Charizard is a dragon

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