Shigeru Miyamoto, We Have An Answer To Your Question

Shigeru Miyamoto, We Have An Answer To Your Question

Mr Miyamoto, you recently asked me to ask Kotaku's readers to say which games they'd like you to make for the Wii U. Your question was extremely popular and I got a lot of replies — more than 3000. And a lot of them involved a particular word: Metroid.

It's not quite that simple though.

There were calls for a new Metroid game — specifically Metroid Prime 4 — but there were also a lot of calls for a Wii U Pokémon Snap. There were requests for new Wario games, new Luigi games and a game starring Princess Zelda. There were requests for platformers, role-playing games and even a business simulation based on the founding of the company you work for.

A lot of people asked for sequels, which is something you and I have talked about. You know how it goes: people want you to do something new but they also want you to revive old favourites. Well, good news! Quite a few people are ready for you to do brand-new things. They even shared some ideas.

The top 5 requests?

  1. Metroid (2D or 3D, with many calling for Metroid Prime 4)
  2. A new Pokémon Snap
  3. A new F-Zero.
  4. A new 3D Mario game (Galaxy 3 or Sunshine 2).
  5. An original Dungeons-and-Dragons-style game with the GamePad player serving the role as dungeon master.

I'm going to break everything down for you below. Please note that I asked Kotaku readers to nominate games and I asked them to vote. The response was so overwhelming that things got a little messy, with multiple nominations for the same game. I've tidied it all up, but it's required me to ballpark some of the votes — giving you a minimum number so you at least have that to work with.



Shigeru Miyamoto, We Have An Answer To Your Question

Let's start this tally by pointing something out. People think that you have a lot of power. I mean, you obviously do, having created Mario and Zelda and currently overseeing Nintendo's EAD development teams in Kyoto and Tokyo.

Still, you might be amused that a call for you to bring back Capcom's cancelled Mega Man Legends 3 earned 617 votes.

In fact, a call for you to make Nintendo buy all of Capcom received 168 votes! As one reader wrote:

Buy Capcom. Do it now. They are open for attack. Imagine if Nintendo owned all of Capcom's premiere franchises? Or made them a second party company? What a boon that would be for them. Nintendo and Resident Evil have a solid history. As well as Mega Man. Create new classic Mega Man games, and resurrect theLegends series! You know people want it! Monster Hunter as a continued exclusive would be great for them. They could resurrect classics like Breath of Fire. The only issue I could see is Street Fighter. But owning an industry-standard fighting series would be a solid exclusive. Could be a reputation-changer too.

Yes, yes, you weren't asking people to suggest companies for Nintendo to buy. You were asking for suggestions about which Wii U games Nintendo should make. So it probably also doesn't really count for 651 people to have voted for a 3DS remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

What should count?

504 votes for a reader's suggestion that you should make Super Mario Galaxy 3 or Super Mario Sunshine 2.

72+ votes for a new StarTropics.

15 for a Wii U port of Kid Icarus Uprising; 15 for a brand new Wii U Kid Icarus.

A call for a new Earthbound earned 396 votes; Gotcha Force got 111; Kirby's Dream Course 2 collected 47; a new Fortune Street fetched 28.

Shigeru Miyamoto, We Have An Answer To Your Question

Here's a big one: At least 597 people want a new F-Zero for Wii U.

Would you have expected a call for a new Battle Clash? It earned more than 20 votes.

How about a Wii U Fire Emblem? Clearly not satisfied with the announced Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game, 397 people called for a straight-up Fire Emblem U. (A vote for an Advance Wars U got a meager 8.)

A reader of exceptional taste called for a new Blast Corps (63 votes). But I'm not so sure Nintendo has the rights to that.

41 votes for a new Shenmue, though, as you know, that's not a game Nintendo made. Still, the reader who nominated it really wants it:

You could manipulate objects in the environment by touching them on the GamePad! You can communicate with NPCs through voice and gesture recognition - the Game-Pads camera will lip read and help recognise your commands better than conventional voice recognition.

54 votes for "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 3. Or a new co-op-focused Trauma Center."

24 votes for a new Mischief Makers. (I'm not sure Nintendo has the rights.)

Shigeru Miyamoto, We Have An Answer To Your Question

Many, many people asked for Pokémon Snap. One nomination earned 39 votes, another 60 votes, another 223, another 356!

One reader got more specific:

"An open world PKMN Snap, with different unlockable cameras, camouflage gear to set up for special encounters, lures/bait, weather, a day/night cycle, Pokemon trainers showing up every so often letting you snap their battles (wild fights too), wind considerations (stay downwind of skittish PKMN etc). Maybe a tracking mode you can use the gamepad with; following footprints etc."

A call for a Pokémon MMO garnered 41 votes.

A call for a Pokémon action RPG got 4.

13 votes for a Wii U port of The Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventures.

5 votes for a Wii U port of Pac-Man Vs.

15 votes for either Wario & Luigi Partners in Crime ("Make it like a Wario Land game with a 2-player system akin to Super Mario 3D Land.") or Super Princess Peach 2 ("Even throw in Daisy and Toadette for good measure if you want.)

26+ votes for a new Wario Land.

70+ votes for a new Wave Race, 26+ for a new Custom Robo, 33+ for a new Fatal Frame, 23+ for a new Battalion Wars, 6+ for a new Golden Sun, 6 for a new Mario Paint, 3 for a new Chibi Robo.

5 votes for a Wii U Ice Climber game. Specifically:

I'd like to see a Wii U Ice Climber game, that has much better physics and you navigating Popo and Nana independently using the two different sides of the Wii U GamePad (if you program the d-pad to act like A/B/X/Y for one Ice Climber, the GamePad would be symmetrical). Then have it so you get a game over if even one of them dies.

Then maybe have the Wii U GamePad show an overview of a mountain (As you'll be climbing larger mountains now) that could warn you of incoming hazards such as blizzards while most of the action is on the TV?

It could actually be quite a challenging platformer and Ice Climbers need a new game Nintendo. Plz. It's their 30th anniversary next year Nintendo - come on, give them another chance; even as an eShop game.

A new Paper Mario? 74 votes, but not just any new Paper Mario. The game should be "Like the first two (but preferably on a larger scale, possibly making the stat building a little more elaborate, possibly allowing multiple partners at a time even), not like Super Paper Mario (because an RPG is best when it's primarily an RPG and not a platform game) or Sticker Star (because I like a decent story)." Other nominating posts for Paper Mario earned 86 and 77 votes, respectively.

As for Paper Luigi? 33+ votes!

12 votes for partnering with Precursor Games and Denis Dyack to release Precursor's Shadow of the Eternals. As you recall from back in the GameCube era, Dyack had previously collaborated with Nintendo on the much-loved Eternal Darkness.

9 votes for a Nintendo all-star RPG. Specifically:

Smash Brothers was a crossover fighting game. What about a crossover role-playing game? I was thinking kind of like Mario RPG + Zelda RPG + Metroid RPG, where different quests involve using traits unique to that character, and the last bosses are Mother Brain and Ganon teamed up.

And you could have worlds where it looks like 8-bit and 16-bit and then 3-D, and have this completed and crazy world jumping experience with story elements from all the games.

7 votes for "A Zelda game where you play as Zelda."

3 votes for "A sequel to Super Mario Bros. 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Presumably the one we got in the U.S., not the Japanese one.)

11 votes for Baten Kaitos 3.

4+ votes for the return of Famicom Detective Club.

30 votes for putting N64 games on the Wii U Virtual Console. No, that's not a specific game, but you get the idea.

I should mention that a few dozen people sent me emails asking for an Animal Crossing for Wii U. I have a sneaking feeling you guys are already planning that.

Nevertheless, the king vote-getter... the mother of all vote-getters... the winner? Metroid.

Let's count the ways.

Shigeru Miyamoto, We Have An Answer To Your Question

There were 706 votes for this: "Pull Retro off of whatever nonsense they are making and put them to work on Metroid Prime 4 IMMEDIATELY".

And there were 250 votes for this:


There were 171 votes for yet another Metroid Prime 4 nomination.

Please also consider also one reader's request for a 2D or 3D Metroid. That earned 869 votes!

That's not the only Metroid stuff people asked for. 23 votes for the following:

A massive online Metroid game, that uses the Wii U controller as a constant monitoring device of your home world and interaction... home world you say? Yes!

You see, this online world is a Metroid title based around the multiverse theory, infinite universes with alternate realities! Each player being their version of Samus Aran; the bounty hunter, the medic, the colonel, the politician, the scientist, the explorer... and the true Samus who you need to track down, as her timeline originally housed the volatile metroids... originally. They spread.

How does the absence of a Samus affect a universe? What is the impact of two in the same universe at a single time!?

Find THE Samus, find THE metroid, for the longer it lasts, more universes are consumed and the stability of the remaining universes deteriorates, with far too many duplicates existing within the same universe...

Look, remember when I asked you about Metroid recently? It wasn't just me making that up or calling in a favour. People really, really want to play a new Samus adventure. It's a good thing that you and Mr. Takahashi gave such an encouraging answer about the series.

By the way, here's a nice picture of both of you that I took after our interview. You guys seemed to be having so much fun!

Shigeru Miyamoto, We Have An Answer To Your Question

Here's a plot twist for you guys: Believe it or not, a lot of people want you to not make sequels!

211 votes for "A Real Time Strategy game, similar to Starcraft and Command and Conquer, utilising the strength of the Wii U touch screen controller. Emphasis on strategy puzzle solving, rather than macro mechanics."

111 votes for "Keeping the Xenoblade train going is a nice step but Nintendo needs to start another RPG franchise."

148+ votes for a "mature" game (horror, sci-fi, etc) along the lines of GameCube favourite Eternal Darkness.

17 votes for a Nintendo point-and-click game. Specifically:

I'd like to see a Nintendo point and click adventure game. The Wii had some REALLY nice adventure games from TellTale come out for it (Strong Bad's Game for Cool People for example), and the WiiMote was excellent for point and click.

Now, throw in the GamePad for inventory management (click on object in inventory to select and use, click and drag and object over another object to combine the two) and give Nintendo's quirky sense of humour and maybe have them partner with some other folks like, say, Double Fine, and we could have a pretty cool title here.

15+ votes for a Nintendo take on the world-creating/mining Minecraft and Terraria concept.

More than 30 votes for a Nintendo MOBA ("Goombas as basic minions"!). One of those nominations specifically called for:

Now I'm sure people will say that there are too many out already, and that's probably true, but Nintendo has a knack of taking existing genres and turning it into something fresh (Pikmin for RTS, Smash for fighting, Splatoon for team shooters, etc.).

I think a Pokemon based MOBA with unique features like docking multiple characters would be a boon to the Wii U and be a great showcase for the gamepad. I'm imagining the whole map on your TV and the close up camera on the gamepad's screen; move the camera around with the left stick, click with the stylus, and L/ZL/left stick clicks can be skills/ults.

10 votes for an original 3D fighting game, maybe a Power Stone revival?

5 votes for an innovative, asymmetric racing game. Specifically:

A racing game. You have a leader who's on the Gamepad and racers who are on Pro Controllers/WiiMotes/etc. The leader is ahead of everyone else. As the leader moves, the track gets created. If the leader turns left, the track turns left. If the leader tilts the Gamepad up, a track going up is formed. The leader can tilt the Gamepad down to send his kart into the ground, creating a tunnel. The leader can place obstacles on the path for the players to move around (or utilise).

There would be different modes. In one mode, the track ends after a certain amount of time or when the leader decides to place the goal; it is the racers' jobs to race to the finish. In another mode, the racers would try to beat each other to catch up to the leader: the leader wins if no one reaches him in a certain amount of time, but the racer that does reach him wins.

You could even save the track and share it online if you really wanted and then just have normal races on the saved/shared tracks.

4 votes for a game that uses the Wii U GamePad as a portal to another world. Specifically:

The thing about the gamepad is the fact that it is a window to another world. What if it could show parallel universes happening in your room. Including past, future etc.

I think would be cool to have a game where you can travel through these realities bringing something from one to another to solve puzzles and help every version of living beings in versions of your room to solve their problems.

With this, would be possible to tell a lot of interesting storylines where the player is actually the protagonist. The Wii U would be turned in a Universal InteractiveInterrelation Window Machine and maybe, some of your best intentions could bring chaos to some of the universes.

I would make a game where the actions are saved and universes can react in unexpected ways. This way the player can't change choices unless he starts all over. The game would have a number of endings that would reflect the player's choices and I would like to see some hard emotional effects caused in the player.

The mechanics could be something like a First-Person-Shenmue where you use motion controls to navigate the room and interact with it. The idea is that every room has a machine that is connect to your Wii U and your actions would be limited to what each machine can do.

For example: Imagine you are connected to a TV in the 80's. This TV is on a musician's bedroom. This guy is trying to create a new hit but can't and he has to pay rent. Imagine that earlier you were on a camera in a rock show in the future, and you recorded one song. You could choose to show this clip in his TV.

4 votes for this:

Work with Atlus (ok, Sega currently) or another developer (Ubisoft and Might & Magic X, or the next Legend of Grimrock Game from Almost Human Games), to put out a dungeon crawl or exploration game like Etrian Odyssey out on the WiiU, with the map-making, inventory & quest management, and levelling up being done through the WiiU touch screen (alternatively make the game entirely in-house). Something similar could be done if Skyrim were to be ported to the WiiU.

4+ votes for:

A new IP set in Feudal Kyoto linked with Nintendo or an earlier Nintendo like card company. Something like Sakura Samurai meets Goemon, a full blown action adventure game.

10 votes for a business sim about Nintendo in the 1800s!

For example, the year is 1889: the year that Nintendo was founded. You play as Fusajiro Yamauchi, the person who founded Nintendo, starting the company during the middle of the Meiji period (the same historical timeframe that Rurouni Kenshin takes place in). This fictionalized business sim embellishes the story of Nintendo's founding during the transition period from feudal Japan to modern Japan. Could focus just on the start of Nintendo, or go further in time as you manage Nintendo (or the fictional Nontendo mentioned in Rusty's Real-Deal Baseball) from being just a Hanafuda card maker to a toy company that creates the Ultra Machine, the Ultra Hand, and more.

The most popular idea for a new game was this: 93 votes for a "Dungeons and Dragons-style with DM controls on the gamepad!"... along with 163 votes for "a more traditional tabletop RPG style game where the Dungeon Master uses the GamePad to control, build, and utilise the dungeon while the other players play through it."

These ideas are similar to the one depicted in this Penny Arcade comic strip:

Shigeru Miyamoto, We Have An Answer To Your Question

People really really like this idea and started to flesh it out:

Shigeru Miyamoto, We Have An Answer To Your Question

^This. You've got the perfect setup for one person to lead/challenge the party through a dungeon or overworld area in a multi-player RPG. Co-op, 3 vs 1, whatever. Hell, take the core concept of Tecmo's Deception series and apply it; one person can control or set up the traps from the gamepad while the others try to navigate the castle. This should have been done already. (17 votes)

This is really the first and best idea most of us had when they learned what the Wii U could do. I want this. You all want this. Please make this happen nintendo. (8 votes)


So many ideas for which games you should make for Wii U.

But wait.

There's one other thing.

7 votes for you to do whatever you want to do. A couple of readers wrote in to say why they chose this option. Here's one of them:

I'll be the first to admit to loving franchises. The problem is, no new franchise title as of late has peaked my interest as in years' past. Remember when we thought we knew Mario, and then Super Smash Bros. was announced? Remember when we thought we knew Link, and then Ocarina of Time came out? Remember when we thought we saw all Pokemon would ever be, and then Pokemon Snap took us on safari? Titles like these broke the mould and reshaped our ideas of what each franchise was capable of becoming. Likewise, let's think back even further, to a time before Mario, Link, Fox, Kirby, Samus, and Pikachu even existed. Dark days, indeed.

Each brilliant success of Nintendo has come from taking chances on ideas that stemmed from fighting the status quo. The idea that a plumber navigating pipes to save a princess from an evil turtle while riding on the back of a friendly dinosaur and eating psychedelic mushrooms along the way would be a hit was crazy, but Miyamoto made it all make sense. The thought that a fairy boy who talked to trees and used a magic ocarina to travel back and forth through time to save the world would be a hit was crazy, but Miyamoto made it all make sense. That all the main characters from those games and others could come together and beat up on each other in a sumo-wrestling style game that was violent but strangely not violent and then go on to be a cult classic was crazy, but once again, Miyamoto showed us the way.

These approaches broke molds and turned the gaming world upside down. Simply revisiting a title with a number after it is far less likely to achieve the same level of impact. Just look at what happened with Call of Duty. If money is all you're after, sure, keep churning out sequels. They're good for that. But when was the last time any of us played a sequel that left us speechless and reconsidering ourselves? Wii U needs a groundbreaker.

Maybe it's time for Miyamoto to once again stop listening to what people say they want. Maybe it's time for him to once again start something completely new. Maybe it's time for him to once again show us the way.

There you go. I hope that helps.

Also, thank you to reader OtakuMan24 for helping me track all the nominations and thank you to all of the readers who made their voices known.


    Here's what I want:

    1) Super Mario Sunshine 2
    2) Metroid Prime 4
    3) That D&D game they mentioned.
    4) F Zero GX 2
    5) Zelda - Twilight Princess 2 or Ocarina of time 2


    I know we all want Retro to make another Prime game, but we can't force them. Forcing someone to make a game, or make it in a way that they don't want to will leave us with a soulless game that will most likely imitate the franchise but doesn't do anything with it. Just take a look at Halo 4 or Dead Space 3.

    Also, if we do bring back the Metroid series there's a chance the director will be Sakamoto again, and his opinion on women is that they're fragile dolls we must be protecting.

    People really want Pokemon Snap over a real console Pokemon? Sigh.

      I think it's fair to say we all want a console pokemon too, but the idea of the gamepad controlling like a camera and how unusual yet awesome the original snap was is too good a concept to not be excited about.

        At the risk of sounding like an idiot, couldn't they do snap inside of a real action rpg? Just put in the equivalent of the levels in Snap, you're going on a train (roller coaster, sub, whatever) ride which is a separate instance from the main games free roam area, where you just use the game pad like a camera? They could do extra stuff with the graphics because it's a locked path. I dunno, just give me a decent console Pokemon.

          I think the major problem would be development cost. For such a simple game Pokemon Snap was quite detailed. Everything was animated and a lot of planning went into laying it all out. The increase in production cost and time almost forces it to be a spin-off game.
          That said, like having Pokemon follow you, it's just a matter of one more hardware generation before it becomes a significantly cheaper idea. X & Y built a library of 3D models for every single Pokemon, the 3DS doesn't have the guts to use those models outside of battle but 3DS' successor should. At that point they're leaving money on the table by not double dipping with the previous generations assets.

          On the original topic though there's actually a reason there's no console Pokemon game (even though Stadium-like games could pretty easily be upgraded). They claim to believe that it's not a game that should tether you to a TV. It's about trading and battling with other people so it's social or whatever. I don't quite agree with that and I'm sure it's not their only motivation for not releasing a console version, but I've got to admit as much as I want it showing restraint here has worked out very well for the brand long term.

            Well the internet exists so the whole argument of needing it to be social (and not on a tv) is null.

            Are dev costs really that prohibitive for Ninty and Gamefreak? Don't they have all the Pokemon cash?

            I don't know. It just seems lazy and im an entitled gamer that doesn't want to play handhelds anymore. One of the reasons I sold my wiiu was that. I'd buy it again in a heart beat if they ever released a true Pokemon console game. Who am I kidding, ill be buying it for zelda and hoping they make a console pokemon. Sigh.

      I want both but Pokemon Snap U actually stands a [slim] chance of happening.

      [Edit: And when I say both I mean a main series Pokemon game on consoles that has Pokemon Snap in place of the traditional Safari Zone. =P]

      Last edited 01/07/14 11:08 am

      Honestly, I don't see what a 'real console' pokemon brings to the table over the DS ones, which I love. What I want to see in a console Pokemon is high-res, pretty Pokemons. And Pokemon Snap was a hugely underrated game that many missed out on. Seems like a perfect way to give us Pretty Pokemon, without doing a console port that adds little, or redoing Pokemon Collesium/Stadium, which they seem incapable of doing well.

        Basically my sole reason for wanting Pokemon on a console is that I don't play handhelds any more. I don't play moblie games either. Totally entitled.

        The world could be bigger, more detailed, play differently. You could move the damn camera. The moves could be animated better. There could be an actual threat in the world, like a real story. There could be more colored/size differences inside of each breed. Each pokemon could actually look a little different. People really want to keep playing on a screen that small? Sigh.

        Last edited 02/07/14 8:50 am

          I don't find the XL screen small at all, nor lacking in detail. And I love being able to play it, well, everywhere. Especially in bed, where I have no TV or console. That said, I don't see why they don't at least release it on both 3DS and WiiU. It won't have the best graphics ever, but ports of old stuff like FF and such seem to cope just fine.

            Agreed. Now who do we have to kill or screw to make this happen???

    Nintendo asks what you want and we say Mario!

    They give us Mario and we say why no new IP Ninty?

    Poor Ninty....

    Last edited 01/07/14 10:55 am

      I thought the same thing when reading through the response of that article. Even spotted a few people who have complained about the lack of new IP's before asking for Metroid.

    I think this is an unintentional rebuttal to the common cries of 'Nintendo just do the same games over and over again'. The handful of new series they make every generation, games like Pikmin, Viewtiful Joe, Animal Crossing, Wii Sports, Art Academy, Splatoon, etc come out even though there is constant pressure for Nintendo to release follow ups to games that we haven't seen in years.
    They do reuse the same IPs over and over, but what so many people miss is that with the exception of a few staples like Mario Kart, main series Mario and Smash Bros it often takes two generations of hardware before they have the time to get back to the start. Even when they loop back to major IPs they often have to choose between multiple directions. Metroid Prime vs Metroid 2D. Classic Mario vs 3D Mario. LttP Zelda vs OoT Zelda.
    I mean how long did it take them to do the obvious thing of releasing Luigi's Mansion 2? Luigi's Mansion came out when the GBA and GameCube were new, missed the NDS/DSi and Wii, and skipped straight to the 3DS.

    When you think about it the fact they produce any new IPs at all when they've got more untapped gold mines laying around than they can handle displays a pretty impressive level of dedication to mixing things up. Metroid Prime 4 could easily achieve the same goals they're going for with Splatoon, and make a mountain of money, but they have an almost suicidal dedication to A) doing Metroid properly rather than slapping the name on any old FPS and B) bringing new IPs into the fold.

      Nintendo didnt make Viewtiful Joe

        The dumb part is I know that yet for some reason it never registers in my brain. Five minutes from now I'll say it again.

      i completely agree. while i do want them to new entries in my favorite series; i want to see what new IPs nintendo can bring to the table aswell.

      also; dungeons and dragons U. even if it was nintendo's own twist on it; that would be freaking amazing.

        I was really struggling to picture a Nintendo version of D&D, it doesn't quite fit them, but then it clicked - they've pretty much done it already with Mario Party.

        Even if Nintendo don't do it I think we'll see something on that front sooner or later. I mean there's got to be an indy studio working on a D20 engine for the Wii U, right? I just hope it's for the Wii U and not XBOX One Smartglass. I like Smartglass but it always feels so disconnected. Using a Wii U Game Pad and four 3DS' would be a million times smoother than five people using Smartglass.

    You know, ensuring that games like Watchdogs (a game that had a fair bit of hype leading up to its release) are released at the same time as the Xbox One and Playstation 4 would help win people over. Right now it's a console that can do so much but seems to get overlooked by the major franchises.

    I find the idea for Nintendo to buy Capcom pretty interesting. Capcom is the only developer that seems to really try to bridge that gap between Japanese and Western games, and that’s something that Nintendo really should focus on more.
    I would also throw in more support for Pokemon Snap and a Nintendo style Minecraft. Both would be pretty easy for Nintendo to make, they have huge resources.

      I would hate to see a Nintendo style Minecraft. Not exactly the type of game that Nintendo would make. I actually don't consider Minecraft a game at all, it is more of a box stacking simulator

        I've got to agree. I don't think Minecraft quite has the design depth required for Nintendo to make their version anything more than Minecraft with a Nintendo skin pack. I don't hate the game or anything, and it certainly deserves all it's success, but it's a spare time project that struck at just the right moment to go viral, which allowed it to grow into something huge.
        That said, a Nintendo game which taps into the same sort of fun Minecraft does would probably be sweet. It would probably land closer to Little Big Planet than Minecraft though.

          An expansion of the Mario Maker concept, building levels and level sets for a custom cross-licence platforming game a la Subspace Emissary in SSB:B. Perhaps with the ability to create cutscenes as well. And of course being able to download and play others' work. Even Re-use the assets from SSB to save some work.
          Or even simplify it and instead of using licenced characters, just use Miis and the text-to-speech engine in Tomodachi Life to create the cutscenes and characters / enemies for the platforming levels.

    I don't know if it's possible but I would REALLY love a new Banjo Kazooie game...

    Lots of Great ideas.
    I think its would be a good idea to for N to give their big franchises a rest every-other gen.
    I41 am all in favour of new things. Splatoon looks like a great Nintendo squad based shooter adaptation.
    I love the idea of uses for the Pokemon Snap and D&D games.
    I was thinking of a fusion of an alien game that starts as a sts and depending on how things go, could turn into 1st person shooter with you being the last line of defense.

    I like the idea for a Nintendo All-Star RPG. I love Smash and I love RPGs. The resulting combination would be little else but pure excellence.

    I dont want anything in particular, just for Nintendo to research other games companies and apply those ideas to their IP

    Something I love about Nintendo fans is that they offer innovative ideas to Nintendo freely. My 2 cents: an augmented reality Pokemon Snap for 3ds. Get people out in the real world taking photos of pokemon. Maybe using geo-loc data for places around the world to have different region settings, rare pokemon at certain locations (like Mewtwo at Nintendo HQ?). This could ultimately open the door to a REAL WORLD pokemon mmo rpg based on the 3ds and augmented reality. I would go outside all the time if this were a thing.

    1) Metroid Prime Sequel;

    2) New RPGs (Mistwalker game, Pokemon action-RPG, re-imagening of Golden Sun);

    3) Third-Party Epic Franchises (Beyong Good & Evil, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, Persona, Shenmue, Tomb Raider, etc.);

    4) Freeking Amazing New IP;

    5) Eternal Darkness Sequel.

    That's it!

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