Shiny Batman Is The Square Enix Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Deserves

Shiny Batman Is The Square Enix Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Deserves

One fo the best Batman action figures on the market is the Arkham Origins Play Arts Kai Batman from Square Enix, but I’m having a hard time justifying the $US99 purchase. Slap on a coat of shiny paint and limit it to 1000 figures sold during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and I may reconsider.

What’s cool about this version of Batman? For one, he’s got flexible material covering his chest, giving him a wide range of motion without showing off his joints.

Then there’s his articulated cape. There’s nothing worse than a Batman figure with a wide range of motion whose cape is just limply hanging from his shoulders.

Why buy the shiny version over the normal version? Nothing justifies a relatively large toy investment than convention exclusivity. With 500 available at this show later this month and 500 available for preorder at the Square Enix online store, it’s pretty much a Batman collector’s duty to pick this up.

I won’t be attending San Diego Comic-Con this year, but my agents will be there, waiting and watching. Perhaps spending.


    • Oh, don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll be able to buy on ebay for a great price like $1K.

    • I just bought one, keen! However they have a weird payment system, so we’ll see if they let it through.

      EDIT: Confirmed, I got one!

  • A friend who went last year got me the metallic finish exclusive Batman… I wonder if these might have the same issue of not selling as fast and actually being cheaper than the standard editions!

    Also I don’t think covering the torso joins with alternate materials will count for much unless they do similar for the knees and elbows, as limb joint visibility is an unfortunate side effect of the highly poseable double-jointing… plus those shin guards remind me too much of Halo’s Spartan leg armour >.

  • Play Arts figures are increasingly going up in price and are not worth it. Most of them look dodgy, rather spend the extra and get a Hot Toy instead

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