Shock Hitman Movie Images Emerge. Agent 47 Is Bald. Wears A Suit And Red Tie.

I cannot believe it. I am outraged. New images from the upcoming Hitman movie 'Hitman: Agent 47' and the protagonist actually looks a bit like the main character from the game. I didn't sign up for this.

I signed up for Hollywood to mess around with stuff. To make it weird. To make it different for no good reason. To add plot details that make no sense. I don't want a movie that is faithful to the source material and has an actual chance of servicing fans of the series.

I for one am shocked. He is wearing a red tie. He is wearing a suit. He is dual wielding pistols in a similar manner to the video game. He is a genetically engineered assassin with a cool exterior and an uncanny ability for strangling people to death.

This might end up being good. We can't have that!

The latest trailer for the movie has recently been shown at Comic-Con. Apparently it was action driven and featured explosions and car chases and whatnot.

I'm sure we'll get to see the footage sooner rather than later.

Latino Review via Polygon


    Please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck.

    It's gonna suck, isn't it?

      Most likely.....yes !

      But at least we will all have this one small moment in time where there was the smallest bit of hope that it could possibly not be that sucky.

      (or we might get lucky and get a b-grade gem of some description, but most likely just sucky)

    Not bald enough!

      This comment makes me think of the Simpson episode where Mr Burns keeps telling the baseball player (cant remember his name) to get rid of his sideburns.

      I said shave those sideburns hippy !

    Hoping it will be faithful, unlikely though. There's so much politics behind making these kinds of things .

    I wish they would just consult the people who made the game, who actually understand the character. Or get someone who worked on the game script to assist in the movie script. But then they can't do that thanks to all these dumb Guild rules (Screenwriter's etc.) which seem to dictate who can work on these big studio film scripts (screenwriting credit = $$$), so not just anyone can write for it, they have to be a Guild member or whatever, and forget about consulting the creators because then you have to pay consultation fees, which the studio rarely wants to spend on. Add to that the complete obliviousness of studio heads who want a marketable film with no regard for the source material, and the fact that the writer attached more often than not is assigned the script rather than invested on a basic interest level, so the odds of them playing and absorbing the game is mid-to-low. Then run that script through a slurry of nameless script-doctors who just add a bunch of contextless one-liners or moments to "punch-up" the movie for general audiences, but is more like a punch in the face to the source material's fans. So in the end a whole lotta stars need to align for a faithful, or decent adaptation of a video game.

    Still, I want to be positive, so I will reiterate, I hope it will be good...


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    Let's be honest here, I love Hitman (well not the last one) but the source material isn't that great either.

    Silverballers not silenced, worst adaption ever.

    Pictures in the article merely look like half-decent cosplay

    You know there has already been a Hitman movie right?

    I'm not saying it was great, but they did make it, Timothy Olyphant looked vaguely like the titular character, and He is wearing a red tie. He is wearing a suit. He is dual wielding pistols in a similar manner to the video game.

    I'm just saying maybe don't get too excited just yet...

    I liked the first one :(

      I also really liked the first one. I thought Timothy Olyphant did a great job.
      Also a fan of the source material. I even liked the latest game

    Sound's like the trailer isn't getting the "Silent Assassin" award...

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