Simulator Games Are Getting Out Of Hand

I'm sure, at some point, folks made jokes about making a simulator game where you played a simulator game. It's not a joke. It exists.

Used to be simulator games were about painstakingly recreating the details of a particular experience. But nowadays seeing the word simulator in a game means that you're going to controlling an avatar that's not human, like grass or a rock. Oh, and you're going to be doing a bunch of weird, wacky quests where the law of physics only work sometimes.

Mega-popular YouTuber Pewdiepie runs down a crop of animal/thing simulator games in this new video. They are, by and large, as half-baked, wonky and bizarre as expected. Some of them are just straight-up silly. This trend probably isn't going away anytime soon. Hey, look, another three simulator games that just popped up out of nowhere.


    I'm sure the article makes good points but I saw Pewdiepie and got mad.

      And I saw "getting out of hand" and got mad. They're games ffs, they aren't gangs of youths intent on mayhem.

        Out of Control Youths on Our Streets! The New "Video Games" to Blame?

      What's the attraction with PewDiePie? How can he be making US$4mil a year?

        I stumbled across one of his videos, the two girls in the room were like "wow that guy's hot" my guess is half his subscribers are female...? I don't know.... >_>

    This is the first time I've seen this guy, I don't understand the popularity either.

    I highly recommend this video over his.

    Just because it exists it doesn't mean it's not a joke.

    Can someone PLEASE link to that game which was you playing a person playing the Sims? Google is letting me down.

    Probably just gonna go watch the 'Black Hole Sun' video now, instead.... Yeah....

    "Hello bros my names pewdiepie"

    I freaking stopped the video right there. I was expecting a funny parody video of simulator games or a comedic video in general. That'll teach me for not reading the article first. Sheesh. XD

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