Simulator Games Are Getting Out Of Hand

I’m sure, at some point, folks made jokes about making a simulator game where you played a simulator game. It’s not a joke. It exists.

Used to be simulator games were about painstakingly recreating the details of a particular experience. But nowadays seeing the word simulator in a game means that you’re going to controlling an avatar that’s not human, like grass or a rock. Oh, and you’re going to be doing a bunch of weird, wacky quests where the law of physics only work sometimes.

Mega-popular YouTuber Pewdiepie runs down a crop of animal/thing simulator games in this new video. They are, by and large, as half-baked, wonky and bizarre as expected. Some of them are just straight-up silly. This trend probably isn’t going away anytime soon. Hey, look, another three simulator games that just popped up out of nowhere.


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