Smash Bros. Video Puts Mario In Real-Life Tokyo

Smash Bros. Video Puts Mario In Real-Life Tokyo

And since he's in real life, he has to take the train to the Smash Bros. tournament. Just like everyone else.

The trailer was done by Japan-based visual effects artist Dean Wright, who's worked on the teaser for the upcoming Mighty No. 9 animated series. It's good! I could even see this used as a TV spot for the upcoming games.

Mario Jumps into Battle! [Dean Wright@YouTube, via his blog]


    Hey, isn't that the crosswalk from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time?

      Aren't there crosswalks like that all over Japan?

        And I think a really famous one in Shibuya, out front of the 109 building. (I haven't seen what you referenced, but Google image search any combination of that, @john_stalvern and it might be what you're referring to.)

      Haven't seen that but it's Hachiko crossing in Shibuya, Tokyo. You'll see it used in basically all stock news footage of Japan and the Starbucks overlooking it is constantly full of foreigners who saw it in Lost in Translation. It's rather frustrating to cross when you're in a hurry because of tourists stopping to take photos, locals with no spacial awareness and hordes of young men trying to pick up girls. lol

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