Solid Snake Is Now A Solid My Little Pony

What if Solid Snake was a character in My Little Pony. WHAT THEN? The universe would probably fold in on itself and chocolate donuts would rain down from a technicolour sky.

Regardless, this is pretty cool.

This image was doing the rounds on Hideo Kojima's Twitter account today, but it's actually quite old. It took me a while to find the source, but it was created by an artist called Fenrienne, who's DeviantArt account can be found here.

I think it's pretty awesome. I want one.


    I was going to write something nasty but my parents taught me not to tease the autistic.

    "Colonel, I'm starting to doubt that there's a nuke here."

    *distant sounds of magical explosions and energy blasts*

    "I don't think these creatures need one."

    My Little Solid.

    No wait, that's not what I meant...

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