Some Folks Think A Doctor Who Character Looks Very Mass Effect

Some Folks Think A Doctor Who Character Looks Very Mass Effect

On the left, here's a character from the new series of Doctor Who. Does he look at all familiar? Maybe he's, ahem, calibrating your memory?

British fans and media, including Eurogamer, have been quick to point out the similarities between the character and Mass Effect's Garrus, especially since some of the show's creators are on record as being big Mass Effect fans. Which would make this more of a homage than an act of creative banditry.

I see it. Especially in the head design and the blue. But then, this Doctor Who thing is clearly a robot, or at least some kind of android thing, which together with the colour scheme looks as much as a nod towards Saren than Garrus.

New Doctor Who character sure looks like Garrus from Mass Effect [Eurogamer]


    I wouldn't be surprised if it were inspired by Garrus, but these are pretty generic features for machines. I mean one could argue Garrus himself looks like a Micheal Bay Transformer made with insect bits instead of metal.

      How dare you sir!

      ...okay I do see your point though :P

        I probably should have put a warning on that. It's not something you can un-see. =P

      Naw he'd need about 100 more little facebits to be a Bayformer.

    When I first saw it, I was thinking more the final robotic form of Saren, from Mass Effect 1. Maybe a combination of the two :).

    Question is, can I have sex with it in an awkward cutscene?

      You can have implied sex with it in an awkward cutscene followed by another awkward cutscene where one of you is still fully dressed.

    Also the 'Banshee' Like ship being pursued by Dalek ships...

    As posted on the Torchwood Facebook page

    Clearly, The Doctor is going to land in the normandy ship and join Shepard's crew, and defeat the reapers, thus making way for the new mass effect game.

      Doctor Who in a Mass Effect game?

        Some of the writers of Who enjoy Mass Effect, and vice versa.

    So it's obviously a robot... Like Saren from the boss fight in mass effect 1?

    There's turian homages all over the joint, one of the current Transformers comics has a dude who could be Garrus too:

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