Some Kmarts Are Selling The Wii U Mario Kart 8 Bundle For $179

Some Kmarts Are Selling The Wii U Mario Kart 8 Bundle For $179

But it’s complicated.

First a bit of history. Last week Kmart began selling the Wii U Skylanders Swap Force bundle for $179. Skylanders Swap Force is a great game, but it’s not for everyone and I’m guessing, given the choice, most of you would prefer to spend $179 and get Mario Kart 8 instead.

Given the right circumstances, that might be possible, but a couple of things have to happen first.

First, the Kmart in question has to sold out of Wii U Skylanders bundles. Given the sale, this is possible. Very possible. If this is the case, according to accounts on Ozbargain, the word from Kmart head office is they will honour the deal with a substitute, allowing you to pick up a Wii U Mario Kart 8 bundle instead.

The best practice in this situation is to print out this receipt and take it to Kmart. If they are sold out of the Skylanders bundle and you present it, you have a very good chance of picking up a Mario Kart 8 bundle for $179 while stocks last.

Good luck.

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  • That’s nuts! The Skylanders Deal comes with the 8GB basic Wii U, whiile the Mario Kart Bundle comes with the 32GB Model…. I’m quite interested

    • I got mine yesterday. Last one in stock, if the store wont honour it call head office and customer service will call through to the store and tell them to process the discount.

      Clarification though, they not only have to be out of Wii-U skylanders bundle, but also Wii-U basics with the individual components of the skylanders bundle, otherwise they can supplement that instead. For you to get the Mario Kart 8 pack it pretty much has to be all they have left in store.

      Some people on OzBargain though are buying up all their basics to force a MK8 deal, then returning the basics.

      • The store I got mine from gave me the MK8 bundle even though they still had the individual components of the Skylanders bundle.

        I was lucky, I guess.

  • You lose Skylanders and NintendoLand but gain a Premium Wii U, Mario Kart 8 and another game through the promotion.

    Excellent deal for a Xenoblade machine if you’re lucky to get it 🙂

    • You don’t lose Nintendoland because that’s included in the premium bundle.

        • Isn’t it one of the 10 games you can choose? Personally I chose Super Mario Bros U, and then got a Windwaker download code for $45 on Ebay.

          • Well yeah, if you want to go that route, you can choose it as your free game for registering MK8 (before the end of July!). I didn’t (I also chose NSMBU), but I guess if you wanted it you could do it.

  • i’ve tried in numerous stores in western sydney last night and earlier this morning. seems they’re all sold out, or were told to put all the stock at the back of the store until the promotion is over.

    another substitute from the head office was for them to sell the wii u basic console with a $40 game for $179, if they haven’t already ran out of stock / kept them in the back.

    for those willing to tough it out, it’s best to walk into the store and try out your luck. calling in will be fruitless, and you’ll just be told there’s no more stock.

    if there’s still some branches willing to do it, may the odds ever be in your favor!
    if not, there’s always gumtree. people r putting them up for around $350.

  • Target were doing a similar deal for $169 a few weeks back that came with Skylanders, Mario Kart 8 and Nintendoland. It was a basic console but I already had a spare portable HDD so it all worked out well for me, especially with the free game that you get when you register MK8.

  • I picked up this Mario Kart 8 bundle on Friday night @ Kmart Penrith. I also forgot that that you also get to redeem another free game when you register Mario Kart 8 via Club Nintendo. So I got 32Gb Premium Wii U, Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Bros. U for $179.00. BONKERS !

  • This article will be too late for most people I’d say. Nearly all Kmarts were sold out yesterday

  • Having just bought my premium pack for just under $400 in the recent Ebay sale, I initially felt fairly good about myself, but now don’t.

    Thanks guys!!!

  • Just tried the Barkly Square Kmart in Brunswick, they had all their bundles transferred to bigger stores and wouldn’t substitute for the Prem Pack 🙁

  • This article actually makes me a little sad. Everybody rushes out to buy a Wii U when they’re below cost, but rarely otherwise. There’s obviously demand there, so it could have been so much more popular if Nintendo had marketed better / produced more software / produced more powerful hardware / etc. Then I could have been flicking all my games between the TV and the gamepad.

    This article also makes me a little mad. Temporarily buying up all the standard consoles to force the stores into giving you a ridiculous deal? Fuck you, OzBargain.

    • I bought the basic for $240 a month ago for MK8. And im already struggling to find games I want to play.

      • Haven’t got Super Mario 3D world yet? it is a fantastic game and has a surprising level of depth. I’ve had mine for two months and I’m still finding new secrets and still have quite a few things to collect.

    • My thing was I would only buy a black console, because things in my entertainment unit are black, and I didn’t really want to pay full price for a console I was just buying for Nintendo first party games. I was planning on waiting until Xmas sales, but they wont be this cheap! Anything multiplat I’ll be buying on Xbox One, and I don’t have kids. Already have MK8, Super Mario U and WindWaker HD though, and plan on buying a fair few more Nintendo games with the announcements up to 2015.

  • Just picked one up! =D
    Called a few stores and one store had put the individual items from the Skylanders bundle together to sell as if it were the bundle, but when I asked if they could substitute any other game, they said no. Called head office who spoke to the store and honoured the Mario Kart deal! They even agreed to hold onto it for me for 15 minutes when she originally said they can’t hold these items!

    Thanks Kotaku! Best article ever!

  • The official position of kmart is its up the the discretion of the store manager.

  • Just letting people know Target Fulham Gardens in SA have the Skylanders WII U bundle In-Stock Just got mine $179 and they said they still have heaps

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