Sometimes A Game Only Needs To Show Me A Gif

Sometimes A Game Only Needs To Show Me A Gif

I'm all for heady video-game concepts, but sometimes all I need to see is a gif and I'm in.

The game in the gif above is an in-development PC action-RPG called Death's Gambit, which developers White Rabbit describe as "an challenging action rpg where you explore a alien medieval planet filled with horrors, beasts, and knights. Every new enemy encounter is a complex problem to solve. Every piece of environment and mechanic tells part of the story."

So, yes, they should probably do a little more copy editing on their site. (I've been there, fellas, it happens.) Happily, their gifs do most of the talking for them:

Sometimes A Game Only Needs To Show Me A Gif

Yep. I would like to play this. Shadow of the Colossus, Another World, Castlevania, Dark Souls, and a colourful top-layer of The Banner Saga? Yep. In.

Sometimes A Game Only Needs To Show Me A Gif

The developers, Jean Canellas and Alex Kubodera, are planning a Kickstarter, and in the meantime will be livestreaming the development of the game where, presumably, there will be more videos like this one:

All very cool stuff. Here's hoping more and more games are developed with this much transparency, and also with this many cool gifs.

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    sometimes all I need to see is a gif
    This explains so much.

    Coming soon to Steam: GIF Simulator 2014. Experience the thrill of watching someone else watch a GIF. Buy the early access version to get the "mobile phone at a dinner table" DLC and the "laughing to be polite" soundtrack.

      Developers Note:
      "Sorry everyone, this is in Early Access, we expect to actually put gifs into the game within a month or two at the outside. Sorry, but enjoy the game!"

        Now that you've bought gif simulator we regret that we just don't really see the point in putting gifs into the game if we can't get more money for doing so.

        Coming this fall: gif simulator 2 - gifs included, we promise!

        USD: $69.99

        Last edited 17/07/14 5:11 pm

        If this was a free-to-play game, there would be banners across the internet with large breasted women saying "Watch GIFs on a phone, my lord". You could watch the first 10 frames of the GIF and each additional frame would cost $0.99c

      I'm going to wait for the HD release where you can watch 10 second, 1Gb gif files at 1080p in glorious 256 colour.

    Sometimes I'd like an article without a goddamn animated gif interrupting my field of vision while I'm trying to read the text you added as an afterthought.

    Next time you're reading a book, play a video on your phone and stick it over a chunk of text while continuing to read the narrative.... now you can have the Kotaku experience anywhere!

    Last edited 17/07/14 4:05 pm

    Genuine question: do Kotaku just not care if their audience doesn't like something? I know Kotaku US and Kotaku AU are separate, so us commenting here will never change anything.

    But I think a reasonable proportion of commenters on the AU site have made it clear the constant GIFs and Reddit-style single sentence "articles" aren't appreciated, yet they still continue.

      I don't think they can even read our comments tbh

        I'd basically 100% guarantee that's the case.

      Some of us like gifs as video isn't viewable at work. Don't like gifs? Get a browser extension to block then

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