Sony Has Completed Their Big E3 Mural.


    "The first guy to buy a PS4" apart from people who got their Amazon orders early.

    Love the PS4, hate that it still hasn't gotten any major updates.. I'm starting to feel like Sony try harder to keep up the public facade than continue bring out swift support from their products.

    Honestly, thats the reason I will never buy another Sony Android device. They are great on paper, but they never get any updates. My Xperia Tablet S never got the Jellybean update and still randomly restarts from a memory leak that goes away if you root the device!

    But alas I was side tracked. I just don't want to see the PS4 go the way of the Vita where the software stagnates just because Sony think they don't have to keep adding to it just because it's selling well. The last part is of course opposite to the Vita. It seems that the only time Sony really put in effort is when something is doing mediocre. If it's great or sales are disappointing, then they just stop supporting it (with updates etc) until they 'need too'. It's as if they are saying one of two things:

    1) If the product is selling well: 'if it aint broke, don't fix it', even though it was never finished to begin with.
    2) If the product has mediocre sales: 'Theres potential here'. Kinda like the PS3 I suppose.

    Sorry if I am too cynical, but the console situation is getting old fast.

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      They still have updates for the Xperia Z phone.

        Their flagship phone... I have a Xperia SP as well as the tablet.. Barren in the updates dept.

          I have the SP - still receive updates all the time - maybe no complete upgrades but updates are most definitely keep coming.

          I know where you're coming from though - Sony makes a lot of promises it doesn't keep, but they do try and occasionally do things right from time to time :)

            I know, but they are not as full featured as other updates and the SP is lucky to get any TBH. My GF had an Xperia S that hasn't gotten an update in a long time. That said Sony have gotten better with their Android updated after the Z came out.

            Perhaps I was too cynical. But occasional updated are starting to get very annoying after having the console for 6 months and not much has happened software wise. And when I try to play it (once a week, maybe) it has the eject disk glitch half the time :/

              Yeah my father got the Xperia go, I had the Xperia play both were quite lousy for any updates, they do seem to neglect the non flag-shippers.

              I too wish Sony would hurry up with some PS4 updates! But I'm sure its coming and I'm sure there's a lot of people wishing the same, I own a fair few titles for mine already but work is the main corporate why I have to no time to play it. Sucks to hear yours has a glitch though.

              i had that glitch too. It's an unwelcome and unnecessary issue, but easily fixed by taking off the cover and adjusting the manual disc-release screw. YouTube it. Took me 5 minutes, doesn't break your warranty and fixes the problem.

                I've tried several 'fixes' from updating the system software to standing it vertically/ horizontally (Which ever applies at the time) and they all help for a while but it always comes back after a while. Both my PS4's have it too. Really annoying.

      Still waiting for a basic pause download button, yet alone basic DLNA support that i am having to keep my 360 and ps3 around for.

      Really MS have outperformed Sony in post release support - you can easily argue rightfully so after the state the X1 was launched in but we are now at the mark where the monthly X1 updates are now refining and adding new features beyond what was promised at launch. Meanwhile the biggest feature for the PS4 has been the sharefactory... and thats it. I am really hoping Sony finds a gear here and start releasing some of these features quickly.

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        At this stage the PS4 is the console in my home that does the least. Yes, it has 'better' multiplatform titles and the exclusives will, as always, be great. But those are mostly only coming in 2015, so lack of simple features is really a bummer at this stage and the main reason I haven't retired the PS3 as well.

        Edit: Not to mention that stupid 'endless disk eject' bug that plagues both my PS4's from time to time.

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    It almost looks like 'The Order' guy is going in for a cuddle with Nathan Drake.

      Well, if Drake isn't going to do anything useful, he might as well go for a cuddle.

      I am more worried that Drake has placed his hand on the Order guys head. Looks like he is going for the infamous forced positioning maneuver

      I thought he was cuddling him? Drakes hand is on the other guys head.

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