Star Wars: A New Hope, Told Entirely In Haiku

Star Wars: A New Hope, Told Entirely In Haiku

Quite a lot of haiku, in fact. Exactly 198. This absolute work of art was created by British author and screenwriter Craig W. Chenery, who took a few days off his other projects to work on this.

Apart from being a clever retelling of the entire movie, there are also a few fun lines thrown in. Such as:

Luke sells his speeder

“Won’t be coming back again”

Until the sequel

And a few snarky comments, like:

Luke and Biggs scene cut

Won’t be seen for twenty years

Poor Garrick Hagon

It’s an excellent read, overall. Check it out:

A New Hope in Haiku [Craig W. Chenery’s Official Blog — thanks Liam!]

Picture: courtesy of Wookieepedia


  • 1 – scroll down to check for Porkins reference
    2 – found
    3 – I’m done

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