Street Fighter: Drunken Idiots Edition

First off, a disclaimer: no-one really gets hurt during this 'fight'. What you are about to watch is two drunk men falling over one another and it's mildly hilarious.

I especially like that they lose energy for just falling over.

Putting completely rubbish fights to Street Fighter music and giving each person an energy bar will always be funny to me no matter what, but I also see this as a dire warning: if you are drunk and you're thinking about starting a fight, you will never look cool. It will always be a mistake. This guy probably thought he was Ryu. He thought this fight was a good idea and he would look like a cool dude. He is not a cool dude.


    ahahahah that hadouken at the end was magic! lawl!

    At first I thought the older guy was sober, then I remembered it's Russia and NO ONE is sober!

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