Sunset Overdrive Co-Op Looks Pretty Damn Fun

Sunset Overdrive Co-Op Looks Pretty Damn Fun

Imagine a Tony Hawk game with crazy guns on a Horde Mode-style map. Insomniac Games did more than imagine. They built something very much like it for Sunset Overdrive's Chaos Squad multiplayer. Looks crazy enjoyable.

The trailer above offers the first details about the online co-op component, which you can jump into straight from single-player via special points in the open world. The trap-setting and strategic planning appear to be similar as in other games where there's base defence. But the speed and movement style look like they might make Chaos Squad stand apart from other multiplayer offerings.


    oh man this looks great! i cant wait to play this! *notices its only for the xbone* ...... :/ ...... yet another game i wont buy..

    Yeah I was kinda hoping since current gen is now all x86 that we would see less of this 'exclusive' bull crap. I mean it is in the publishers interests to maximise their audience isn't it? Surely platform specific wrappers are not a huge overhead?

      I'd say the main reason is that M'soft/Sony are providing some sort of incentive for exclusivity and removing some of the risk that comes from a new IP for the publisher. Hence why sequels are more likely to go cross-platform these days.

      The publisher is Microsoft Studios. They're hardly going to fund the development of a version of the game on a competing platform. Their interest in maximising their audience is offset by their interest in maximising Xbox One sales.

      From what I understand, Sony had the first opportunity to fund this game and chose not to.

        It all came down to ownership of the IP.
        When Sony and MS fund games they also gain ownership over the IP to varying degrees. It allows them to guarantee that the studio doesn't jump ship further down the line and release on other platforms.
        In this case Insomniac wanted funding and full rights of the IP. They were in talks with both companies about this and Sony was reluctant to agree while MS was willing to accept the terms with a life of rights clause

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