Survey Says Chinese Gamers More Interested In PS4

Survey Says Chinese Gamers More Interested In PS4

With the Xbox One dropping in China in September and the PlayStation 4 dropping some time later, Chinese news portal NetEase took the chance to survey netizens on their preferences. Turns out Chinese users are more interested in the PS4.

Of the 6488 people surveyed so far, a whopping 57.3 per cent voted that they would purchase a PS4. About 19 per cent chose to continue buying consoles on the grey market, and only about 10 per cent said they were willing to invest in an Xbox One.

The other results were as following: 6 per cent chose the Vita/Vita TV and another 6 per cent said they’d purchase every system.

If this survey is to be taken at face value, it means that Chinese gamers are thoroughly more interested in the PlayStation than the Xbox and, in a way, that makes sense. China’s had more of a history with the PlayStation brand over the Xbox brand, especially since Sony actually sold PlayStation 2 consoles in China in the past. PlayStation Portables were very popular before the dawn of the smartphone despite never being officially released in the country. The Xbox and the Xbox 360 never saw official release in China either.

Both consoles are allowed in China through joint ventures their respective companies have set up in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone earlier this year. Sony’s joint venture is with the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group whereas Microsoft’s is with BesTV. The Shanghai Media Group conglomerate is the parent company of both BesTV and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group.

Regardless of which console turns out to be the better seller, the winner in the end is China and gamers.

索尼最新游戏机国内首秀 PS4和PSV或同时引进?[NetEase]


  • I wonder if being “hidden at the bottom of an article about the first major public showing of the PlayStation 4 in China” had anything to do with the results of the survey… Still, interesting to see that about 1 in 5 would still buy on the grey market. I wonder what the numbers were like for Australians ordering a PS4 from Amazon instead of locally.

    • Unlikely to be a confounder unless there’s a link that ‘identifying with Playstation’ somehow makes you more likely to read the bottom of online articles.

      • I was thinking that ‘identifying with Playstation’ would make you more likely to (a) read an article about Playstation in China in the first place, and (b) would make you more likely to finish said article.

  • Isnt that a case of “no sh*t Sherlock”? Can we name one market that is more interested in the x1 than the ps4? I’d love to be wrong, just for the sake of competition, but I doubt that I am.

        • IDK the numbers, but from what I know I think it’s close with Sony just in the lead. IDK, could have changed since though. Sony always seem tight lipped about sales so it’s not always easy to guess.

      • According to vgcharts, the PS4 has consistently outsold the Xbox in the USA except for occasional upticks like during Titanfall’s launch and last week, when the Xbox had a slight sales lead (think <500k difference in units).

        Note that it isn’t at all scientific and just aggregates NPD data. Also note that North America is still the closest race. UK is around 1.5:1, Germany is around 3:1.

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