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    First really cold morning of Winter. It's still below 0 degrees here. I'm freezing.

      I got into my car at 845 and it was about 12 and I thought it was cold... Not as cold as it was when I was in Chicago last year though (it hit maximum 7c during the middle of a beautiful sunny day)

    TAY seems slow starting this morning! I guess everyone is trying to rebuild their shattered lives after the Steam sales. Also, because everyone totally has money, everyone should buy Shovel Knight because it is freaking amazing.

      Backed on Kickstarter - went to put the code into my Wii U yesterday and hit an ERROR. Sigh. Will chase that up this evening.

        Same thing here. Quite a pain. Does anyone know if Shovel Knight is out on the AU eShop yet? That might Be the issue?

    Man how great are school holidays? Streets are empty, trains are full of space, so easy to get around...

      It's like a taste of the apocalypse and it's BEAUTIFUL. :')

    For anyone interested in Wasteland 2, it's currently $40 on Steam for the digital deluxe edition (soundtrack, Wasteland 1, Bard's Tale, two novellas), or you can get the standard edition code by email for Steam (released when the game is out of Early Access, which is today) from ozgameshop for $30.

      They've given it a proper release date too. (Late August) So if you're not a fan of early access, just think of it as a pre-order. We'll be moseying so much come August. :D

    So I'm totally going to remember TAY MarioKart tonight. Promise!

      Hopefully everyone else remembers too! I think 2 people played last Monday? Hehe

      I'll try to be there! (@sughly - a friendly reminder!)

        I check every second day or so, never seems to be anyone around so I bail and play other things.

          It's still fun to play online against randoms. Guaranteed wins! :D

            We need to hype up a Mario Kart tournament. Get people excited.

              Aw, I missed it!
              BTW, what game should I get with my 'free game' offer that comes with Mario Kart? I can't choose!

                If you don't have it already, I would go Pikmin 3 or Wind Waker HD.

                Pikmin 3 is my favourite game on the Wii U, by far!

                Oh man so many good choices! Depends on what you have and what genres you like :P

                I chose poorly. I'd never played a Monster Hunter, so I figured I would try it out. Yeah, it wasn't for me. :(

                  :'( I love me some Monster Hunter, but part of what made me like the Wii U one over other versions was multiplayer. If you've got buddies see if you can get something together :D

                  EDIT: Better than choosing Game & Wario! (@dc :P)

                  Last edited 30/06/14 10:12 am

      Oh FFS it's Monday again, and I have things to do again. :(

    It's @liondrive week! :D :D :D



      Is there a proper meat planned for this? I think I may have missed the details.

        Freeze's thing on Saturday is the first thing!

        Most likely will be hanging out during the week too. (Cause I'm a slacker type. :D)

      Remember, our budget for lions comes from charity initiatives like this. By pledging during LionDrive week you can help ensure that we have funding for lions for the remainder of the year. Please, give generously.

    I start work in a week...


    D: D: D:

    My last week of freedom for at least 2 years :'(

      But then you can be buyius, and greedius, and capitalist pigius, and so forth. Think of the delicious blood money!

        And most importantly, gift-everyone-free-games-ius.

    Morning all. I got a wii u last week, so this morning I added a whole bunch of you as friends :)
    If you want to add me because i forgot you, my nintendoid is my standard username :) .

    Also played boardgames and WiiU for most of the weekend. And then made awesome dessert (photos later)

    Damn it's tough dealing with people who want easy answers to incredibly complex problems, especially when they know there aren't easy answers...


        Hehe if it were only that simple, I could find him an elephant. Fuck at this stage I'd break into the zoo and steal one for him (if the wagga zoo has one)

        Have you seen Tom Yum Goong (The Protector)? That's my favorite line from that movie.

        They're playing that elephant song again.

        I love that. Reminds me of elephants.

    Finished Valiant Hearts over the weekend
    Valiant Hearts ending spoilers
    can't believe the way they killed Emile, made a much bigger impact than if he was taken out by enemies though. @dc they didn't kill the dog :D

      Such a great ending, man. Those last few chapters were horrifying. Really humanized the people. All the trench runs were pretty damn harrowing. I loved the ending and am glad Walt lived. :) I loved how they used game mechanics in interesting ways, like in the hospital rushing to find the first aid kit in the maze of sorts. Really added to the tension.

      Beautiful game.

        I loved the fact that it's a war game but you never fire a gun (vehicles and cannons etc. are different), such a nice refreshing change and such wonderful story telling.

          I loved the weird car chase mini-games too. Only thing I thought was weird was when the French soldiers were chasing them and you had to throw dynomite! THESE ARE THE GOOD GUYS, MAN! DON'T DO THAT!

            yeah those car chase bits were a nice little bit of humor to break up the pace a bit, I loved how everything was in time to the music too. Throwing dynamite was crazy, I thought the same thing, why can't we be friends. I also really liked the sad atmospheric piano, especially at the end, I wasn't expecting to get affected emotionally but the way Emile died really hurt, I don't think I would have felt much if Germans took him out, but being executed by your own men..... ouch. I hope to see more games like it

              Was made all the more powerful when you read the real world facts behind the events. Soldiers really did get executed for this stuff. :( The whole war just felt so pointless and futile. People just joining cause of alliances. Lives destroyed every where. Really tough to watch.

              Last edited 30/06/14 9:50 am

                I really liked the little historical facts, really helped tie the atmosphere together and set the mood nicely. They had some harsh treatment during the war, "Fight and probably die or don't and we'll kill you". My Great Grandfather got badly beaten (permanently disfigured) because he fell in love with a German woman during the war and was found out, he defected and fled with her for fear of execution

                  @dc it's a happy story he didn't get executed, made babies and I get to exist cause I'm a descendant, just thought I'd share some trivia, sorry deeceee

                  Hooray! I'm glad you exist! :D How good was the dog Walt? I always felt bad sending him to do dangerous stuff though. (Creeping under gas, etc.)

                Walt was awesome, I loved some of the puzzles with him, pretty creative, the only thing that got annoying was when he started yapping at something he wanted me to look at while I was exploring other areas.

    We're out of bread, so I had to improvise for breakfast. I made a breakfast taco. It was pretty awesome but I may have made too much filling stuffs.

    Last day of Gog and Steam sales today.

    My wallet didn't suffer too badly. Got some cheap Hotline Miami, Reus, Legend of Grimlock, the Riddick games for around $15. Oh, and I got Torchlight for free along with Magrunner Dark Pulse.

    Banished is still taunting me at $10.

    How badly did your wallets get hit?

    Last edited 30/06/14 9:33 am

      Banished is great! Played it for about 5 hours on the day that I bought it :P

      Doesn't have a huge amount of replay value though. All of my towns end up looking pretty similar.

        It still taunts me. One day I'll break, but made a concerted effort to follow a "Nothing over $5" rule during the sales.

      I spent about $50, but my friends gifted me way, way, way more.

      I <3 you guys!

      I think I may have ended up with more in gifts than I bought myself.
      I got mostly DLC this time round I think, wasn't planning on spending much with a bub on the way and already massive pineapple.
      Bioshock season pass, transistor, payday 2 for taybie playdates and a few pinball tables.

      Other than that I got Onion dino shooty, enslaved, urban trials, forced, rogue legacy, space hulk and Xcom: The bureau from a bunch of lovely people.

      The riddick games are amazing

      Last edited 30/06/14 10:37 am

        Can't wait to try the Riddick games. Now I just need to wait until I can download them cheaply, but they're in my library when I need them.

        I enjoyed Rouge Legacy a lot. Think I would have enjoyed it more if I had a pc controller. Interesting ideas, but it languishes on my pile of shame.

      Not too sure, I think somewhere in the range of $700 plus.

        WHAT! D:

        WHAT! D:

        WHAAAT! D:

          Haven't actually added it up yet, might be a bit more, might be a bit less, but I think my guesstimate is pretty close.

          I've been a baaaad monkey, could've bought a PS4, oh well, there'll just be less for me to buy in the Christmas sale I s'pose.

            Thanks again for Limbo and Valiant Hearts. Not exaggerating when I say two of the best games I've ever played. :)

            Click on the Badges page of Steam and click on "How many drops do I have left" for the Summer Sale badge, it'll tell you an estimated amount :P. I'm curious how much a gifting spree costs/will cost me in the future!

            You just smashed the gift giving like crazy, imagine if you had your tax back too

    Reposting PSA from Old TAY:

    Let this be a warning to anyone that is considering buying The Witcher 3 on GOG.

    When they say they'll give you the difference back, and say "Since the price in your region is almost $19.98 higher than in the US, we’re giving you $19.98 back (~A$21.78) in bonus codes to get free classic games from" they're actually being incredibly misleading.

    You're not getting $20 USD credit. You're not getting vouchers for credit.

    You get two codes that allow you to "Redeem a game up to the price of $9.99 for FREE". So two free games up to the value of $10 each.

    Very, very different to how they make it out on the site, and I think it's bullshit. Sours me toward them quite a bit, which I doubt was their intention with it. I'd have rather it said "You're paying $20 more than the US and it's bullshit but we can't do anything so deal with it or buy elsewhere" because I'd have gone and done exactly that. No doubt I could have gotten the game for $40-50 elsewhere around launch (instead of $72 - and that's with a 20% discount for owning the first two games!), I just wanted to support the developer.

      Shame they did it that way.
      I mean, the majority of the 'big name/popular' games on thes site are $9.99, so they must've figured that was a good way of doing it and gave good value, without thinking about folks who wanted to maybe pick up several of their $3.99 titles... I'm wondering if the logistics of applying 'use it up how you like' fluid credit would somehow break their system more than simply per-game voucher codes.

        I think it's probably easier for them to write off 2 games than it is to write off 10+.

        The thing is, if they had actually spelled out what you were getting properly (and they kind of do, in the fine print at the bottom) then I'd probably not feel particularly hard done by. The thing that really annoyed me about it was that I went there because there was a sale on, and I was like "sweet, I'll fill out a few of these bundles and grab some other old games with the credit I'll get" and then I found I couldn't. I'd have held off buying the game for several months otherwise.

    Guys, we're having an issue.
    A neighbour has 3 houses on her property that she lets out. I live in a court and they often park in front of mine and my neighbours house. Today, our bin didn't get emptied because they'd parked in front of them, despite knowing that we get our bins emptied on a Monday.
    We've requested parking permits, but because it's a majority rules vote, we'll be outvoted. Also, they occasionally break the law by parking a metre away from the curb, over driveways and 90 degree parking.
    We're kind of at the end of our tether. I'm going to try and speak to the owners, because they're only parking out the front of our house for their own convenience. They can't be bothered backing out of their driveways and would much rather park in front of our house so they can just drive off.
    What do we do?

      Sometimes this happens to me and I'm forced to move my bin to an open curb away from my property to get my trash collected. It's not the best long term solution to your car issue but at least my crap gets taken.

        The only issue is there really isn't an open curb

      If they're parking illegally or on your property, you should look up your local parking laws and see how you can dob them in.

        How do I find that out? Vicroad or council?

          Should be your local council but if they're on your property, it might be something you'd have to ask the police about. Try the council first.

            They're not on the property, just parking out the front of it.

          I have no idea, but I'd probably start by complaining to council that the garbage wasn't taken away. If it wasn't taken because someone parked in front of it, they'll probably discover that after enough complaints go in...

            We told them at quarter past 9. They still haven't come back to empty it

      Council and/or po-po. Illegal parks are illegal parks. I'd take pics every time to make a nice portfolio that you can show.

        Agreed, take photos to show council and hopefully they will move their cars or install permits/no parking areas

      Can you put the bin on the road (instead of on top of the gutter) where they normally park sometime on Saturday or Sunday when they are... absent?

      See it a fair bit around Brisbane in some of the narrower/busier streets. Most people just put it about half a meter down from where the driveway joins the road. Lets anyone drive in and out of the drive without hitting it, but stops people from parking in front of it.

    Hola Tay

    Had a fairly low key weekend- went on Saturday to give plasma, then was going to draft Magic but there wasn't a big enough turn out, so tooled around the city for an hour or so with a mate. Went to Hungry Hippo and played Board Games on Saturday- was with a friend of mine's new boyfriend and his friend, who weren't the most adventurous of gamers, but I at least got them into Ticket to Ride.

    Sunday, played a bunch of The Witcher 2 and went to the pub. Also caved and bought Transistor, bringing my total Steam Sale cost up to.. $70? ish? Maybe a bit more? Pretty reasonable. Went to the pub for tea with friends.

    Busy week coming up- going to a friend's birthday on Tues, then a Disney themed pub quiz on Wed.

    A Monday Morning Question: Most underappreciated game soundtrack? Mine would have to be the soundtrack to XIII

      Rocket Knight Adventures.

      Also having recently been playing Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures the soundtrack for that is amazing.

      I want to go with Trials Evolution. Don't get me wrong, the songs are stupid, but you should see my young nephews eyes light up when they hear an opening tune. For young kids, that sound is awesomeness coming their way.

      It's a weird reason to appreciate an OST, but you really have to be there.

      XIII, top game. Borrowed it from my neighbour as a kid and got hype over the comic panel kill frames.

      Final Fantasy IX for me.

    Fun experience last night. My brother absconded with my copy of Theatrythym last he was here. No biggie. I got a new copy because screw it I want to play again and I'm impatient. Slot the cart in and start playing. Go to play some of the DLC I've purchased and it's not available. Turns out that the DLC is not only tied to the system and your account but to the specific cart as well. I've just lost $40 worth of DLC.

    What in the name of fuck is wrong with Nintendo? Literally every other platform and online store in existence figured this out a decade ago. It is not hard. If Nintendo can't even get a basic foundation of an online store right it just reinforces the idea that they should abandon the hardware side and leave it to people that aren't distracted by chewing their own desks.*

    *I'm a little over reactive and cranky at the moment.

    Last edited 30/06/14 9:52 am

      Which is why I won't be buying any thing off their eShop any time soon.

      That sucks, man.

      Last edited 30/06/14 9:50 am

      Nothing over reactive at all, it's stupid as hell and it's why I don't buy anything from the eShop unless I have to (stupid Ace Attorney!)

        If EA decided to do it the internet would currently be burning down. But everyone just shrugs with a "That's our Ninty!" when they do it.

          I don't think Ninty has any malice or agendas though. They just legitimately live in their own little bubble. (Which is no excuse.)

          It's more that Nintendo haven't changed the way they've operated in a very long time so most people just aren't surprised and end up rolling with it.
          Regardless, I'd be getting the correct copy back off your brother and give him the new one.

            Yeah, i know. It's just more time and expense involved now. As I said, I'm just venting in frustration.

              I'm interested to see whether being played and saved on another system keeps the DLC when you get the cart back, or ends up getting rid of it too.

              I mean fingers crossed it doesn't, but I'd hardly be surprised if it did.

      Yeah, this is exactly why I never purchase digital stuff on the 3DS. I want to play Ace Attorney 5 but it's digital only ;_;

    Morning all! I played the Walking Dead Season two this weekend, I don't know what to do with myself between now and when the next episode arrives... Speaking of which, does anyone know when that will be lol?

      Shouldn't be too long. They alternate The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us and Wolf was released last month. Sometime this month I would suspect!

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @sernobulus @negativezero @beeawwb @rize

    Going to have to call off Pathfinder tonight as I am not feeling up to scratch. We'll just skip this one and reconvene in two weeks. Sorry to have to do this guys.

      Feel better, man!

        At least that means that people are now freed up for Mario Kart. \o/

        Silver linings man.


          Last week I waited in the lobby for five minutes and no one showed up. I suspect it's more than your Pathfindering. :D

            I completely forgot about it last week until about 8:00pm. I figured it was probably too late by then.



      *cough* S'all good.

      That's cool. I was really late getting to work today - locked myself out of the house this morning - and so I was going to need to work late and timing was looking tight anyway.

    Guys, I think I've become addicted to a hidden object game on facebook. SEND HELP!
    In my defence though, it is Jane Austen themed and rather funny. And I get to build my own manor! And also the game's bugged out on me and I currently have 355 energy when my max should be 43... :3

      send me an invite, mum may like that

        Sure :) I'm not sure if I have you as a friend on facebook actually. So if you get a friend request from some random creep named Braycen, that's me :P

    So after assuming I was immune to steam sales after buying nothing at Christmas, this is the tally of games I added to my library over the last 10 days:

    - Skullgirls (I don't really like fighting games but this one is alright... I need to learn to play it properly though)
    - Metal Slug 3 (It's not really apparent how much of a credit-thief this blatantly cheating game is until you have practically unlimited credits. I've played it in the arcade and never made it past level 2. Level 5 really ratchets up the bullshit)
    - World of Goo (fun puzzler, sometimes frustrating, but a amusing enough and I got it for a dollar)
    - Another World (was loving this until I came up against a broken puzzle. Might start over to give it another chance one day)
    - Blackwell bundle: Legacy, Unbound, Convergence, Deception (I got The Shivah in a humble bundle and immediately loved Wadjet Eye's style of retro-styled point and click adventure gaming! Legacy was great, Unbound just as good, looking forward to Convergence and Deception before I buy Epiphany which came out just this year)
    - Primordia (I know nothing about this except it's also by Wadjet Eye - will move onto this once I'm done with Blackwell and I think I still have two of their games on my wishlist that I haven't bought yet)
    - Deponia (another adventure game that everyone seems to regard highly, so for two bucks why not?)
    - Octodad: Dadliest Catch (I haven't gotten to this yet, but I've seen some Let's Play videos and there's something strangely appealing about the idea of playing as an ordinary suburban father)
    - Don't Starve (a lot of fun, very hard to get the hang of, I'll come back to this when I have more time)
    - Banished (interesting, fun, seems to have a pretty forgiving learning curve - I'll be interested to see how this game goes)
    - Spelunky (terrific fun, much harder than I thought. I was expecting something more like Steamworld Dig, I didn't realise it was a roguelike... and speaking of...)
    - Steamworld Dig (finished this in 5 hours, will play again. Well-paced in terms of upgrades that keep the gameplay interesting, a fun little story)
    - Space Hulk (haven't gotten to this yet, I'm sure I can find $2.50 worth of enjoyment here)
    - Long Live the Queen (this is basically Princess Maker lite, I think? It's not bad, I'll spend some more time with it)
    - Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition (thanks @transientmind) (will get to this ASAP)
    - Broforce (thanks @evilmonkey) (stupidly fun, surprisingly clever in it's design)

    Now to figure out what I'm eating this week.

    Last edited 30/06/14 10:33 am

      I don't know what it is about Long Live the Queen / why, but I find myself making a lot more scribbles / notes as I'm playing it than I ever did with Princess Maker. Granted, it's been a number of years since I played PM.

        It's because Long Live the Queen is amazing in every way.

          One wrong move and you're screwed

            I actually managed to get (what I believe is) the most successful ending on my third or fourth try. But many potential pitfalls.

              I got the ending where you steal the Lumen crystal from your vault and maxed my magic skills to defeat the long haired guy in a duel.

              I don't know if that's a good ending or not. I think when I do a second playthrough I'm going to focus on history, intrigue and naval strategy and see how that serves me.

              I also want to do a playthrough where I get to go to my cousin's birthday, so I guess I need to max archery, battlefield medicine and composure before week 16?

              Aaaaagh /o\

              Last edited 30/06/14 10:26 am

                Regarding the birthday:
                I believe you need Archery and reflexes at high or full to dodge that arrow, or medicine to fix it, or some other skills. There's a few chances for you to not die but I think all the skills need to be pretty high. I think there was a way to bring bodyguards with you that prevents it?
                Your ending sounds like it might have been a branch off the big one I got. I can't really say anything about it without ruining it for you. I reckon you'll know the one I mean when/if you get to it.

                Last edited 30/06/14 10:38 am

                  I think if you have a high archery you can dodge it. I made the mistake of maxing out Battlefield Medicine which prevented me from dying but then I failed a composure check to keep from screaming and having the bandits pepper me with more arrows to finish me off.

                  So... maxing archery is probably the way to go but I'll be interested to see how surviving that wound changes the story (if at all).

                Yeah, that birthday, hey. You don't need to max out the skills, but it can be a pretty fine margin. The best way to not die is to avoid it, i.e. Archery+Reflexes. Otherwise, yeah, Battlefield Medicine + Composure.

                Man, some of those checks though. You think "Yep, I've got enough XYZ to get through this" and then bam, fail the check and explode.

                There's one check...
                You'd think it'd be pretty easy, to stop yourself from eating chocolates. But noooo, I'm a fat little piggy girl who can't control eating poison. And there's seemingly so many ways to avoid it! My screen was filling with FAILED checks all over the place. Backtracked a day and the only way I was able to live was by changing in to a medicine outfit and pumping both trainings in to Poison. Bleah.

                  Hahahaha, I don't think I've ever come up against the chocolates! I did try and study poison since there's a check for it when your cousin gets bitten by the snake, but I found it easier to just train in composure and avoid her getting bitten altogether.

                  @kermitron - You don't even have to go that far!

                  If you imprison whatsherface instead of letting her stick around, YOU get bitten by the snake instead and your cousin heals you. Same outcome (cousin goes home), no repercussions. You can go down to the dungeon at any time and visit whatsherface and commence your Lumen training.

                  Interesting! I wonder if anyone out there has developed a complete tree of all the branching decisions and outcomes? That would take ages even IF you didn't have the mood/stat component to factor in!

                  Last edited 30/06/14 12:04 pm

                  @kermitron - Like I said, I'm taking a lot more notes / scribbles.

                  One thing I want to try doing is maximising my mood. One thing that frustrates me is starting at "Depressed" and not being able to work on my Royal Decorum or Conversation skills. So I'm trying to map out the quickest path for me to get to Lonely / Pressured / Cheerful / Etc.

                  After a day and a half of playing.

                  Cheerful cancels out depressed doesn't it? Playing with Toys gives you cheerful and lonely, going to court seems to be the biggest kicker for pressured but also gives you yielding?

                  @kermitron - Yeah, it's more about getting some bits without getting others and countering the reactions from events in your daily life. Also unlocking activities at various times (e.g. attending ball = +Pressured, unlocked from dancing) to continue certain moods.

        I picked up Long Live the Queen with credit I earned from card sales. Definitely worth it. Graphics are great and the music is awesome.

        I tried PM2 at one point because it seemed popular and couldn't make heads nor tails of it, so admittedly I'm no authority. I only referred to LLTQ as PM-lite because it seemed to be way less complex, but at the same time the options for adjusting your mood to maximise skill gain really takes awhile to get your head around.

      Some good titles there.

      1) Advance warning on Space Hulk: This is not a video game set in the Space Hulk universe, it is a carbon copy of the board game, translated to PC. I think a lot of people got annoyed by this, expecting the reverse, but I'm kind of loving it for that faithfulness to the board game. Go in with the appropriate expectations to avoid disappointment.

      2) Long Live The Queen is not so much Princess Maker Lite as much as it is more like a visual novel with significantly more 'decision points' which are less story-based and more stat-based. You have to hit certain stat levels the same way that you would hit 'flags' in any other visual novel, in order to unlock story points. It's pretty decent, otherwise, I had fun with it.

      3) Dragon Age: Heh. You might wanna save that one for when you have a LOT of time. I've got it sitting in my 'must get around to' list, too. And have done for the last couple years. It was huge enough on the 360 where I played it first (multiple times), and that was without all the DLC/expansions. It's also pretty crash-tastic, you really want to be quicksaving very, very, very frequently. Following the game's meta-advice, I played the prologue DLC packs first, and that took up plenty of time on their own. I still haven't done Awakening or the Witch DLC epilogue stuff. I will not be passing any judgement or disappointment on delayed play of that one.

        Space hulk is a stupid game
        What do you mean that is just because I keep failing the first mission over and over, what has that got to do with anything.

        Thanks. My only experience with Space Hulk was a brief game session about 15 years ago on an old board game that a mate brought to school with him. I loved the idea, so a digital remake is all I ever wanted.

        Maybe a more "video-gamey" version would be appealing too but it sounds like Space Hulk is the game I want it to be.

          Well, it looks like they're making the video-gamey version, too, if new trailers are anything to go by. :)

      Wait, you are actually playing the games you bought? You're doing it wrong!
      Skullgirls is awesome.

        I made myself a promise to limit my buying to things I actively want to play so in most cases I installed them and put at least an hour into them right after purchasing. It was glorious! I regret nothing!

    So I think my grand total for the Steam sale has finally reached just over $100. I would get the exact figure but Steam has decided to stop telling me and I couldn't be bothered tallying up recent transactions.
    Reckon I did pretty well, cause at least $50 of that was for gift games, and then the majority of other stuff was a $20 game, a $16 game, and a heap of dirt cheap DLC for games I want to go back to.

    Honestly, this post is just bragging about how I didn't lose my shit on a Steam sale (for once).

      My final count is thus;

      The Walking Dead Season 2
      The Wolf Among Us
      Tropico 4 (accidentally purchased the standalone, so I've got a support ticket in to have it changed to the Collectors Bundle they had for the same price)
      Strike Vector Gift
      Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon
      Alice Madness Returns
      Metro Last Light Complete
      Guacamelee! Gold Edition
      LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
      LEGO Marvel Super Heroes DLC: Super Pack
      Saints Row IV (AU)
      LEGO Marvel Super Heroes DLC: Asgard Pack
      BattleBlock Theater
      DuckTales Remastered
      Papers, Please
      Dead Island Riptide
      DmC: Devil May Cry

      Here's what I bought during the steam sale.
      Here's what I was gifted during the steam sale
      -Monaco by Mashaaaaaa

      Do I win? :P

    @notoriousR BTW, finally started playing Mark of the Ninja. It's a pretty cool guy

      Love that game! Going to go back and perfect it one day. I only got around to playing it this year despite winning a code for it back in 2012 or something.

        I went back and got the 100% as soon as I finished the game.
        Amazing game, it is my GOTY for last year

      That game is so great. It is my favourite stealth game. It handles stealth so damn well, so many games could learn so much from it.

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