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    Only 1.5 hours and I finish work for the day. Hooray!

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      Early morning shift?

        Night shift. 10 pm to 10 am

    Morning all!

    Just got back from a long weekend with the family out in Bairnsdale, Vic. Was the most relaxing weekend we've had in ages. The perfect break - I had some minor Payday2 withdrawals but that was easily fixed on our return!

    So if anyone's looking for a lazy weekend away, I highly recommend the Lakes District.

    i dont wanna work, i just wanna bang on this cup all day.

      If I had the money I would ruin your fun by employing you to bang on that cup.

      You're doing what to a cup?

        Just... make sure you wash it when you're done OK?

        Or maybe just burn it...

    Morning drive to the north shore wasn't too bad at all, actually. Might've overshot it a little, got into work 20mins early. But if I left 20mins later I'd probably get caught in more traffic and end up 20mins late instead :P

    Spent most of the weekend playing Strike Suit Zero with the new joystick. It's pretty fun. Though one of the buttons on it is a bit hard to use, kind of sticks in place. Might call up the place I got it from and see if I can have it looked at/swapped.

    Also, discovered Turbo-Laser on Saturday night and they've instantly become my new favouritest discovery. Listened to the album three times now, and have been pimping them all over the place ever since.

    Go give Ultra Metal a listen :P

    Morning TAY... Had a pretty good weekend, with many a board game being played over the course of Saturday (HI @saturday) including some good rounds of 7 Wonders and a very very intense game of Star Trek Catan... I lost by one measly point!!!! One more round and i would have had it... Oh well.. Also rebuild my pc, putting the OS on a SSD... So damn fast!
    anyway how were your weekends?

    EDIT - Oh and played some Battleblock theater with @rize... So much fun! Though i got us killed on multiple occasions possibly because I'm dumber than a box of hammers

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      Oooh, I've been meaning to give Battleblock a go, keep me posted next time you and @Rize are playing?

        Do i have you on steam? I'd have to check... Unfortunately the story mode is only 2 player but hit me up and I'll be happy to jump in for a game with you :D

      *pauses collecting maple syrup*


      *resumes collecting maple syrup*

    While at @freezespreston place some of us played board games. We played 7 Wonders and Frag and both were pretty fun!

    7 Wonders (Players:@freezespreston @beawwb @sernobulus @transientmind) - For those that don't know it's basically Civilisation the board game. I lost both games, first game we had no idea what was happening so I just started to hoard as much money as possible but i ended up losing horribly. Second game I just tried for a cultural civilisation but I ended up being a the nerd civilisation and @transientmind and @freezespreston kept attacking a defenceless civilisation, monsters! It's was like highschool all over again.

    Frag (Players:@freezespreston @beawwb @sernobulus)- It's an FPS board game. It makes no sense when trying to explain it but it's a lot of fun. I was actually doing really poorly early until I picked up a flamethrower and went man mode! Unfortunately the game was a bit slow because there were only 3 of us playing. It would be much more fun with 6 people.

      I concur with both reviews. 7 Wonders was good fun and I can see it really working with 5, 6 or 7 players. I think any fewer than 4 and it wouldn't be as much fun, and I think there's a lot of hidden depth under the surface. Would be very interested to try out some of the expansions as well.

      Frag was cool but really needs more than 3 players to shine. I think more people, with the option of customised boards and things would just turn in to a chaotic crazy fest of awesome. Also working out how "Range" works properly before starting would be handy. :p

        7 wonders with seven people is great. Especially when you look at the one resource card your neighbour needs and contemptuously throw it in the discards for three gold.

          I did that! (sort of)

          Got rid of a 3 Shield red card in Age 3 that would have meant the difference between a victory and a stalemate. Didn't matter in the grand scheme of the game (still lost) but it felt good at the time. :p

            I once used a resource card my neighbour had been searching for for like four turns to build the next stage of my wonder.

            I made him fully aware of this fact.

              I seem to recall both myself and @transientmind passing on a card and thinking "Well, nobody will need this one so it'll come back around to me in 3 more turns" - worked for me, didn't work for him.

              Good times. 8/10, would play again.

                Yeah, I ended up using it to construct my tier 3 wonder.


                  That's what you get for attacking a defenseless nation. =P

      Frag seems like something I'll have to look up. In addition to sounding interesting, I love things that make no sense when trying to explain them :D

      I shot @beeawwb in the face point blank with a missile launcher and he survived and killed me in retaliation. So I paired a beam pistol and lightning blaster into a single monstrosity and overcharged both weapons in a single shot to vaporise him instantly. He respawnedand came for me again so I sabotaged his ISP so he dropped out of the game momentarily.

      Then Nob roasted us all and I can only assume he ate our flame grilled corpses in victory.

        Freeze? More like, Well Done with mushroom sauce.


          That damn flamethrower made a mockery of us all.

          Also @freezus @freezingpressons @freezethebestone @freezepassion @freezespreston can tag me fine, why can't you @sirnobulous @sirnebiolo @sernebula @sirloinofbeef @sernobulus?

      Civilisation is the Civilisation board game.

      Also, civil + science is pretty much the strongest option with new players. Military isn't that good because you can only make 18 points out of it, no matter how much you invest. Two sets of science is worth 26 points. Generally speaking, you want to invest the bare minimum in military, nab as much civil as you can and then see what else you can nab points from.

      I am so so bad at 7 Wonders. I've played it many times but have some kind of mental block that straight up prevents me from doing well at it. The only time I ever won a game, it was because I accidentally 'cheated' by playing on the b-side of my board when everyone else was on the a-side. And even then it was only by a point or so. :(

        That's not really cheating. The A-sides are just simpler and more new player friendly. Both sides of all boards are meant to be roughly as strong as the others. Obviously that's not true in practise because some boards are rad and other are terrible but there's no inherent advantage to playing the B-side.

    After boarding up the possum's entrance into my roof with metal sheets the bastard's been trying to get back into the roof and is kind enough to make a heck of a load of noise at 3.30 each morning since Friday. It sounds like someone's breaking down the screen door at the other end of the house. I'm hoping a few pokes with a broom handle will convince it to bugger off elsewhere, if not I'll have to set up a sensor and night light to shine on where it's trying to get in. Ain't Australia's protected wildlife great. I get no problems from kangaroos or rabbits which are apparently pests, but bush turkeys and possums can do as they please to my property and there's basically nothing I can do except drop them somewhere else and hope for the best they don't come back. I need a big dog

    I'm so in the mood to put effort into this week

      They will more than likely give up within a few days. Just make sure that they cannot get back in. They can be stubborn, but will leave eventually.

        Well he's been sleeping somewhere else but still tries his luck trying to get in. Hopefully today or tomorrow it'll get the message and go next door or somewhere. It hasn't made a scratch on the metal sheets so I'm not worried about it getting back in there

      Having been in a similar situation in our old house only with the bastard's entrance right over my bed, I say lie in wait with a rifle and a one liner. I suggest "Not protected enough!"

        No rifle but I do have a buster sword that might 'slip' one night on accident of course ;)

          There's still the issue of what to do with the body but just take it to a kebab shop and it'll be problem solved by the weekend

        I have a dog I need to do this to. Luckily I got my compound bow with 3-blade broadtip arrowheads back yesterday.

          *Bark bark woof bark awroooooo*

          Translation: I used to be a guard dog like you, but then then I took an arrow to the knee?

    Went and got a $64 DualShock 4 on the weekend, updated the PS3, and paired it up.
    Works flawlessly*, feels good. Quick test run of Demon's Souls and I was happily throwing parries (always been too scared to try it) with the new triggers.

    *Flawlessly, minus a PS button or any rumble or sixaxis. Realistically, if I press the power button on the PS3 then grab the controller, I can navigate the menus, launch a game and start playing. Just can't close the game or power down the PS3 wirelessly without using a PS3 controller.

      I'm assuming it's still the case that a PS4 controller won't work wirelessly on a PS3?

        The fact that it now does is what convinced me to get one.

      DS4 is a nice controller, but the limitations it has compared to the DS3 on PS3 seems like it's not worth it.

      I do, however, need to get a second one for my PS4. $64 is about the cheapest price I've seen on them, where did you get it from?

        Big Dubya. Until Wednesday. Was marked as 88 in the cabinet but scanned at 64 (same as the on line price).

        Minor limitations do make it a little less functional, but still very useable. I talked myself into and out of the purchase several times, but don't regret my decision now.

    Oh and on Friday it would seem I've started a self-destructive cycle of hatred and self-loathing... By which of course i mean i joined @zetrox2k's Minecraft server and then immediately cried because everyone is so creative... So i dug a hole!

      My current projects involve hollowing out rectangular areas - there's not much creativity from me.

      Tunnel under their houses. Fill foundations with TNT. Link to button outside their house with a big "Do Not Press Under Any Circumstance" attached to it. Giggle like the madman you are. Profit.

        I dunno, what about the Box near Steve-o's house? That was...interesting.

      I personally think digging a hole requires a lot of skills

        In my case more time then skill XD... a 20x20 hole takes forever to get anywhere with :P

          Working on a 30x70 hole here. Lots of work ahead of me yet.

            Once i finish mine i can come assist... How deep are you going?

              I think I've got about 80 depth to play with, but I'm starting to build in layers now though. I'll probably at least put a drop shaft through for quick access.

              Help offer appreciated but I enjoy the digging, I'll get there eventually. Good way to zone out after thinking at work all day.
              Come visit at some point if you want a break from digging.

      Come join my hole \o/ stay away from steve-o_the_deve-o`s bullshit labryinth evil

    Hola Tay

    Not much to report- had a total nothing weekend (by design). Played more of New Vegas & The Witcher 2, played Borderlands 2 with a mate and my brother for a bit, and finished Mark of the Ninja.

    A monday morning question: It's been said that ninjas improve most stories simply by their inclusion. What classic story do you think ninjas would improve? Snow White and the Seven Dwarf Ninjas would be epic.

      Pfft, everyone knows Dwarf Ninjas are ridiculous and can't work. Halfling Ninjas on the other hand.

      But yeah, I think Waltzing Matilda would be awesome if he was secretly a Ninja. He even has a Bag of Holding too. :P

        Nono. A ninja freed Snow White from her seven dwarven captors. Gruesomely.

        Fuck dwarves. Worst race ever. (Oh, right... gnomes/halflings are worst race ever... dwarves only win runner-up.) ELVES 4 LYFE

          Halflings are the bomb man! Don't you diss the small folk!

            Worst. Race. Ever. They should be retroactively converted to NPC-only in WoW and any other MMO.

              I don't really like Gnomes but Halflings are awesome! They are always the comic relief a party of adventurers plus they tell jokes that belong at the top of page 6!

              The best version of Halflings are the homicidal, insane tricksters who go around wrecking things.

              Or pirates. Can't go wrong with Halfling pirates.

                Fuck Kender.

                I mean.

                Fuck Kender.

                  As a jerk race in a jerk setting, they can work pretty well.

                  In everything else though, I hope you have fond memories of your hands because you're about to lose them due to those sticky fingers.

      101 Ninja Dalmatians. Who wouldn't go see that?

        It's like the white ninja and the black ninja from GI Joe had kids.

      When Harry Met Sally.

      The epic tale of two rival ninja clans whose favourite son and daughter met and fall in love while their clans go to wa... Wait, this is sounding suspiciously familiar.

      '47 Ronin' could certainly use some ninjas though, amiright?

    Hey guys, how was everyones weekend?

    Have today off work after being told by the boss that they don't have enough work for me. Pretty shit considering I only started 6 or so weeks ago. As an electrician it is an RDO and we are not a union company but do have the majority of our work on union sites. Hopefully everything works out alright though. So I am kind of just taking it as an RDO and not a lost day of work.

    Still trying to fix my HTPC. No malware, bios are up to date. Just need to find my windows 7 code to check that it is still authenticated. Seriously considering just a fresh windows 7 install. So frustrating. I am not good enough at this sort of stuff to deal with these problems.

    On the gaming front I completed Wolfenstein (on the 2nd hardest difficulty) and it was awesome, that difficulty was super hard in certain spots. Couldn't imagine what Uber is like. Really enjoyed the game, and was a great story to it. Now going to start Watch Dogs, and also Max The Curse of Brotherhood.

    Been on a bit of a fitness kick, riding the exercise bike while watching UFC. Rode for 70 minutes yesterday for a 40km total. I know its not a real life 40km and probably more like 25-30. Still good enough for me.

    TL:DR, HTPC not working, day off, wolfenstein done, watch dogs starting, getting fit riding bike while watching ufc.

      My weekend was pretty crap tbh but If you have nothing to do today maybe you can explain something for me? I'm always one to take advantage of free labour ;)

      I had the circuit breakers trip at my place on on friday night and the UPS kicked in so being the dilligent chappy I am, I started shutdown on my PC which seemed to be going fine right up to the point where the PC switched off. Once it went down the PSU gave a high pitched whine and then blew up??

      It reminded me of what happened, when you used to flick the voltage change switch on older PSU's (you'll only ever make that mistake once.) Any thoughts would be appreciated. I'm changing the PSU today imagining its faulty but If its the UPS thats faulty I'd rather not go through that again and would just get a bigger UPS at the same time.

        That is a little weird. Things like that can happen with start up current, but I have never heard of that happening when something turns off. I actually do not know what could of caused that. Sorry, I don't have much experience with UPS's.

          Cheers anyway!

          Yeah it was really bizarre, my love of electronics is inverse to my ability, so I start coming up with crazy theories as to why it occurred. Truth be told I'm thinking of ditching UPS's altogether as I've never seen one work as described. I have some APS units at work and they're forever failing to keep anything powered up. I like the idea of the filling short gaps in power but beyond acting as an overpriced surge protector I'm not a fan of them.

      Do you run anything on the HTPC other than using it for media? Just wondering if maybe the best option is to swap to a specialized Linux install with XBMC if you use that. There's pre-made distributions designed for doing that. If you use Plex instead then it's trickier since you need to put it together yourself.

        Yeah I have an attempted setup of hyperspin going. Thats really it though.

    I have to say, I'm reasonably impressed by steam's game streaming. I've had a heavy cold or light flu and been in bed all weekend and have been experimenting with it, for the most part it's been pretty solid and reliable. That said, wireless isn't an ideal medium for it and on occasion it gets lag spikes, I suspect it's a matter of when things like my tablet are checking for emails or updates, when that happens it grinds pretty badly for a few seconds so I'd not suggest playing an FPS over it. I was playing Xcom though so it was only an inconvenience and never got me killed, I suspect anything that's not latency dependent or other turn based games like civ would be perfectly fine. I plan to turn the quality down to fast rather than balanced when I try it a bit later and see if that helps with the spikes.

    Not bad valve, not bad.

      Nice. I haven't tried that out yet. It's turned out to be more convenient to simply plug the HDMI cable directly into the TV via a fucking ridiculous 7m cable my brother bought, rather than streaming to the laptop which is connected to the TV/PS3.

      When we've properly moved house to the new place with more room and laptops and PCs and TVs and brand new router, media shit is going to get crazy complicated in my apartment.

        If you do plan to try it, cabled is the recommended version if you want to do anything with high quality from what I've been reading.

        In effect, you're running the game on the host PC which is compressing it to a video format which is then streamed over the network to the client PC and that sends control inputs back to the host & game. The greater the resolution & video quality, the higher bandwidth you need to keep it sustainable without lagging and since wireless is inherently slower than cabled to begin with and is effectively half the speed of what's advertised anyway, I guess it's hardly unexpected that it'd be the less suitable medium.

    Awesome weekend. Met LionDrive on Saturday. Went to Movie World on Sunday. (And gots me an annual pass so I can go again all year round. WOOOO!)

      When does @liondrive come up to Brisbane?

      Also, how was the time at Movie World? Was it school holiday chaos or a storm in a teacup?

        Wasn't too bad, crowd wise. I was expecting far worse. We went on all the rides multiple times though, so that's something. Also we're all monsters. We convinced Freeze's six year old daughter to go on the Scooby Doo Coaster with us. She agreed. Screamed the entire way. There's a ride photo with everyone in the carriage laughing hysterically at her while she screams.

        MONSTERS. :(

          I've never heard anything so monstrous.

            We all laughed silently though. SHE PROBABLY DOESN'T SUSPECT A THING.

          At least she scored that free photo frame as the photo shop attendant thought we were monsters and felt sorry for her.

    Just calculated my total Steam Sale spendings. Including gift purchases, I spent $407.42 o.O

      if only you had spent $3.42 less, we could've made the joke "404 steam sale spendings not found"

      AU$98.75 for 12 games. Cheaper than getting one game from EB Games, let alone twelve. I've even played a couple of these rather than leave them sitting there, which is even more astounding.

    Hi, weekend was too short again.

    Saturday I watched Harry Potter 1 & 2. Since this was such an exhausting task, I slept 12 hrs that night.

    Sunday we bought some rope straps and stuffs, had lunch and took bikes on bike rack to the local mtn bike track. We only had 45 mins or so, but it was pretty fun.

    And now it's Monday.

    Morning, TAY!

    My weekend was plain. Finished Guacamelee (fantastic game!) and started Chaos on Deponia.

    I think I've figured out what I want to buy to build this new PC. I've got a couple of questions to ask those in the know, but I left the piece of paper I wrote them down on at home D: If I remember them later I'll post them...

    ps. Oh god, SBS2 followed me on Twitter after I posted that If You Are The One bingo card I made. THE PRESSURE.

      Guacamelee is really awesome. But now I can't remember if I actually finished it or not :|

        Makes me want a new 2D Metroid all the more...

    Two weeks holidays. /flex
    Been playing a heap of Persona 4 over the weekend. Still really enjoying it.

    Looking forward to the 'Beta and Beyond' reveals for Destiny today/tonight. Collector's Editions, plz.

    And now gf is in emergency at hospital due to chest pains. D: brb

      Oh man, sending good thoughts her way. Hope all is well soon.

        Thanks dude (cc @thecracks @cufcfan616 @benny) & others

        She's home now, diagnosis still unknown. It's been happening for the last couple of years sporadically, but docs are satisfied it's nothing to do with heart. Got a note on her file to run some tests ASAP next time. Nothing life threatening/shortening by the looks of it, but would be good to work out wtf it is.

          Good to hear it's okay(ish) for the moment. But not knowing why can be pretty hard too. *hugs*

      Fingers crossed. Hope she gets better soon.

      :( I went through that this weekend after an allergic reaction to makeup (she was wearing it, not me...honest). Never a fun thing. All the best buddy

        She had the reaction, or you? That's sucky. :( Usually when you put makeup on it's to increase prettiness, and not to get swelling/puffiness/crying! :'( !

          Yeah, she had the reaction. Hadn't been allergic to anything up until then other than metals so she can't get certain tattoos or piercings so it came as a bit of a surprise. Happened just as I had nodded off on Saturday night. It's always fun to go to a hospital in Brisbane on a weekend night and see all the party goers amongst other more colourful characters.

          Glad to hear your girl's not in serious danger though. Annoying though when the doctors don't know what it is, but it's not serious enough to warrant them to do further tests. It's been like that with my missus for ages now as to why she gets anxiety attacks. Hopefully you guys get to find out quicker than we have

    @popdart5 @mythamphetamine @mawt @novacascade @tech_knight @blaghman


    After ascending part of the tower, defeating several beasties on the way, you arrive at a room occupied by a single man, who just said: HELP ME

    What do?


      I help him.

      /roll d20



        Well, you've now contracted the Insidious choir.

        As an STD.

      Why am I reminded of that scene from Guards Guards with the pretender to the throne? I think the solution might also be the same here.

      Argh!! My timing is terrible. I won't be able to make it this week either. Heading home to pick Ash up from the airport early thursday morning.
      I am the worst adventurerererer

    Good morning!
    Had an amazing week :D
    Met lots of people on Saturday (all of whom are awesome), and went to Movie World on Sunday (my first proper theme park!) :D
    Now I'm on my way to Brisbane where I plan on continuing my amazing holiday :)

    Shout out to all the guys I met on Saturday. You guys are all awesome. Couldn't ask for a better group of people to hangout with :)

    Big shout out to @freezespreston for being an awesome guy and letting me crash at his place :)
    Super nice guy :)

      Was great meeting you, man.

      Note to Brisbane folks! DRINKS ON FRIDAY NIIIIIIGHT!

        I'm a very tentative probably not for Friday drinks this week, depending on what's going on with meeting up with family up north etc. Unless you mean next week in which case we're totally on. But I'm pretty sure you don't mean next week. :P

      If you ever come to Sydney, we can have fun at Wet n Wild!

      We might also go to a theme park.

        Sega World or Wonderland? :P

          It was a joke DC! No need to bring up our severe lack of theme parks! ;_;

        Sounds like Sydney is my next place to visit, stud ;)

          The winky face is the most effective of all the faces.

        We can just drop him off at the Westfield in Pitt St. We'll never see him again ;)

      *brofist* Yessss.
      Awesome apart from the part where we spent at least a solid hour watching (and laughing at) the Freezelings torture of Liondrive by taking his blankets and clothes in the cold, and putting inflatable beds on him to use him as the base in a bouncey-castle, in between tormenting him with an up-close ET-doll for whom we had spent the previous night inventing the persona of a creepy alien rapist.

      I'm calling Stockholm syndrome.

        In hindsight I shouldn't have told the Freezelings to work his kidneys. :(

          and the head ...

            I was genuinely horrified when they did, though. :P

              Yeah, one of them got my ribs pretty good, and the part where they both sat on my head wasn't super fun.
              Or where they spilt beer on me.
              And the giggling still haunts my nightmares.

              At least @transientmind took pity on me and gave me a blanket, even if they did just steal it off me again :'(

                Really sorry if that got too far, man. It was all meant in good fun. :(

                  Hahaha, nah, it's all good :)
                  Kids will be kids, and they didn't do any damage (except maybe psychological damage) :P

                  I'll admit it's not how I was expecting the morning to start though, haha!

        What do you mean that part wasn't awesome?!? That part was great. :p

      The food on Saturday was so good it disgusted me.

      Freeze & his wife should be ashamed of themselves for making such amazing food.

        The food was amaaaaaazing (Just like that TV show). I regret eating any food leading up to it because if I had not I could have eaten more

        Last edited 07/07/14 10:27 am

    So I finished making the top for my own cosplay and I'm unhappy. So I've decided to make it again with a different material.

    Also, @sernobulus I finished the top chain mail, but I'm worried it's still too big. Do you want me to make it a bit smaller, or attach it to the green top?

      Don't think I said it here, but I've finally decided to Cosplay for Pax.

      As Raz from psychonauts.

        FYI you can by a set of badges from the double fine site if you don't intend on making your own

          Cheers- I've been looking through that and etsy, they're probably the only real difficult piece.

          Well, difficult until I ask my mother to assist me in the Aviator cap and get the "Oh my god Stuart, is this some nerd thing and I don't get it" questions.

            Bah, looks like they are out of stock sorry. Might give you the keywords you need anyway.
            I current have my Raz figurine on my monitor stand, I cycle through the set to have a different one out each week.
            Always fun questions those one. "Yes it is some nerd thing, now help turn me into a psychonaut for the love of dog."

              If she balks I have another cosplay person I can turn to, but she's doing costumes for each day of PAX so i don't want to add to her load if I don't have to.

              Last edited 07/07/14 12:08 pm

      ummm, I have no idea. Is it difficult to make it smaller?

        No, not really. It might just be the sleeves. But do you want me to attach it to the green top anyway so that you don't have to worry about putting it on inside out?


    Game of Thrones exhibit was pretty coolio. Lined up at about 6am on Saturday. Got in when it opened at 10am. Apparently people were being told they couldn't join the line at 9am, which is insane.

    Also, Circular Quay is a pretty nice place when there's no one around.

      that is mental. was it worth the 4 hour wait?

        I think so. I certainly wouldn't have waited 10 hours for it like some people were.

          Yeah, 10 hours is pretty excessive. I'm glad it was worth the wait though!

      Oh man, my girlfriend wanted to go (I did to, until I heard about the lines...) and I managed to discourage her by pointing out how cold and windy it would be down at Circular Quay atm...

    Let's play Murray Kart.

    Is there, like, a planned night or do we just wing it?

      Tonight is the planned night actually!

      7:30! There are some more details i think but I can't really remember.

      @dc might know the details.

        @powalen's the go to detail guy! *decisive nod*

          Typical. Always passing the buck!

          ...*passes the buck* Check the Servers page!

          Last edited 07/07/14 10:49 am

            In all honesty it might be worth just posting on Twitter whenever you want to play. No one really turns up at the official TAY Kart thing any more. :'(

    Had a pretty cool weekend. Went bowling on Saturday night. Proved yet again just how terrible I am, but at least didn't lose either game. Went to Maccas for tea afterwards and had a good time just chatting with my friends. Sunday I watched The Hangover 3 and Pain and Gain. I enjoyed both movies. All in all a pretty good time.

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