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    Morning everyone, how was your weekend?

    Mine was interesting, the missus finally agreed to move back to Adelaide, then yesterday I'm at work and I get a call from my boss. He wants me to be the manager and he's gonna give me at least another $70 a week (after tax). On top of the other pay rise he gave me a few months ago that makes a total of $170 a week extra than what I was getting a few months ago, how could I say no. So it looks like we won't be moving back after all, sorry guys.

    On a side note, got the day off today, so I thought I'd play games all day seeing schools gone back and the wife's at work, chucked in Ryse to mop up the rest of the achievements "this game requires a 5. something gig update. What! screw that, I'll be waiting hours, fine I'll play Dead Rising 3 instead, and I'll set Ryse to update tonight when my son gets home from school, so it's ready to play when he goes to bed tonight.

    Also, it's friggin' freezing this morning -0.4C. BRRRRRRRR Lousy Smarch weather.

      I finished the Wolf Among Us this weekend!!

      What the hell was up with that little bit at the end with Nerissa?

        Same. I couldn't work it out either, had to do some searching, see my post below.

      oh man, i just got an XBONE on friday night, only got about 3 hours into Ryse on saturday, about half hour into forza, and about 20min into DR3... was planning to get some gaming in friday night, but this is how it went:

      Unpacked XBONE
      turned it on: 900mb update.
      configured it.
      popped ryse in
      "This game requires an 8.6gb update"
      figured id be able to play as soon as it installs.
      about 35min later it said it was ready.
      started the game, selected Solo Campaign,
      then it continued to install for another 30 mins...

      figured this was going to be a trend, so i scanned my Forza code, queued my games with gold games, project spark, popped in the dead rising 3 disc and let all the downloads and updates run overnight.

      correct me if im wrong, but there seems to be no way of running a game without updating it unless you disconnect the xbone from the internet.

        Yeah, it really sucks man. It's the Xbone's biggest downfall. It seems like everytime you leave a game for a couple of weeks it'll come up with an update the next time you go to play it, and they ain't small.

        I'd have to say that the size and frequency of Xbone updates is the single biggest reason that made me upgrade my internet from 50GB a month to unlimited.

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          Same issue with the PS4, I've gotten into a habit now where I put the games in as soon as I get them let the updates run and then go to the gym! I haven't had any problems with playing the games after the update the though, the PS installation usually just goes on in the background and so far hasn't gotten in the way?

            yeah but on the ps4 they arent as big an issue. i can still play the game (offline at least) whilst the update downloads in the background... on the xbone however, you cant even play single player games.

            I love how, so far, the only games I've noticed that use the 'play as you download' have been exclusives. Only a handful of others do. Such a waist of an amazing feature.

          Hearing about the updates is the biggest long term thing that's making me nervous about the XB1. I'm assuming that it'll eventually have a sustainable enough library to justify a purchase but given the fact our national communications infrastructure is a few bribes away from regressing back to string and tin cans, I'm more than a little concerned about mandatory updates larger than many steam games...

            Yeah, I hadn't touched Dead Rising 3 in a while, popped in the disc and it said there was a 16 odd gig update.

              It'll be interesting to see how they handle patches for the PC version. I'm guessing it's something like replacing several entire archives that are in the multi-gig range rather than just updating them

        Man i am so keen to get an XBONE!! I am however not keen for the massive and constant updates. Atleast i'm not on ADSL1. I love the Forza Motorsport franchise, i'd also love to play Horizon 2 when it comes out, as well as Halo: Master Chief Collection. Dead Rising looks super fun, although i might get that on PC instead. I just got married in March, man living on one income is tough. :/

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          I know what you mean man... we are on single income too. would have never gone further out of pocket to buy the xbone. I have my "gaming money" which is very limited, so for me to get the xbone, i had to sacrifice all my ps3 stuff, as well as my 3ds.. which wasnt such a big deal as i hadnt turned my ps3 on in 8 months, and my 3ds has barely gotten an hours use out of it in the last 6 months. since i finished pokemon Y and Links awakening.

            Wow that is a big call mate. I'm not quite ready to let my PS3 go, as i am currently replaying the Uncharted series, and i haven't played The Last of Us yet. I am unlikely to get a PS4, so i can't play it on that either. The 3DS i have was originally mine, then given to my brother, now borrowed to play Pokemon X. Just completed my Dex last month. Woohoo!!

            Does anyone know if XBONE has 3D Bluray support yet?

              not sure. i actually found it bizarre that i had to download an app for bluray movie playback on the xbone...

              depending how attached you are to the ps3, at the moment assuming you have a slim, you could prob flog it off for a couple of hundred with a couple of games like i did. seems to be a going rate. jb hifi has awesome trade in deals for the rest of the games; i got almost 120 for 8 OLD games. and you could always price match the ps4, ive seen them for about $450.... catch is there is still a bit of a drought, at least on AAA titles... but thats about to change. as at the end of this month there is plenty coming up from thereon out. I preordered Last Of Us Remastered for $49 from dicksmith which was a bargain.

              i find that as i jump generations with consoles i completely stop using the old ones. my ps3 hadnt been turned on in 8 months roughly. i prefered to get rid of it whilst i can still get some decent money for it, considering i dont use it, and put that towards new gaming habits.

                Unfortunately i have the Fat 40GB PS3 with a 160GB HDD in it. So i wouldn't get quite as much for it. I think i will probably just end up waiting. I have a pretty decent gaming PC, so i might just play Project Cars when it comes out on PC instead of Forza on Xbox. Actually it looks like my wife might have some work soon, so finger crossed. I'll have an XBONE by the end of the year. ;)

              Neither XBone nor PS4 has 3D Bluray support as of yet.

        Even then, it requires the game disc to install to the HDD. No getting around it.

          yeah but i mean, the same game on the ps4 takes <10secs to instally and you cna start playing immediately, as it keeps copying content whilst playing. why cant they do the same on the xbone?

            I think there is a 'play during install' thing going for the XBone, but it varies by game (usually limited to a demo mode, rather than proper game, afaik), and is slower than the PS4 one. Example: FIFA lets you play an exhibition match or two while it's installing.

    Re-post from weekend TAY.

    The Wolf Among Us final episode.

    Put Georgie out of his misery, then it was off to deal with Bloody Mary, that fight pissed me off, until wolfie hoofed and poofed (that was cool). Then on to The Crooked Man, strangled that bastard without a second thought. Now back at The Witching Well Snow's raking me over the friggin' coals, Fuck you Snow, I'm the sheriff around here. and yeah, shut the fuck up Bluebeard

    Didn't really understand the ending, maybe I'm just a bit slow, but after some searching apparently the consensus is that Nerissa was actually a glamoured Faith.

    All in all I'd say that TWAU was very enjoyable, can't wait for season 2.

      Firstly I actually didn't kill the Crooked Man, held him up for trial and what happens when you do that is you see the reactions of all the people you've helped or screwed over from the last 4 episodes! Helping them out means they're more like to listen to your case, if not the Crooked Man could win them over! Choosing not to kill him gives the game much more of a cause and effect feel!

      Secondly with the ending I don't think Nerissa was a glamoured Faith, that doesn't make sense if you think that hypothesis through. First off with that hypothesis people argue that Nerissa was the one killed and then glamoured to look like Faith and her head placed in front of the woodlands. If that was the case Georgie would've known who was killed given he did the killing and realized something afoot with Faith's head showing up. If Nerissa was already glamoured to look like Faith before being killed why would she voluntarily put herself in that situation? And not take the glamour off when Georgie tried to kill Faith? I think the more realistic assumption is that Nerissa glamoured herself to look like Faith at the start of the story maybe to cover Faith's shift with the Woodsman. When the Wolf gets involved she uses this scenario to bring his attention to her situation (i.e. her ribbon) or get the Sherrif invested in Faith's well being given she would've known something was going to be done to Faith for stealing from Ichabod Crane. Following that you deal with the Nerissa un-glamoured for the remainder of the story and what gives her away at the end is her using the same lines. Basically this implies that she had planned Faiths murder as a means to bring attention to the situation she was in and needed that to escape.

        Ok, did a bit more searching, this time on the Telltale forums. They seem to think that after Faith has the encounter with the Woodsman at the start Nerissa for some reason glamours herself to look like Faith (maybe she knew Faith was going to be killed, and did it to sacrifice herself so Faith could live), then Faith glamours herself to look like Nerissa, so, the whole time you think you're talking with Nerissa, she's actually a glamoured Faith.

          That theory doesn't fit Nerissa's character though! From everything the Nerissa you deal with tells you she seems like someone who was willing to do anything to get out of the fucked up situation she was in, placing the head on the steps, tattling on Faith and Lily and also when you go to trial for the Crooked Man she actually comes in last minute as a witness saying she heard him order the killings but later confesses to you privately she lied so that the Crooked man could be killed. Her personality seems to be one of doing whatever she can to get what she wants. Once again if Nerissa believed Faith was going to be killed it doesnt fit that she would volunteer to look like her! Working under the assumption Faith did steal something from Ichabod that led to her death and Lily's it makes sense for Nerissa to have told on them, it fits her overall character up to that point. I like to follow Ockham's Razor and the plot where Nerissa and Faith swap glamours with each other seems too convoluted a plotline, also if you pay attention at the very end there's one line that Nerissa says that was actually used by Bloody Mary something like "see you later.... Wolf" hinting that Bloody Mary was somehow involved in the glamours. Personally given all the speculation the simplest explanation is Nerissa was glamoured as Faith at the start to cover her shift and then used the run in with Bigby to garner sympathy or hint towards what was going on behind his back, it would be too risky for Faith to glamour herself to look like Nerissa given that the glamours don't seem to be perfect meaning at any point in time either Vivian, Georgie or Lily could've picked up on the fact that Faith was glamouring herself to be Nerissa. The explanation with the fewest plot holes is that Nerissa was herself the whole time except at the start.

            Well shit man, I don't know, it's all too confusing, my brain hurts.

            Damn you Telltale!

              Yeah all the possible theories have various plot holes in them, so there isn't on definitive one yet!

              To be honest that bit at the end feels really forced and doesn't exactly fit into anything in the existing story until Telltale release a one off game like 400 days where you play the game as Nerissa or Faith! I was actually quiet pleased with how I played through the game, was absolutely ruthless to dickheads but showed generosity to people I felt were just dragged into a shitty situation so yeah I killed one of the Tweedles, ripped of Gren's arm but for some reason I didn't feel it was right to kill the Crooked Man, it wouldn't be right to be judge jury and executioner if we're trying to return order to Fabletown =\ Weird how the human mind rationalizes these things huh, couldn't bring myself to do it even though I knew with a trial there was a chance he'd get off scott free.

    So early, so much XCOM. Anyone else get in on the M&B:Warband weekend? Was great to see a 100 person match.

      Long war or normal? I didnt get on it but I already own the game so would be willing to play it down the line when I get a better PC

        Battle mode, standard mp fare. Still haven't tested out sp.

      I've gotten back into xcom over the last week of being sick myself, playing it with the steam game streaming thing since my laptop is too shit to play the game natively.

      Are you using Enemy Within? That's definitely worth buying if you've not got it, aside from the cool story, new faction, extra weapons and all that cool stuff, there's one thing that justifies the purchase price for me, the foundry project Tactical Rigging. Carrying 2 items on each soldier is a bloody simple thing but damn its fantastic, no more choosing between medkit and nanofibre vest for your line infantry, no more sacrificing the extra point of health by dropping the nanofibre vest to take the arc thrower on you assault, no need to decide if you want your heavy to have extra health or the aim benefit from the scope... fantastic stuff.

      Also having a team backed up by a level 3 MEC trooper laying down masses of heavy fire or dropping mines or flamer fire to deny avenues of approach to a rampaging horde of chryssalids is fantastic. Then again, there's nothing quite like thinking "Hmm, there's possibly enemies I could flank if I could get up on this roof but the downpipe to climb is exposed and I'd take fire... Oh wait, my entire team is genetically modified with Muscle Fibre Density, we can all just jump onto the roof from here!"

        About 20hrs deep in vanilla campaign on normal difficulty. Thought I'd go through vanilla before upgrading to EW, and by the sound of it all my concerns with the game will be fixed. Hadn't realised the expansion was so expansive.

          It adds a good chunk of content for sure, Operation Slingshot is worth getting as well if you can get it cheap, it's not very long but you get a few new missions, a decent heavy trooper and some damned good salvage out of it. Might be a bit disappointing by itself but integrated into the rest of the game it's good and gives you a good injection of alloys, elerium & such when it's damned handy. Also fusion cores which are needed for making the blaster launcher which is definitely worth doing and can normally only be gained from raiding battleship class ships.

          If you're curious about the Long War mod, this guy is doing long war stuff in his live & impossible series 2 playlist and goes into some detail about the changes the mod makes. Also he's just entertaining to listen to.

            Love beagles stuff, had the chance to play against him awhile back during one of his live streams playing NS2 really nice guy

            Cheers, I'm tearing through the campaign, so I'll have to look into new content by the weekend.

    Holy crap! Just looked at the achievement list for Dead Rising 3, there's 116 friggin' achievements now worth 1860 Gamerscore. I've only got 13 achievements so far, I better get cracking, s'pose I'll have to buy the season pass too.

      I NEED A DR3 BUDDY!!!

        Cool, I'm sure we can work something out. I don't have a headset though.

        Edit: How far are you into it? I'm only up to Chapter 3 (4 days 11 hours), level 14.

        Last edited 14/07/14 9:04 am

          umm. ive driven a car to a workshop?

            It's been that long since I've played it I'm having to read through all the tutorials to figure out controls and stuff, so I'd say we're pretty even at the moment.

              start afresh! \o/ ...also you need a headset! :)

                Yeah, I thought about it. Also, awwww, do I have to.

                  @zetrox2k, Dammit! What's the go with headsets anyway, can you just buy that headset adapter and use any old headset, or do you have to buy a proper Xbone headset?

                  Also, decided to delete my DR3 save and start again \o/

                  @evilmonkey - yeah im not a fan... im actually a big fan of being able to plug in my usb turtle beach headphones straight into my PS4 and being able to output all audio the the headset, as well as use the mic \o/

      I... um... haven't played that game since December? January? I'm scared of the massive update...

        Yeah, I updated it overnight on the weekend because I knew it would be massive. It's 16 odd gig.

      Don't buy a season pass just to get gamerscore, play a shitty tie-in video game with an achievement list that can be beaten in 15 minutes!

        Nah, not buying it for Gamerscore, I'm enjoying the game, extra Gamerscore is just a bonus.

    Thank you everyone I had the pleasure of meeting for helping to make this trip one of the best times in my life :')
    I seriously couldn't ask for better friends, and am glad all of you are in my life :')

    Dreading returning to WA right now, but I'll cherish these memories forever :')
    I'll definitely make it back over at some stage, so don't any of you Brisbane TAYbies think you've seen the last of me ;)

    I'll do a proper write up of my trip tomorrow :)

      Prepare to get barraged by your sister saying "your so lucky you could of been killed by thise people, you dont know them they could be rapists or worse..jay walkers!"

      Yay! So when do you come visit sydney!!!!

        Haha, I'll get there eventually :)
        I missed some of my other friends who wanted to see me this visit, which sucked, but was alright, so I need to come back :)
        Sydney would be the next place I visit, and I still plan on moving to Melbourne in just over a year :)
        There's no love for anywhere else though :P

          And with that Adelaide shed a single tear.

            See, now I feel bad for making that joke, haha! :S

            is that because only one person lives in adelaide?

              Hey, you leave Adelaide alone. *shakes fist*

              Everyone who lives there bags the shit out of the place, but once you leave you realize how much you miss it.

                I know, One of my best mates comes from there. He grumbles about missing it every now and then

                I've only ever visited, but I miss it too.

                And will forever bag the shit out of it :P

          You haven't even thought about wagga have you? You monster!

            Yes, imagine all the fun things one can do when they visit. I say imagine because there are no actual fun things to do here and you have to imagine it.

              Oi shut up, if I can't trick @liondrive into visiting wagga by making it sound like something other than a hole full of shit, the only person I have to talk to here is you!

          What is it with people from Perth wanting to move to Melbourne?

          Last edited 17/07/14 7:28 pm

            You're still young.
            You haven't realised just how horrible Perth is yet :P

    Morning errbody hows every little thing? Last week I did a short course to become a real estate agents representative and so if I pass that I can get work in the real estate industry which would be cool.

    Following that I had a rant on twitter on saturday about a friend who we let stay over the night stole cathryns make up brushes which were $170 and they were an anniversary present so thats really annoying.
    Following that we went to two 21st birthday on Saturday and after we asked the person who we believe stole the brushes they said they were sick so wont make it to the 21st even though when someone asked her that morning if she was going she said yes. So didnt get home till 3am Sunday morning.

    Other than that weekend was uneventful and now it's red's birthday happy birthday @redartifice hope you have an awesome day and party in the way in which you like to party \o/

      Didn't catch that on the Twitters, that sucks man, people are shit. At least you know what kind of person she is now, and that she's not really a friend.

        Yeah but shes thoroughly denying it and now because we asked her if she did and she said no now shes gone defensive and is like I cant believe you would accuse me some friend you are I dont want to be friends with someone who would accuse me of theft. Even though shes admitted to taking other peoples things just coz

    Well, the World Cup is over for another 4 years. Yay for returning to regular sleep patterns, boo because I really enjoyed watching it.

    I had a pretty good day on Saturday. I went to the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania with some friends and saw some awesome cars and bikes, including an E-Type Jaguar, which is possibly my favourite car of all time. Apparently my Dad used to own one, so I am jealous.

    After the museum visit, we went for a bbq at the Punchbowl, a really beautiful park with free bbqs (that are actually pretty decent and usually fairly clean). It was only 10-11 degrees, but really nice in the sun.

    Finally, for those who missed it, my Dad bought me a slow cooker. Can't do anything with it yet, as I don't have any ingredients, but I will use it as soon as I can. I suspect Wednesdays and Sundays will be my days for using it.

      And now the wait begins for the Asian Cup. Oh man, the games in Brazil were absolutely fantastic so I'm mega-hyped for more soccer. I'm sad that the Netherlands missed out again but Germany was just the better team in every match they played. Well deserved victory for Deutschland.

        Yeah, Germany was brilliant. Can't believe Messi won the golden ball though. I'd love to go to an Asian Cup game, but the closest games to me are in Melbourne, which would require airfares and accommodation on top of match tickets. :( I'll stick to watching it on tv. European season starts up soon though, so I'm looking forward to watching Premier League and Primera League action.

          Watch the Bundesliga and Serie A if possible. As much as the EPL and La Liga like to think they're the best in the World, that's only true in terms of how much money each league takes in. Obviously the Germans have just won the World Cup, but they've done that by organising the Bundesliga to be more competitive and based more on homegrown talent.

            I'd love to watch the Bundesliga and Serie A, unfortunately I don't have Setanta Sports so I can.

        After the last World Cup the Germans looked the most likely to go on as a team and win this one. I'm a massive massive fan of the way the Bundesliga is now set up and just wish the FA (English) will finally take note and place restrictions on foreign ownership and foreign players. They won't because money, but depends whether they actually want to win a tournament at any point or not.

        This has been the best World Cup in some time though. Big teams not even turning up and smaller teams really giving it a go. Loved the fact that football in USA has the chance to build on a successful World Cup but that depends (much like over here) on how much it's kept in the public eye or whether it'll just disappear for the next 4 years.

        Got tickets for the Asian Cup final. Season ticket for the Roar as well and I'm dragging my missus to every match as she was loving the World Cup but now to see if she can overcome her dislike for crowds and sit, well stand, in the singing section of Suncorp Stadium :D

          So jealous. I've only been to one A League match, and that was in 2008. Sydney FC v Perth Glory, and Glory won 4-1. I watch it on tv as much as possible, but it's not quite the same. I think the Socceroos have more of a chance to build on the World Cup because of the Asian Cup being here next year. January, February and March are going to be awesome with the Asian Cup and the Cricket World Cup both being held here.

    Good morning all. I hope everyone is swell. My weekend was pretty jam packed of RPG goodness.

    Ancient Rome Pathfinder (with me as GM):

    The party fought off some marauding Scythian horsemen raiders and conversed with an old wise man of the woods. They then fought and killed some ogres and are on their way to the Dacian kingdom.

    Also they may have enslaved half of the ogres and the raider leader and sold them on the slave/monster market. Which I gave EXP for. This might prove problematic if they start choosing to capture rather than kill everyone and eveything they find.

    Pathfinder set in the Warhammer Fantasy world (with me as player):

    We fought through a bunch of Naga that were assaulting a Dwarvish hold and managed to seal the port shut and trap most of the army outside. I (as a fighter) proceeded to get smashed into the ground by a huge water elemental while our ranger/monk slayer dwarf thought it was a good idea to jump into the churning waters that surrounded a Naga aqua sorcerer and try and axe it good.

    The fight ended when the slayer pulled a DBZ Goku move, grappled the Naga sorcerer and held it in place while our wizard did the Piccolo and special beam cannoned (fire bolted) through both of them, killing the Naga and the slayer. Turns out though that the slayer died in such a way that they received the favour of Vulcan, the Dwarven god of fire, and so came back as an Azer fire dwarf. Who now cannot swim otherwise she will die when her fire goes out (Charmander style).

      Oooo before I forget! I'm all good for next Tuesday for the RPG session!

        Just double-checking, have you picked up a microphone yet?

          I shall before this session commences! Alternatively I've discovered I can also join via mobile phone! So I'll look into that option as well =]

          Edit: I still need to put aside some time to go over all my weaponry and armor stats +__+ and I'm still pretty hazy on the mechanics surrounding skills/rolls/movement etc but I'm guessing I'll get the hang of it by playing?

          Last edited 14/07/14 9:58 am

            We covered a few of the mechanics and how things work after you left the session so watch from about the second hour onwards of the recording. It should help explain a few things.

            Also, I don't know how well joining by mobile phone might work as it might trigger some of the reverb and echoing that you were getting last time. Considering you will need to roll using the roll20 app then I don't know if that is even possible on the phone version.

              Didn't @redartifice use the mobile app for one session? I recall there being an issue with echoing.

                Yeah, hence why I'm a little wary of the functionality of the mobile version. And communicating by text for an entire session would be tricky to say the least so a mic is ideal.

              Yeah just looked into that and realized I need an app within the hangout to join in! All good I shall get the mic this Thursday/weekend !! Was hoping the phone might work since that's how I join mumble for Dota 2 matches =] I shall also endeavour to finish my Tau drone model by Tuesday! It shall be a shrine to the drone you killed! :'(

      If they continually try to capture and sell slaves you should make it so they get attacked during the night by the slaves.

      "The slaves break out during the night and steal your weapons ... good luck"

        Bit hard to break out when their means of capturing slaves alternates between cinderblock manacles and collars of permanent Command. Can't really escape that sort of binding.

          One of the slaves is immune to mind affecting spells and breaks the rest of the slaves out?

            Even if I throw that at them then I'm sure they'd figure out a way to enslave it. These players are rather crafty when it comes to making money/experience.

              Raiders raid during the night and break the shackles on your slaves, they steal your slaves as their own and escape into the night. No money or exp

    Long xboner post coming.

    So, I got rid of all my PS3 stuff. Except for one controller which i wanted to keep.

    Got a LOT more than i expected to be honest.

    Sold my 500gb HDD with Batman Arkham Asylum and Mortal Kombat for $200. Threw in my Rockband and AC/DC Rockband with 2 guitars, & drums simply because i just wanted to get them out of the house as theyve been sitting in my garage all this time.

    Basically i hadnt turned it on since november when i bought the PS4.

    I wanted to grab an xbone, so i grabbed about 8 games i had sitting there and figured id trade them in towards the xbone. these were all REALLY old titles (incuding haze, sega mega drive collection, etc)

    EB offered me $25. Grabbed them all, walked over next door (literally to JB Hi-Fi, girl scans them all, and OFFERED ME $117!!! Score! \o/

    Price matched EB's deal for the XBONE, ($598 with Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, and Ass Creed), had her discount Ryse for me to $50 and it was a done deal!

    @kermitron Is grabbing my Ass........ creed as i already have it on PS4. (Its already in the post office box in an Express Post next day delivery envelope buddy!)

    so first impressions?

    The box is BIG... REALLY BIG.
    External PSU
    Controller is awesome, though a built in Li-Ion battery would have been nice.
    find myself constantly launching games by accident from dashboard.
    Take FOREVER to install games
    If a game requires an update, it wont even let you launch it until it finished updating.

    Kinect FOV is amazing. thank god they fixed that
    Absolutely love the "Xbox use a code" and kinect scanning codes.
    Ryse is absolutely Jawdropping. Also it is a blast.

    Weird things:
    If a game requires an update, it wont even let you launch it until it finished updating.
    not sure if im just a noob, but couldnt find a way to just view all games available on live, or sort them... all i could find was top sellers, new releases, and recommendations. i think im doing something wrong.

    Also to reiterate, Ryse is an amazing game. if you have an XBONE, and dont own it, GET IT NOW.

    Pitty Crytek/MS couldnt sort IP rights and get a sequel happening... this is something MS needs to be a part of.

    Also, i need more xboners. so drop me your GT's or add me! (Zetrox2k)

      The Xbone UI takes some getting used to, all I can say is keep fiddling with it. I've found the best way to manage digital titles you own is to pin them to your homepage. I believe I will probably delete finished games more frequently on the Xbone too, I've only got a half dozen games installed and I've apparently used 80% of our hard drive.

      I keep meaning to check out Ryse but I think I'll wait til I see it on sale. I have plenty to be going on with and I've bought far too many games at full price and not played them til they were way cheaper so I'm trying to be more responsible with my funds (preorder of Destiny Ghost edition notwithstanding).

      You'll find that the Xbone will be in fast boot mode by default meaning it just goes to sleep instead of powering off. This is great for fast booting but it does have some memory issues so you'll periodically want to put it in "energy saving mode" so it shuts down properly. It'll mean a long boot next time you power it on but it's not that big a deal - just something to be aware of.

      I'm surprised to like the controller right off the bat given you've been using a PS4 for awhile. I think people who transitioned directly from 360 to Xbone found the controller felt a bit cheap. I've grown used to it now, but it was a bit disappointing at first, especially because when I held a PS4 controller for the first time I was very impressed with the step up from the PS3.

        I've used about 85.5% of my Xbone hard drive (I think). Think I'll end up getting a 2-4 Terabyte external for it eventually. Also, I don't think I've got you in my friends list, can't find your deets on taynames. What's your Gamertag?

          Kermitron, same as here. I think I might have tried to add you once but the way friends/followers works I swear I've added people who still don't appear properly. It's probably just me.

          Last edited 14/07/14 9:55 am

            Yeah, that friends/followers system is stupid and sucks balls. Doesn't notify of friend requests, and doesn't really allow you to deny them, either.

              I like the fact I can follow people, like if I want to see activity feeds for "celebrity" gamers like the Achievement Hunter crew, but it's not clear who are proper friends etc. Admittedly I haven't really investigated it properly since I haven't been gaming online a lot yet, but it's still an odd change from the 360 friendlist system.

        i love the feel of the triggers, shoulder buttons and sticks. the vibration on the triggers is also phenomenal. Why didnt anyone think of that sooner?!?

        also, Ryse is on sale at JB! $57! GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!

        also for comparison, i think i preffer the PS4 controller by a long haul. even moreso if it had rumble triggers!!!!

        Last edited 14/07/14 10:44 am

          I did not know that! I'll discuss it with the wife tonight and see what our budget is like after I've paid you for Asspirates. We were hoping to get it cheap in the XBL Gold sales they kicked off last month but we were still a tad underwhelmed by what they considered a sale price.

        I don't own an Xbone yet (possibly not ever, but I will probably cave in when next Gears and Halo are out) but the impression I got from it was that they designed the UI around using it with your voice and not making it functional without Kinect.

        But IMO it's a hell of a lot less messy than the PS4 interface, which is fucking horrid and a massive step back even from the PS3's XMB.

          I thought the Xbone UI was based around the Windows 8/tablet touchscreen interface. Kinect gesture/voice shortcuts are not dissimilar to a touchscreen I guess, but it's not impossible to navigate using a controller once you learn where stuff is.

          holy crap and i thought i was alone... The ps4 interface is horrid...
          having to scroll through a single horizontal line for all games and apps.... they should burn the xmb and send it to the seventh layer of hell

          i do like the xbone interface but it is SO cluttered. you end up starting apps completely by accident... The voice navigation so far for me has been bulletproof, somehow ive always had a very high success rate with utilising voice controls with kinect, siri, and many others.

          sony really needs to invest some time redeveloping the OS side of its hardware. even the vita interface is just too much, but still leaps and bounds better than the ps4's

            I thought the PS4 interface was shocking from the instant I saw it. It's got all randomly sized bits and looks messy, it surfaces a bunch of info I don't care about and makes it hard to actually launch my stuff, and once I saw it I knew (and was right on this) that it would become unmanageable once you hit about 9-10 installed games, and I was right. The way it re-arranges stuff is really hard to get a handle on as well, is it most recently used first or what? The library is utterly dysfunctional too.

            Last edited 14/07/14 2:37 pm

      In the store if you look down the bottom of a column, say new releases for instance you should see three dots, click on that and it'll take you to a page that has everything displayed.

      Also, yeah, Ryse is the shiznit man, I absolutely loved it, short, but awesome.

        but that just shows you all the new releases.... not all the games?

          Nah, just double checked, it shows you all the games right back to Forza 5, NBA 2K14, Ryse etc.

            youd think thered be a section called "ALL GAMES"?!?!?

              Microsoft have never been good at making UIs for consoles. Right back to the first xbox (which wasn't the xbox one of course and you'd be mad to think it was!) the store UI was crap and only saved by the fact there was sod all on it.

              The dash wasn't exactly great on the XB#1 but it's gotten worse over the years, more form over function and as always, less customisation has made it less user friendly.

              Last edited 14/07/14 11:55 am

    This morning brought to you by the joy of watching Argentinians crying, a sniffling cold, no money for lunch or to get the train home and a cup of hot chocolate to dunk my doughnut in.

    Happy Monday :D

    Everything Garfield ever taught me about Mondays was all a lie. I came in this morning to an email saying I got a payrise for some reason. \o/

    Also saw Lorde on Saturday night with the guy who smiths cakes. I'm pretty sure I went blind for a while. Lights were quite heavily incorporated into the whole show and it got pretty intense at stages. The special guests were, um, something. I guess the problem with Lorde is that she only has one album and an EP under her belt, so it's a very short show, but what you get in that 90 minutes or so is pretty good stuff.

    And happy birthday to you RedArtifice! Old man.

      I got a random payrise last month, though it was after the pay cycle so it doesn't take effect until this month, which is... tonight! Yay!

      Out of nowhere my boss calls me into his office and is all "mid-term uplifts are exceedingly rare, but..." and apparently I did something right because I'm a rare exception. It's probably not going to be a huge amount after tax and all, but random pay rises are the tits. \o/

      Buy me presents.

        Every time I try to buy you a present you yell no and run away!

      I've had 5 payrises since I started here nearly 3 years ago. It's the first job I've had in 15 years where I've actually got one at all.

        Does that include annual reviews as well? Every job I've stayed in more than a year had some sort of annual performance review which meant a wage increase.

        You never got an increase to adjust for inflation ...? D:


            Wow, wtf. I'm not sure that's legal! But I am also too lazy to confirm that. :(

              Completely legal to never offer a pay rise, you're free to find employment somewhere else. Pay rises are a retention incentive.

        Wait you've been there 3 years already?! Time flies...

      Was it Safia? They're from Canberra! They're okay. They played Groovin the Moo a couple of years ago. Nothing particularly special, they just happened to have a hit on Triple J.

      Lorde's pretty rad though. When we saw her in January she was completely captivating for the entire set. Unbelievable for someone her age.

        Yeah it was Safia. I just don't think they had any real stage presence. They had an interesting sound, I wasn't a fan of the vocals though.

        But man, Lorde. Started off really good but the ending was just BAM hit BAM hit BAM hit BAM not an encore because she didn't leave the stage technically and it was amazing.

    Welp, I can tell this Monday is going to be a particularly nasty one.

    Weekend was alright, didn't really do much yet again. Harry Potter, a short bike ride, and friend purchased Munchkin (RPG card game) to try on Sunday which was pretty awesome. Probably ruined some friendships, but FUCK PAUL.

    This was a reply fail, but it's gone now.

    Finally got the 9th "full" ending in Binding of Isaac, and I have officially logged 100 hours. Funnily enough, I've been mainly using Cain because of his improved luck and never getting bad pills but the time I finished it this time I accidentally started with Isaac and not only had amazing luck with items but didn't see a single pill the entire run.

    Anyway, I think now the game is going to add another bunch of levels after Mom's heart so it's even longer and harder? I need to research this. Surely the Binding of Isaac is literally hell. It is my eternal punishment for having too many unfinished games. I can't wait for the sequel.

    The thing that really makes time breeze past playing this game is muting it and running TV shows in a small window, so I also spent the weekend marathonning season 4 of Parks and Recreation. I don't think this show is better than The Office but I do like how there seems to be a point to it all, like the story arc was actually planned instead of an afterthought to generate drama.

    Last edited 14/07/14 9:34 am

      I got Binding over the steam sales and man that game is hell >.< However I do what you do, where I window and mute it and watch a TV show while playing ^^ So far I've only managed to unlock Eve and having absolutely rotten luck in terms of progression [email protected] But somehow I seem to be getting a little bit further every time I try....

        Eve isn't bad but I I've been abusing Cain because he's kind of OP even though he starts with reduced health. IIRC correctly you unlock Cain by collecting over 50 coins in a single playthrough? Or maybe that's Judas.

        I'm going to try and mix it up a bit moving forward because after the 8th ending I felt like I was beating my head against a wall.

        Abuse the shit out of arcades if you find one. The machine that gives you coins for health doesn't take soul hearts (the grey ones) so if the slot macines are dropping tons of health use it to generate more coins and continue the cycle.

        Other than that 90% of the game is knowing the enemies and understanding their patterns.

          I've actually been avoiding arcade machines! Same with slot machines, so far all I've gotten from bloody slot machines is pills [email protected] most of which just do bad things to me =,= And yeah getting the hang of the patterns is key but also getting some good drops early, one run I got the item that lets you shoot laser beams and went way further with that than I did with any of my previous runs!

          Also I'm having a hard time figuring out the cards? Also what's the purpose of the doors with spikes? There never seems to be anything useful behind them....

            The spike door rooms contain red chests which have a chance of having good items but more likely spiders or bombs. I usually avoid them.

            The cards do the same thing every time whereas the pills are randomised each runthrough.

            2 of diamonds: doubles your current coins (or gives you 2 coins if you have zero)
            2 of spades: same as above but for keys
            2 of clubs: same as above but for bombs
            2 of hearts: fills up to 2 empty heart containers

            The tarot cards have an effect that drops items lasts just for the room you activate it in:
            The Hierophant: drops 2 soul hearts
            Justice: drops a selection of items, usually a key, a coin, a bomb, a random pill and a red heart
            The Hanged Man: removes your body and turns you into a floating head that can fly over obstacles
            The Empress: Mom's giant foot comes down to crush an enemy (best saved for bosses, she'll crush YOU if you use it in an empty room)
            The Emperor: transports you directly to the boss room
            The Tower: drops several bombs in the room (watch out, they can hurt you too)
            Death: does a lot of damage to everything in the room, I don't think it's an insta-kill for bosses though

            There's others that I don't recall off the top of my head but not many, you might want to research them.

            The trinkets is a whole other story. I like Flat Penny because you have a 50% chance of getting a key whenever you pick up a coin, and Cancer because it doubles your fire rate. There's also the Tick which I sometimes pick up just because it can't be dropped so it prevents me accidentally picking up anything else, but it also cuts the HP of most bosses and I think it gives you back health whenever you enter a new boss room. I don't remember. I'm usually not that spoiled for choice.

    Just finished replacing the alpha map on 29 images because the arrangement of red and green subpixels made them look wrong when highlighted by mouseover and it bothered me.


    Every time I think I've gotten past this cold it just comes back to kick my ass again. Just go away and leave me to die in peace you maniac.

    Picked up ZombiU for $10 on the weekend and then went home and played State of Decay... VIDYA GAEMS! \o/... How was everyone else's weekend?

    Last edited 14/07/14 9:57 am

      Glad to see your enjoying it you tried out the dlc yet?

        Tried breakout and it's pretty damned great! It's just screaming for multiplayer though... That mode was just made for it :P

          One day hope they add it it would be amazing

            As far as I can tell, Undeas Labs have moved onto their next project which sounds like State of Decay meets Day Z, or a State of Decay mmo :P

              I am hopeful that that willl work, I reckon state of decay 4p coop would of worked well

    Had a great weekend.
    Got over the disappointment of the problems with what was going to be my audition quilt for Sewvivor on Friday by making a whole little quilt in one day.
    Then Friday night with TAY peoples was funasaurus rex (I drank a whole jug of a cocktail that had sliced up chillis in it!), followed by a pretty relaxing birthday. Was given some cool loot, and apparently my "main present" from Mr. Strange hasn't even arrived yet so my birthday's gonna be extended. Yup, I've decided it's still my birthday until my present arrives. :D
    And yesterday we went to the place with the best chips ever - Country Chicken. Their chicken is awesome as well. It's my favourite fast food place at the moment, and even talking about it now is making me drool. Or maybe that's just because I'm an old lady. :P

      Since it's still your birthday, Happy Birthday Old Lady Strange :p

      Happy B'day strange! What cool loots did you get?!

        I was gifted a Freedom Call (a German "Happy Metal" band) T-Shirt to cut up and remake into something awesome, a necklace with the Sabaton (Swedish power metal band that sings about history and wars) logo, and three quilting books, one picked each by my husband and two kids. Also some moneys to go towards my epic sewing machine. \o/

          Is an epic sewing machine a viking themed one with spikes and horns?

            It is now!
            *makes mental note to buy spikes and horns*

    Watched the new dr who trailer, 1 phrase sums it up: t rex in london, that is all

      See... that sounds like the best entry point to the series, to me.

        But they've already done an episode which had dinosaurs running around on a spaceship!

          Sounds like the plot of Dino Crisis 3.

          And now I am sad for remembering that. /o\

          They've also done an episode where there were dinosaurs in London.

            Yeah but no one remembers that because it was more than 10 years ago. Also to be honest, some of the effects were best left forgotten.

            Also Mike Yates should have been arrested for treason

              I haven't actually seen it, but I was brought up watching reruns of Classic Who on ABC on weekday afternoons, so I still enjoy watching it.

              I tend to consider the new series as a reboot rather than a continuation of the classic series. It's not the best show, but I enjoy it. Really looking forward to seeing what direction they take Capaldi's Doctor in.

      Clara, tell me - am I a good man?
      I...don't know.

      PLEASE let us show a Dr who is a little more ruthless. PLEEEEAAAAASSEEEE.

    Mostly done moving, now is just clean-up/cleaning to minimize the damage to the bond. (There's always SOMETHING.) A few weeks of paying rent in two places is poopy, but not as bad as a couple years ago when I was locked into places for months...

    The new apartment is pretty decent. The movers were top blokes, definitely earned their pay (River City Removals). It's a good thing the trailer axle broke wasn't available (the axle breaking obviously not ideal for the owner), on reflection. No doubt whatsoever that what the movers did in three hours would've taken my previously-arranged ragtag crew of volunteers the entire day.

    I do miss the old place. That's where we had our best days... I sent Kel a video tour of the place for old times' sake and to refresh good memories.
    Wasn't where I planned to be, a couple years ago, but you make the best of things.

    Last edited 14/07/14 10:24 am

      Out of all the times we've moved we have never paid a moving company, we've always just done it ourselves. Can't bring myself to pay someone to do it.

      Edit: Not only that, but I don't like other people, especially people I don't know handling my stuff.

      Last edited 14/07/14 10:29 am

      You still in The Valley?

        Noop. Lutwyche, now.

          Northside for lyf. Also, neighbours with Beardy!

          Lutwyche sounds like a boss in a fantasy game and is a witch that drops loot

      Must be something about removalists. Everytime I move house, it takes them around 3 hours to pack my house, get to the new place and unpack! So good! I use a chinese mob called Happy Removals, and I've never paid more than $300 total! If I had to do it myself, it'd easily take a day or two!

    So it's @redartifice's birthday today. I wonder if the dice gods stop being jerks for people on their birthday? Also, Happy Birthday!

      The dice gods do not show mercy, they just give false hope.

      The dice gods choose days like this to make you reflect on all the good rolls you had during the previous year by making everything roll you make awful.

    GOD DAMMIT! turned on Dead Rising 3 about an hour ago, played for about 5 minutes and died, then spent the rest of the hour faffing about on the internet. WHAT AM I DOING, I swear I spend more time on here than I do actually gaming these days. FUCK YOU INTERNET!

      Since I'm from the internet and therefore assume this was directly aimed at me, in which case:
      aw /o\ *moseys off*

      Last edited 14/07/14 10:40 am

    @shane, I'm gonna be going down to the Post Office in about an hour and a half to send your Wii U. Are you sure you didn't want any of that Skylanders stuff at all, because I only wanted that one figure. If you don't want it, I'll just trade the game and the other two figures in and include the cash with the rest of the leftover cash in a money order.

      No worries, man. I don't really want Skylanders, so whatevs. If it's not too late, don't get a money order - they're a rip off. We can sort out a bank transfer at a later time.

      But either way is fine. Thanks again!

      Last edited 14/07/14 12:47 pm

        My bank charges 30 bucks for a transfer unless it's the same bank. Just finished at eb, they gave me a whole 10 bucks.

    Blegh, still in bed.
    Still wishing that his sore throat would piss off.

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