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    I was surprised to find that my copy of Rayman Legends that I bought last week (or whenever it was) actually came with a club nintendo code! I thought it was only 1st party nintendo games that had them?

      Most Nintendo games have them.

      That was the case with the Wii and DS. Since the 3DS and Wii U, all games have them now.

        I guess I was even more surprised, cos I have a feeling the one I got may have been pre-owned! I can't recall for sure though as I ripped all the stickers off the cover as I always do!

          I'm the same, absolutely hate having stickers on my game/dvd covers.

            Glad to hear I'm not the only one with that obsession! Mine borders on OCD levels I think. Even if I peel a sticker off, and it leaves residue, I have to get out the eucalyptus oil and clean it off til it's all shiny and new looking!

              That's not OCD that's normal.

              Although I get a little nostalgic when I see old price tags on the boxes, like the old EB ones that had the red on them, or the old little Kmart ones with the colour logo, old Tandy ones...

              Apparently Olive Oil works a treat too, but it would leave it a bit greasy. I'll have to give Eucalyptus Oil a try.

                never tried olive oil.. never heard of anyone having tried it before either. Doesn't seem like it would do a terribly good job to me though. Eucalyptus oil is nowhere near as greasy, and it smells nice at least! Other good stuff to use is Nail Polish Remover.

                  That's usually more likely to damage the surface of plastics though isn't it? But I guess eucalyptus oil also carries a risk of turning plastics cloudy, not sure it's as high of one though.

    "TODAY 8:30am"
    Lies! I checked at 8:32 and it still wasn't up. Serrels must have been too busy talking about sexy Star Wars carnage on Twitter to put TAY up on time. :P

      Sexy Star Wars carnage takes precedence over TAY dontcha know.

        I'm an impatient kind of lady. I don't even have anything to say, I just want everyone else to hurry up and start entertaining me! :P

        *emerges from hermit cave* Sexy Star Wars Carnage? What's all this then?
        Edit: I am actually a hermit and have no idea what this is about.

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    Morning TAYbies, how was your weekend?

    Mine wasn't too bad, my gaming plans changed radically from what I originally intended. Meant to play Dead Rising 3 and Peggle 2, in reality I watched the rest of Under The Dome Season 1 (definitely declines rapidly in the second half of the season), and played a bit of Disney Infinity, and a fair bit of Hearthstone. I'm really enjoying it, it's easy to pick up and so addictive.

    In other news, spoke to my Dad, apparently he's getting a payout for an incident that happened last year, and he's decided to take me, my wife and my son on a holiday to England next year. Pretty blown away, gonna have to speak to my boss and arrange time off. Apparently he wants to spend a week in London, maybe a few days in Paris, and then 2 and a half weeks of traveling through the English countryside staying at various places. I'm expecting this to be the most boring part of the trip by far, so I'll have to make sure I bring my laptop and buy a 3DS. Overall I'm pretty excited though.

    Also, when does the Destiny Beta end? didn't get into it at all over the weekend, gonna start it up now.

      Under The Dome definitely goes down hill. Gets too spiritual/supernatural for me (I know it's Stephen King but still). I'm hesitant to start watching season 2 but I guess it's gotta happen at some point.

      Great news about England :) if you want any ideas of where to go/what to do then shout a question or two my way. Plenty of places to see for different kinds of people. Have you ever been before? The countryside can be pretty damned awesome when you're there. I like the thought of retiring to a small country village in Yorkshire somewhere, a line of thinking made from the combination of watching The Last of The Summer Wine and living in Leeds and York for 5 years :D Seriously though, you just get an awesome sense of history in a lot of places around England.

      Destiny beta goes on for another week and a bit I think. The Xbox one starts this week and I think that goes for a week? The Playstation one goes on as long as that does though.

        Cheers man, I'll probably hit you up for some info sometime next year as it gets closer.

          Xbox beta starts on the 24th(25th our time?) And both platforms run til the 28th(29th)
          Theres also a planned 2day maintenance on the 21st/22nd!! :)

      My weekend was good, did a lot of relaxing, meant to play a bunch of different games but ended up driving around in LA Noire collecting all the collectables and listening to its old timey radio, got the pladernerm :D. Also played some Destiny, it is still fun. Went to Jimu meat and saw DC & Freeze. Wishing it wasn't Monday.

      I'll give you some of my hand sewing for you to complete for me while you're in the English countryside so you have something appropriate to do. :P

      Seriously though, what an amazing surprise for you. Excitement!

      Weekend was good, will detail later.

      Hearthstone is really good and ive never watched under the dome but ive heard mediocre reports of it so will probably never watch it.

      Also thats awesome as, you have to rent a car and spend the entire time narrating as if your Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear about the handling and the road and basically anything that happens on the trip ever.

      Worth noting that after today Destiny is down for two days and then up again on Thursday! So get your Destiny fix now monkey! =P

      How'd you go with Hearthstone? Play anymore after clearing the tutorial?

      I've done the drive north from London to Edinburgh via Nottingham and it was great. Lots to do. Keep an eye out for bands that are touring the UK at the same time, and try to go to a football match. See Shakespeare performed at the Globe. See bronze-age stone circles in a farmer's field. Marvel at how incredibly GREEN the grass is.

    Max Payne 3 is a pretty decent game but it is so damn repetitive. The game play never varies. Not sure I could be bothered finishing it. Story only thing pushing me to.

      Had exactly the same experience. There are only so many times you can bullet time shoot people before you eject the disc.

        As much as it pains me to say the game actually needed a lot more set pieces.

      I actually never finished it. Like you, I found it way repetitive.

        I traded it in after doing the 5th mission I was bored of it

      I ended up finishing it but I used bullet time pretty sparingly because I found it dull with it and frankly I found the gunplay more fun in full speed since it's quite polished

    I keep checking my eBay account waiting for them to mark my items as sent.

    *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5* *F5*

      You've combined all the enjoyment of Sunday TAY with the fun of buying stuff!

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    HEARTHSTONE FOR GOD SAKE GIVE ME A LEGENDARY. Somewhere near the 20 opened packs mark - none. I'm begging here.

      Only just started that this weekend, I'm just trying to playthrough in practice with all the different characters to unlock all the basic packs to start with.

        Its great fun. I cant get the hang of the Preist, Warrior or Warlock but have good decks and good times with the rest.

          Warrior can be beastly with the right cards. I had the card that gains attack every time its damaged, you put it with two taunts and use blood lust or whatever its called it does 2 damage to your creature and gives +4 to attack so use it on the monster with 2 strength and 7 health with the power up for damage skill suddenly they have 8 damage and 5 health

            Ahhh the Berserker I believe. I had the challenge to win 5 games with the Warrior (or the Rogue) and was determined to do it with the Warrior - that was my best combo. As you said - you need the right cards and with the Warrior I think that is more true than with the majority of other classes.

            I think they key is some heavy early taunts and the Armorsmith. You can get to 30 health and 20 armor then have enough beef to just ride it out.

            Ah the gurubashi berserker, he's actually a bit weak in a warrior deck imo (since warriors run high tempo cards!), better suited for priests or mage where a mage can drop him on the field and whack him with a fireball to get the instant attack boost or a priest can use divine spirit and double that 7 hp to 14! Also the best part is once the berserker takes damage a priest can keep healing him up and keeping that attack boost. Warrior's can't really do much with the berserker though and there's much better alternatives for a warrior in the 5 mana range!

          So worth noting, right now in competitive play the weakest decks are priest and pally. They just don't have the tempo to match up against miracle rogue or zoo hunter or even a handlock. Mage is a pretty solid starting point but from that point on I recommend getting the hang of druid/shammy and definitely a rogue or warrior if not for any other reason than to know how to counter them! That said aside from a Druid wall there isn't really an effective counter to a miracle rogue right now >

          Edit: Sorry for the rant, right now I love all things hearthstone =P

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            Druid is awesome - really fun to play and their main legendary is an absolute beast. That said - I don't often lose against them with the Hunter.

              Yeah Hunter and Rogue are the dominant decks in the current meta game. However a miracle rogue deck is really expensive to pull together so hunters take the lead if you don't have the cards for the rogue deck!

    Ooh, e-mail from Sixense. A little while back they changed the design of the STEM so that the motion-sensing packs were no longer removable from the controllers. Some people weren't happy about that, so they offered to allow people to exchange the controllers for STEM packs, or to be able to order extra packs at the discounted Kickstarter price, through a future survey to find out who needs what.


    Hey Tay... WOO WEEKEND \o/... By which i mean i worked the previous couple of days, so i have today and tomorrow as RDO \o/... So talking with @rize i am pretty damned hype for Star Citizen... So much so that I've started playing Evochron Mercenary again... It is a really damn decent space sim! Not particularly pretty but the flying is amazing once you get your head around all the complexities...
    how is everyone else?

      I keep thinking I should look into what I want to do in regards to controller choice for Star Citizen soon (and then test it in EM), but I reckon if I wait long enough some new stuff will turn up specifically for SC.
      Tempted to put a control system together that mimics the appearance of the Freelancer.

    Had a leaving party for my housemate going around the UK and Europe for however long. Sadface about that but excited for her to go travelling.

    Destiny beta took up a lot of Saturday and Sunday. I did all the missions on a Warlock character solo on normal no problem with a random guy or two dropping in every now and then but then decided to go through some missions as a Titan with two mates (sorry @pupp3tmast3r, Sunday was taken up fireteaming with housemates) on hard/very hard. Tried the Devil's Lair mission, almost finished the boss off after about 30-45 mins of fighting him when he quickly killed us all and decided we weren't in the mood to go through it all again :( tonight is the rematch. I am a bit disappointed though with basically no-one on PS4 using a headset. Glad I can just plug in my Samsung earbuds though and use that as a mic headset

    Watch the first ep of The Strain. I didn't realise it was out so soon, I thought I had time to read the books first so I can be a hipster douche and say I read the books first before the tv series made it popular :D It's definitely interesting to say the least. Has a strong feel of Stephen King about it though, but feels like the decent King tv adaptation that was never made.

    How's everyone else?

      There's hard or very hard??! Are you referring to heroic quests? Or the level 8 striketeam? I've run Devil's Lair like 9 times over the weekend and gotten to the point I don't even die anymore =P Couple of things to note with Devil's Lair with the first boss before the waves start Hunters and Locks should get on to the balcony behind where the Ghost is hacking that machine. Titans can just jump around and cause general chaos. For the second boss there's two spots you can camp on either side of the walker, make sure not to all stay in the same camping spot cos you'll get wiped out, to make the fight go faster use auto rifles/scout rifles/pulse rifle/heavy machine guns. All other weapons have minimized effect on the tank. For the final boss (easiest one imo) Just aim for his eye and manage the adds, the most annoying thing with this boss is possibly running out of ammo!

    I cracked and bought a PS4 last night, in the last minutes of the ebay 20% sale. Felt like $400 was too good to pass up, which was immediately followed by the feeling of "why did I just buy something which has no games I actually want to play on it". I'm sure once some more of those sweet Sony exclusives hit I'll be very happy with my purchase, but until then I think I'll just be sticking to the free PS+ games.

      Second Son is radballs. I don't even like open world games all that much but it did something very right.

        Yeah at the moment that's the only PS4 game that interests me. Coming from the Wii U and being spoilt by exclusives, it feels like a bit of a barren desert at the moment - but it only takes one new Naughty Dog drop or a few Sony backed arty PSN game to completely justify it for me. Here's hoping the exclusive line-up ends up being as amazing as the PS3's was.

      Haha I had a friend do exactly the same thing. Bought one then immediately just said "...why??"

        I've been telling myself for months that I'd wait till a slim SKU, or at least until a very cheap bundle, but as soon as a remotely decent sale hit my reptilian brain kicked in, like it does every Steam Sale, and before I knew it I was basking in the warm glow of buyers remorse.

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          My wife is opposed to PS4 ownership whereas I'm indifferent. I think we planned to completely skip the PS4 but I think by the time we're sub-$300 and/or there's an updated/slim SKU and there's enough games to justify a purchase (I'd say at least five, which is about how many PS3 games we have) we might jump in.

          Perfectly happy with the Xbone for now though, and I have more than enough games to play elsewhere, so I'm in no hurry.

            That's the right way to do it.

              It's made easier by the fact that while games like Second Son and Order 1886 look pretty good, they're not what I consider "must have". While they might be fun to play and have decent stories, I no longer feel the need to play every single thing that comes out. I just don't have the time. I feel less like I'm "missing" those games than I am choosing to appreciate them from a distance.

              I have a ludicrous amount of 360 games some of which I have not so much as placed into an actual console, and this frankly has to stop. I kind of expect that by the end of this gen my Xbone library will be about half of my 360 library even though the games that come out will probably be just as good as last gen if not better. I just want to use my time more effectively and stop buying every major title at launch for the sake of doing so.

        That's been me with pretty much every purchase. I'm scared to look at my finance tracker.

    It was my birthday yesterday, I ate cake and cleaned my house.

    Also watched 4 episodes of legend of Korra
    This season feels more mellow than the last few, also ZUKO HAS A FUCKING DRAGON. The only problem i have with the series is the villians. I mean sparky sparky boom boom man's daughter is badass and the armless lady who uses water as arms is hella cool. But They just seem to powerful.


        i watched 4,5,6,7
        i think 6 and 7 came out at the same time.

          ARGH! I've only seen up to episode 3!

          Dang. They're chewing through this season quickly considering the first episode only came out about a month ago.

            The whole season was leaked in spanish so i imagine they are rushing through the english one. No matter to me. The quality hasnt really been affected.

            It is a worry as it takes them so long to produce a new season - but regardless I am loving what I have seen so far. Episode 7 is all set for my bus ride home.

            So eager for the final battle against those 4 super badasses

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    Holy Crap! Just found out that Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty! is out for PS4 this week. Dammit! I need a PS4 NOOOOOW!!!

      It was coming out on PC as well, but yeah, it sprung up on me. I'm hoping it'll be a PS Plus game at some point as I can't afford it this week :( next week I might just throw $30 at my PS4 though after the Destiny beta finishes

      :O I had no idea it was that soon, excite!

      FYI I just read pre orders get a bonus level and costume, no idea how much actual content there is in it.

    My weekend; a summary.

    Friday: A 2 hour carpet clean taking 8 hours due to equipment failure. Then... Pizza and Catan.
    Saturday: Working, then cringing at the footy on TV, then trying to forget the footy with burgers.
    Sunday: More work, then coffee. Then cocktails / long lunch. Food shopping. Dinner with friends. Ice cream. Really bad sleep. Perhaps related to amount of food consumed throughout the day.

    Now more working.

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    I jumped on WoW last night for the first time in a while and was flying around leveling my archaeology when who do I see?

    cc @markserrels

    A couple of friends of mine have decided to jump back into Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer on PC. I think the plan is to organise regular sessions depending on interest, so if you're keen, join the group and jump in this Wednesday!

      Hmm, looks like it's $20 on steam, or $15.99 on Amazon... tempting...

        I'm unsure of whether everyone has DLC, or if it's expected that you own it, or anything. I'll find that out before I tell people that should buy it :P

      That game is still great. I'm making an effort to to play it (on xbox 360) every now and again. Washes the taste of Modern Warfare 3 out of my mouth.

    Weekend RPG shenanigans with Popdart5 (cue theme music):

    4th Edition D&D as a Dragonborn Cleric:

    We were given a quest to clear out a barrow of undead so I was right in my element. Unfortunately these were frostborn undead so they exuded frost auras and could immobilise with a single attack, which I got hit with in the first round. When I finally got free though, oh boy it was so fun to use Turn Undead and send them flying back. And then I immediately got hit with cleric-whine agro and spent the rest of the fights being a heal-bot. We killed them all, got our reward and other phat loots as well.

    Just as a point, I'm not a huge fan of 4E. I find the tactical map and the powers system have placed too much emphasis on combat over story. Sure you can have a very story-heavy campaign but the fact that they simplified skills and changed class abilities so that they are only effective in combat is kinda lame. D&D Next/5E looks to have gone back to basics a bit so I have hope storytelling comes back into the fore.

    Kotaku uk had an interesting article about the recent /r/pokemon trend called pokeshaming, 1 of the pics that caught my interest was about gardevior, now in conjunction some weeks before, I read an interesting poke report on the pokemon professors deviantart page about gardevior & the troubles with gardeviorophiles, basically saying that despite it not being in the human-like egg group, many people treat them as if they were, I mean what is wrong with these people, if you don't trust me, turn off google's safe search and type in gardevior & better not yet gothitelle, worse yet gard/goth, after that you will need brain bleach, & if the comments on the pokemon blog that kotaku hosts are any indication to go by, well you will have nightmares, bye

      if you don't trust meturn off google's safe searchpsyduck.gif

      You keep talking about brain bleach stuff but I'm yet to see anything beyond entry level from you. You have a lot to learn young padawan.

        Ok so do you remember encyclopedia dramatica, whole page on gardevior dedicated to that stuff, you would need some level of brain bleach to cope

          Encyclopedia Dramatica aka Babby's first guide to interweb drama?


          Bro, do you even internet?

            It imploded a few years ago, went there, was so disgusted that I need brain bleach, also it had alot of sexist & autism hatred related stuff, was proud it imploded that I didn't have to read that stuff again

    Most of the way through Tomb Raider: DE, basically up to the last area and took a break because I know when I finish it I'm going to jump straight into collectible hunting and want to be fresh for that.

    Tried a few "challenges" in Binding of Isaac. Quickly learned that Binding of Isaac takes the definition of "challenge" seriously, curled into a ball and cried.

    My wife started Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which looks amazing. Going to have to get on that this week too.

    Other than that my weekend was largely uneventful. Which is how I like it. A colleague was complaining how he went out Thursday, Friday and Saturday and felt wrecked by Sunday. Pah! 26 year olds, am I right?

    My boss brought back my Breaking Bad blu rays after holding onto them for three months and not finding time to watch it, so I'm sure a re-watch of Breaking Bad is in the cards for the near future.

    And that's it. That's everything. This is my life. I can just run out the clock on this.

      Isaac :D

        104 hours logged. Only beaten Mom's Heart 10 times. I understand now if I beat Mom's Heart again there's more levels below the womb?!

          Yeah! I've played for about 60 hours but I'm at some part where I have to collect pieces of a picture for the final stuff to unlock.

            Sounds like you're way further ahead than me. which is embarassing. I mean... 40 hours! I can only blame my friends playing on my account for maybe 10 of those!

    Interesting little encounter this morning. Went to chemist to get my script re-filled, and the pharmacist told me I couldn't get it til tomorrow, despite saying on the script "Please see pharmacist if before 21/7/14."
    He flat out refused to dispense it, even though I've always picked it up on the day that's written on the script in the past. He then proceeded to try to convince me to leave my script with them and come back tomorrow because it would be "easier".
    So I politely told him I had no idea where I would actually be tomorrow, and I'd take it with me. Went to another chemist further down the road, and they dispensed it on the spot with no questions asked. Kinda makes me wonder if there's any legal repercussions for refusing to dispense without a valid reason. I understand if you say.. wanted to get a script re-filled earlier than the date, or if you'd had too many of the same type filled in a certain time period, they would have the right to refuse if they thought there was some manner of drug abuse going on, but if I'm legally entitled to have a script filled, I would think they have a duty of care to dispense the medicine. Anyone else encountered anything like this in the past?

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      Generally it's their business and they can run it how they like. Just like you were free to take your business elsewhere. Usually the customer doesn't really have much in the way of rights until post transaction.

        Yeah, kind of like how that rural pharmacy/ist is free to not stock / serve contraceptives due to their religious beliefs. Stupid, short-sighted, bigoted?, against my own beliefs... but within their rights as proprietor.

          Yep, exactly. They're well within their rights to be unethical wankers.

      I think the only time a duty of care exists is where there's an immediate and foreseeable threat to life. E.g. insulin shots, asthma inhaler, etc.

        mm yeah well I would expect it if my life depended on it. I'm not gonna go and sue them or even try and battle with them in any way. Just curious if there were any known rules about this kind of thing. Just strange that I've never encountered it before, and I've even had that pharmacist dispense it on the day written on the script in the past, which is what I found really weird. Even the chick at the counter thought it should be fine for today when I pointed it out, and looked puzzled when the pharmacist said I'd have to wait.
        Maybe that guy's just a cunt!

          I suspect you've hit that particular nail on the head, and he can see you next Tuesday to dispense the script. :p

    Morning errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was pretty lazy I didnt play any games all weekend, I loaded up payday on Sunday but other than that my weekend was more involved on watching things.

    Me and the missus started watching Orange Is The New Black and after awhile she started getting into it but felt it was dragging alot I dunno I guess she thought a show about prisons would have more riots and violence

    We also went out on sunday to the shops and ended up buying the entire series of Angry Beavers because its a classic as well as 5 other tv series. We then went to buy pots but the shop we go to was shutdown so instead we brought new towels for when we move out

    A monday morning question if you were to start a youtube account what would you call it and what would your videos be about?

      I'd name it Greenius and I'd upload random music covers on it for my own viewing.


      This came to mind as soon as you said that.

      In all seriousness, I upload random stuff to Dailymotion, because I'm too cool.

    I haven't done my research but is the Destiny beta open to PS3 users? If so, how do I get into said beta exactly?

      Pre-order Destiny, the retailer will give you a code. You then redeem that code on the Bungie site which will give you three keys to the platform of your choice (which is not locked to your preorder platform, you can preorder on PS4 because you might intend to buy a PS4 before September, but play the beta on PS3, for instance).

      There are other ways to get keys, if you know the right people. I think some TAYbies might have spare codes.

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      Yep, it's on PS3. You need to preorder or wait until someone gives you a code. There's a bunch floating around.

      I can give you a PS3 key right now, got one left, gave the other one to Masha, Hit me up if you want it (DM me on Twitter or something). It's a 5.5GB download from memory.

        That would be awesome, thank you.

          No worries dude, just DM me on Twitter or Steamchat when you want it. Don't want to put it up on here in case some lurker grabs it before you.

    Hola Tay

    Fairly quiet weekend- went and gave plasma on Saturday, went to a gaming night sat night, but mostly spent the weekend cleaning my house- inspection tomorrow. Played a bit of Fallout NV and Civ V (Ciiiiiiiiiiiv)

    A monday morning question: What would you like to be made into a Strategy game? I'd love something a bit more Arthurian in a fantasy one

      I would say pokemon but that has been done, its actually pretty freaking amazing.

      Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

      Build your massive army. Miscalculate the scale / sizes. Get swallowed by a small dog.

      Global or squad scale? A Judge Dredd squad combat (minus the squad) style strategy game would be pretty rad.

      Or a Mass Effect 4x game.

        Or a Mass Effect 4x game.


        Thinking of an X-COM style Judge Dredd game, I think you'd need to nerf Dredd a little to make the gameplay more interesting than X-COM with unkillable soldiers uing one-shot-kill AoE-homing guns. :)

      Well they already did Brutal Legend which I thought was amazing, so i'm out of ideas :P

      The Elder Scrolls: 4X strategy, set before the Imperial Legion took over everything. You choose a faction, and try to conquer all the other factions. I chose this purely because I love the universe so much.

      Dead Space: Dawn of War-style/UFO-style strategy mixed where your missions are more about recovering ammunition and finding new weapons. Mixes some elements of the Walking Dead, where you have to keep all your team members happy, and be very careful about who you take along for missions. Maybe a few team members are Unitologists, and are conflicted about whether killing Necromorphs is sacrilege.

        There is an Elder Scrolls mod for Crusader kings 2 I think

          I played the TES mod for Civ 5 and enjoyed my time overall. But as you said earlier
          Eh, Civ V mod =/= Dedicated Mass Effect 4X.
          A legitimate TES strategy game would be awesome.

    Anyone that doesn't have a PS4 yet, the Target Toy Sale Catalogue is advertising a bundle including the console, Need For Speed: Rivals, FIFA 14 and Killzone: Shadow Fall for $559.

    Also, the 3DS XL is $268 with Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, Why'd You Steal Our Garbage, and a choice of Pokemon Black 2 or White 2.

    Also also, The Mario Kart console bundle including Rabbids Land is $389.

    Also also also, Disney Infinity figures are 9 bucks each.

    Reckon I'll put a PS4 and 3DS on Layby as well as a second 3DS for my son for christmas and complete my collection of Disney Infinity figures and playsets in preparation for Disney Infinity 2.0, speaking of which, I'll probably put a pre-order on that while I'm there too, they're chucking in a bonus Nick Fury figure.

    Well finished Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall last night, bloody good expansion overall. It improves upon Dead Man's Switch in pretty much every way, I really love how you have an actual team rather than hiring runners for jobs, it feels like having friends you're working with and it builds up a sense of camaraderie that the original campaign struggled to achieve.

    Pretty much as soon as I talked to Eiger I knew I was never going on a run without her on my team since I loved her no bullshit military professionalism style (and sniper rifle) and when I got Blitz and had to start picking which team members to take, Eiger was always in without a thought and then it just came down to whether I needed a decker, felt like I needed additional magic (since I was playing a mage, Dietrich was kind of a backup to my main but played a decent support role) or if I needed some decent melee combat & medical support.

    The story was pretty damned good too, I really liked how open it felt with the jobs you could take. It mostly took the form of raising money to pay off an information broker and there were several fairly large jobs you could take to boost the fund. Some of them were a bit shady, more than the usual what with you being career criminals and all but there were often ways to turn the shady ones around into something a bit more ethical or at least sabotage the most unethical parts so the dodgiest parts that would cause the most harm wouldn't be of any value but you'd still get paid, even if it'd damage your rep in the end.

    It still didn't fix one of the biggest bugbears for me which was the inventory management, I bought a dozen medkits & trauma kits (basically revival kits) before the hard missions but because you can't move stuff out of the inventory of the NPCs and they normally start full, I couldn't take away Glory's advanced medkits and low grade trauma kits to give her premium medkits & high grade trauma kits. It was hardly game breaking and chances are that it's the kind of thing that would have required a lot of code changes rather than writing a new module which is basically what this was but still a bit of a bummer.

    Still, definitely worth it if you even vaguely liked the original game.

      The team was one of the few things I didn't like. Blitz was an intolerable tool, Eigar was just grating and Glory was just the non character who's "troubled and mysterious". Dietrich was cool though.

        I quite liked Glory's backstory, but everyone paled in comparison to Dietrich.

          Yeah, I used both Dietrich and Glory in all the missions on my Decker.

        You might need to be a mage or something comparable to get glory's backstory, I had to use magical abilities to get into her head at one point and there didn't seem to be any other conversation option that would trigger it. Then again it might happen later and I closed it off by getting it early with the aura reading trick

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