Technically, Thor Is Now A Disney Princess

Technically, Thor Is Now A Disney Princess

Whoa. Then again, Thor entering the Disney princess circuit would also give people a reason to never, ever retire the whole “Disney princesses as [insert other thing here].” Hmm.

Alas, right now the Disney Princess line-up doesn’t even include Anna and Elsa, apparently/currently, so I wouldn’t get too hyped on this Thor technicality.


  • If you add in knigdom hearts, this makes her 1 of thee most powerful disney/square enix princesses ever, que a lot of people saying something epic

  • Well no, because the character’s just using Thor’s name, and isn’t actually the child of Odin.

    Yeah, I’m being that guy.

    • The way they’ve explained this change is that whoever wields the hammer is Thor. Sort of like how whoever wears the helmet is Doctor Fate. Gods and avatars and whatnot.

    • Spoilers: It looks like this female Thor will be Thor’s biological sister. Based on the latest Thor/Loki cover art, this will be Angela from the Spawn series. She has been represented as Thor’s long lost sister who was stolen and taken away to the forgotten 10th realm.

    • The movies are a completely different beast. If this ever makes it to the movies, it won’t be for a decade. By that time, someone else will have likely taken up the mantle because this Thor has a crisis of conscience and goes off to do another thing for a while.

  • Technically, Disney Princess is a specific franchise for merchandise marketing etc and include only a hand full of female characters from a small number of Disney films. While they are almost all princesses by birth or marriage in their stories, Mulan is a Disney Princess but she is not an actual princes. And there are princesses from Disney’s other films are not counted as Disney Princesses, for example Vanellope from Wreck-it Ralph or Nala from Lion King. In fact, the girls from Frozen are actually also not official Disney Princesses (yet, at least). So no, Thor is not a Disney Princess, if you really wanna get technical about it.

  • Didn’t Robin take over as Batman once too? And Bucky took over as Cap? It’s just a storyline and will likely change back once it’s run it’s course … right?

  • Wow, This will open a massive can of worms for Marvel as a major part of Thor’s story is his love interest’s. Same sex relationships in marvel. This could go south real fast if not done correctly or if the change the other characters as well.

    • she isn’t actually Thor Thor, she’s just wielding all the powers of Thor while Thor Thor goes off and does whatever it is he does now, so it’s not like she’s gonna go on trying to carry on someone elses relationships, that would be weird.

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