Tell Us Dammit: Gaming Plans For This Month?

In all my years of covering games I don't remember a month as dry as this particular July. Big new releases? Forget about it. Probably the biggest release this month is a remake: The Last Of Us on PS4 which most of you, I suspect, have already played. So what are your plans this month?

Me? I've got a weird little project I've just started. I'm going to play World of Warcraft. Yes, I'm aware of how crazy this is.

I've never — literally never — played an MMO before. I know nothing about the Warcraft universe. I spent most of my career covering console games and was starkly aware of a massive gap in my knowledge with regards to Blizzard games. I'm attempting to rectify that.

But this is also part of a Kotaku project. I'm going to be writing about my experiences, almost like a travel journal. So stay tuned for that.

Spoiler: it's pretty crazy and I'm currently very, very confused.

What are you guys and girls planning to do this month?


    Didn't we answer this yesterday?

      That was an American article though, wasn't it? This one's all Australian.

      Well, my answer is still the same... P4G NG+, inFamous 2, Trine 2 and Monster Monpiece.

    Working through the pile of shame. In no particular order: Rage, Arkham Origins, Deus Ex: HR, Donkey Kong; Tropical Freeze, Phoenix Wright 3DS, Dishonored DLC, Call of Juarez...

    No drought here! No need for a PS4/xbone, either!

      Deus Ex is fucking excellent, try playing the Wii U version, easily the best with the gamepad integration for maps and hacking etc.

        That is indeed the version I have waiting for me :)

    Still knocking off the backlog so I can justify a PS4 purchase.
    Managed to whittle it down to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Ni No Kuni and Puppeteer.

    Plus a tonne of Steam sale games.

    WoW is a very different experience to what it used to be. It's been so streamlined that it feels less like a world and more like a virtual lobby - most people clog up the major cities waiting to do instances, check the auction house or whatever.

    Used to be that you'd have to actually travel from place to place which might have been more time consuming but meant you had all these incidental encounters with other players along the way. It's more like a series of mini-games now.

    Edit: I'll be playing a bit of Mario Kart I suspect and I'm thinking of giving Witcher 2 a go.

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    Playing through my backlog and finish Deus Ex HR Director's cut as a sociopath - if it moves, shot it!
    After that I will go back to playing New Vegas - again. Really miss it.
    Might even start a new batch of beef jerky, while I'm at it.

      You may run out of ammo quite quickly :P

        Takedowns do a good job, else if you are careful, you can kill civilians with a single bullet out of the assault rifle. That gun is quite useless anyway (discovered in hindsight).
        So far, I killed everyone in Detroit (twice), Shanghai (twice) and all the other places just before you embark on the Missing link part. Looking forward to clean up that place, kinda tired of sneaking through it, without mods, without kills. Done that twice already. Now it's payback time!

    Tidy up the pile of shame. Wolfenstein, Infamous and Watch Dogs (I guess). I really need to start finishing games before I get new ones.

      Don't discount watchdogs before you have tried it, its a great game, well from my opinion anyways.

        Honestly , I'm about 5 hours in and it's failed to grab me yet. Not saying it won't, just not yet.

          Completely agree with you there Pablo, I got the PS4 to play Watchdogs and it just hasn't hooked me. Why can't I shoot from a car? and other things seem to trouble me. I'm Thankful for Wolfenstein though, I didn't expect it to be so good.

        Yeah I could only get about 6 hours in before I gave up, it's cool but still feels quite rigid and featureless

    The Witcher 1 & 2. World of Tanks progression, and if I can find time I want to finish Tales of Xillia.

    And god damn it I want to WoW again too. I have a bunch of low level toons that need some love.

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    I'll be working through the games I got in the Steam sale. Divinity: Original Sin, Jurassic Park and The Wolf Among Us. Probably some Dark Souls 2 at some point, and maybe some World of Warcraft in preparation for the expansion.

    Looking forward to your WOW article as I am going thru the same thing with Guild Wars 2, I have hardly any MMO experience and currently a noob level 34 ranger. The control scheme I can handle, but when I try to solo those events I keep getting killed cos I spasm sometimes when its hectic. In game ppl have told me to find a guild. Anyone wanna help me?

    Got two weeks off work, so plowing through some pile of shame. Also finishing Persona 4 Golden. Also Destiny beta.

    playing through my steam backlog as I have only played 19% of my games (I have 336 games in my steam library)... Almost finished bound by flame and had a blast with it not sure what I will play next maybe force unleashed.

    Got a Wii U recently. Never thought I'd get one, but with the sales going for it at the moment I couldn't resist. So I'm gonna play the crap out of it this month with Mario Kart, Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World and Zombie U. What other Wii U games are worth playing?
    I gotta admit though, initially thinking the Gamepad was bit of a gimmick, but I've grown to love it. I love using it as a universal remote and being able to use the browser on the gamepad as I'm playing a game. Awesome for Wind Waker as I check the wiki's as I'm playing.

      If you can grab ZombiU cheap, it's a great use of the game pad.
      Edit: didn't read properly. It's too early -_-

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      Get Earthbound and Super Metroid!

      grab the google street view app thing off the store because it is a great use of the gamepad especially if you lose time if/when you fire up google earth
      Donkey Kong Country : Tropical Freeze
      Pikmin 3 (it has the most amazing renders of fruit you will see ever)
      Rayman Legends (which is very cheap at the moment too)
      Deus Ex : HR

      How's ZombiU?

      I bought the Wii U for $178 from Target recently and I'm curious about that game myself.

      OzGameshop has it for $15.

        Yeh got it from EB for $19. Enjoying it so far, it's a pretty decent survival horror and uses the Gamepad in a lot of interesting ways. The zombies in it are pretty tough and its pretty cool that it's set in London, instead of generic America town. In fact the main melee weapon is cricket bat. If you've see Shaun of the Dead, put Queen's Don't Stop Me Now on while ur playing, turns it into a comedy lol.

          Awesome man. I'll see about it getting soon then.

          At the moment, I'm finishing off Dead Island: Riptide, I'll trade that in the moment I'm done. Thanks!

    Also, WoW is dangerous for me. Lost myself rather badly in that game. Every now and then I'm tempted to play again, but it's probably best I don't. Also, having not played since Cata, I have no idea what the state of the story and factions are.

      Lots of stuff has happened since the death of Deathwing. Latest is that Garrosh stole the heart of an old god from Pandaria, went crazy with power, and the Alliance/Horde defeated him. Voljin took over the Horde and all hostilities have ceased.

        Madness! Sounds awesome. Thanks for the summary!

    As I mentioned in the US version of this question, I'm currently working to finish FFX-2 HD, Demon Gaze and Project X-Zone. I'll probably take a break from epic RPGs after that and just smash through Asura's Wrath, Wet, a bunch of Wii VC games and some of the smaller Steam games. Once that's over, I have a few more JRPGs to finish before September when even more JRPGs come out... It's a tiring job being a gamer, but someone has to play all the games.

    Just Picked up Divinty:OS (haven't started it yet), nearly finished dark souls 2, just killed Freja last night (mights need a break from DS as I played 1 and 2 back to back and am a bit burnt out on it ATM). Heard really good things about D:OS from a mate and cant wait to get started (although its making finishing DS2 seem to drag a bit) by the sounds of it D:OS should last me the month. Finish a few games off like trials (3 tracks to go), gotta start and finish MGS:GZ, and was hoping to catch up on Wolfenstein:NO.

    And gotta start another Dragon age and witcher play through in prep for new releases.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand some Steam sales games that I picked up on a whim !

    No drought here, actually its more like a flood for me (daunting much)

    1. More Witcher 2
    2. Knock off Transistor and Mark of the Ninja
    3. More of my Forrest, Forrest Gump run of Fallout New Vegas.

      Gah I need to continue my witcher 1 and 2 playthrough so I am ready for 3, but I also need to play through DA 2 so many games so little time

        Well, you can probably skip Witcher 1- it's pretty well recapped in two.

        Dragon Age comes out first, so...

          yeah was thinking just playing through witcher 1 on the lowest difficulty, so I can breeze through it.

          only problem with DA 2 is i have heard bad things about it and its making me reluctant to play it.

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            It's perfectly playable, it just has a different scope and feel to DA:O.

            Go into it unfettered by expectations from Origins and you'll find some value.

    1. Finish ACIV

    2. Catch up on Skyrim+DLC bought during steam sale

    3. Catch up on Bioshock Infinite+DLC bought during steam sale

    4. Realize it's already August and I haven't even started downloading Bioshock Infinite yet

      Quite similar to me actually!

      I've got Black Flag to finish, play through Dragonborn DLC, play through Infinite DLC.....I might take a look at Watch_Dogs too, if I have time.

    I should probably go back and play more of Dark Souls 2 but I've kinda lost the drive for that. I'm going to end up playing more Payday 2 and Company of Heroes 2 but I hope to crack on to LA Noire in the next week or so.

      I'm the same with Dark Souls 2, the DLC will drag me back kicking and screaming though. I didn't finish the game (got upto Memory of Jeigh) but I have the ashen mist heart required to unlock the DLC.

    Actually at a choice point of what to play next. Just finished off Tomb raider so ready to start another 'major' game. Might restart my Deus Ex game as I feel like my leveling was all wrong. Just got payday 2 so might spend some time in that. Otherwise maybe sleepy dogs or Alice.
    Or I'll spend all month playing that stoopid Rogue legacy that I'm terribad at and will never ever complete.

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
    Mario Kart 8
    Starcraft II

    And probably Trials Frontier and Plants vs Zombies 2 on Android.

    well I got sniper elite 3 and bought divinity original sin last night, but I havent touched either. there is a game that I had never heard of, Mount & Blade: warband. I bought it for $5 on sale a week ago. this game has consumed my life I just cant get enough of it, ive played 60hrs already and I have barely scratched the surface. its all I think about during the day and I dream about it at night. its all I will be playing for a very long time.

    I've been playing through Sonic 3 & Knuckles on PC, so I will continue to do that. Almost got all the Super Emeralds!

    Also will finish Tomb Raider.

    Then maybe get into Monster Hunter which I got for free on WiiU

    Bought Ether One, Year Walk, and the Yawhg on Steam's Summer Sale, so, I'll get through those I guess.

    My PS4 is sitting gathering dust and will continue to do so for another couple months. Still trying to psyche myself up to dodge 200 lightning strikes in FFX.
    I might try and play one of my PS Plus games... Puppeteer looks fun? Truthfully I have no idea.
    Might sit and stare into space until October.

      The fury I felt whenever I'd accidentally slip up and get struck is one of the more frustrating FF memories of my gaming life. Worth it, though.

    Currently losing sleep over Europa Universalis IV. I picked it up ages ago in a Humble Bundle, but never got round to playing it until last weekend - the Steam sale reminded me of it, and I had it installed and ready for whatever reason. On Thursday, my internet went down, so on Friday I downloaded his newest playthrough while at work to watch at home. Did a short stint as England to get the gist of the mechanics, then fired up a fresh game as Brandenburg (so I could use his playthrough to give me an idea of goals). Sunk 22 hours into it over the weekend... another five on Monday night. As of 1568, my Prussia rules the Holy Roman Empire, and I need sleep.

    As my new REA got back to me today saying they have no knowledge of an internet connection for our building... I may be playing EU4/Anno for some time. I have gone through my Steam backlog and made a list of roughly 45 games that I'd like to get through at some point, but will have to go through which I have installed already to narrow it down to what I can actually play. good.

      Playing a game as France atm, have almost kicked the hated british off french soil.

        I'm a big fan of France atm - they've fought almost all my wars for me. :P

          Anytime I've been ready to saddle up against the brits it's been like "Yo, Scotland, you're my dawg, let's roll"

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