10 World Of Warcraft Mysteries

Ten World of Warcraft Mysteries

Four expansion packs later, there are still some unsolved mysteries out there that plague World of Warcraft. DDGuides's here with 10 of them compiled into an entertaining video.

If you dig deep enough into various blue posts on the official forums and dev Q&As, you could probably find bits of information on these. But number two in this compilation — what is going on with Tyr — still remains a pretty interesting one.

Also, what about the remaining Old Gods?

10 Biggest Mysteries in World of Warcraft [YouTtube]


    Bael Modan
    Under Tirisfal Glades
    Female Ogres
    Snake under Gundrak
    Alleria & Turalyon
    Fragments of Frostmourne
    Illidan Stormrage
    What happened to Tyr
    What is the zone above Eastern Plaguelands?

    "what is this zone" its stratholme. that was never a mystery. Stratholme is easily big enough to take up that entire zone and then some. plus if you look at the origonal map from wc3 stratholme was a costal city http://www.scrollsoflore.com/gallery/albums/war3_maps/lordaeron_manual.jpg. Also Despite what he says it would make no sense for illadin to to appear in warlords of dranor since its set pre WC3 and illadin was imprisoned under mt hyjal for 10,000 years before his break out in WC3

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      That map pretty clearly shows that Stratholme in WC3 was built surrounded by forest to the north, it's not a coastal city. The original Stratholme was a port city on Darrowmere Lake, but was destroyed by the orcs in WC2.

      This map shows the satellite data from the area for comparison. Stratholme is too far east to account for the entire size of the zone. On the in-game WoW map, the missing zone is the size of the landmass of Western Plaguelands north of the lake and river, there's no way Stratholme would occupy an area twice the size of Stormwind.

        there's no way Stratholme would occupy an area twice the size of Stormwind.

        Fair points but you've got to remember that the World of Warcraft map is an approximation of the actual world of Warcraft. Elwynn Forest is a forest not a short path. Goldshire is more than one house, an inn and a blacksmith. In that sense the upper third of the map is probably a fair size for Stormwind. =P

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          Of course. But we're also talking about the missing zone in WoW as well. It's much bigger than a city would be in the game context.

            Yeah. I don't really have an opinion either way it's just worth pointing out that World of Warcraft is a bad source for anything more than a rough guess of how the regions of Azeroth connect to each other.
            The entire thing could be Stratholme, or it could just be a few rocky cliffs. Warcraft and Warcraft II also make it hard to nail anything down since in one they had no need for water and in the other they were throwing ports on everything. Azeroth would be 90% giant lakes if Warcraft II is to be trusted and it wouldn't have more than a puddle we go by Warcraft.

              Agreed, but unfortunately World of Warcraft is the most accurate representation we have, even though we know it's far from accurate. The only better account was the Warcraft RPG, but that's been ruled non-canon by Blizzard. Other than that, we've got what's mentioned in the novels really and not much else.

      But, Stoob, what if it is set 10,000 years before his break-out in WC3?

    Tirisfall... Tyr's Fall. Really, its not rocket science. There was something beneath the land here that drove the elves mad, which is also the area where the Forsaken continually rise from the earth, no longer heading the call of the Lich King. My guess is that Tyr went down into the the earth of Lordaeron that is likely the home of an Old God- and either died, or continues to fight (in one way or another) the beast.
    Illidan, or at least his soul, is possibly in the other sub-space realm where all demons go when they are "killed". He also fought Arthas on the cold ground of Northrend and "survived" being wounded by the soul stealing blade, Frostmourne. Is this why he went "mad"? Was Frostmourne a demonic blade? Now that it is broken, and the souls within released- what does this mean for Illidan? Does some strange combination of these factors attribute to Illidan's return?
    Also, Warlords of Draenor, is the dumbest expansion I have ever read about. Alternate timelines... time-travel. Fuck you blizzard. This is not OUR lore. Anything presented within has absolutely zero bearing on our history. I only hope that you don't flat out lie and M. Night Shyamalan us with some stupid twist. ie Guess what, this is our new past! Forget the last 10 years. New Azeroth awaits!

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