The 2K Humble Bundle Is Pretty Special

The 2K Humble Bundle Is Pretty Special

It’s actually a little bit ridiculous to be perfectly honest. BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite, The Darkness II, Mafia II, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, The Bureau: XCOM Classified, and Spec Ops: The Line — all for just $20. Jaysus

As always with the Humble Bundle there’s multiple different ways things can be done.

You can pay what you want, but if you pay less than $7.05 (the average price paid at time of writing) you’ll just get BioShock, The Bureau: XCOM Classified, and The Darkness II. Pay more and they’ll add BioShock 2, Spec Ops: The Line and Mafia II to the package. Pay over $20 and you’ll also receive BioShock Infinite and XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Paying $20 for all of these games is a pretty incredible deal by any standard. That’s what I’d be going for, particularly if I hadn’t played most of these games already.

A percentage of the money paid to The Humble Bundle goes to charity, the charities in this case being the American Red Cross and Action Against Hunger — two very worthwhile causes. This whole thing seems like a win-win to me. Get to it!


  • A bloody decent Humble Bundle…I have them all already…ah well, I’ll let my mates know 🙂

  • The Bureau is the only one I don’t have, anyone recommend it?

    It’s only $1, shouldn’t be too hard to get value for money, but I seem to remember it getting less than stellar reviews.

    • I haven’t played it but I have heard good things about it.
      I think a lot of the negative comments was due to the development hell it went through, it’s a FPS, no it’s a 3rd person shooter, so it’s an RPG, no it’s a strategy game before finally ending up as it’s mass XCOM effect.

      • Mass Xcom Effect is definitely the best description for it. It’s not a bad game, it’s ok. The worst thing it has going against it, is the attachment of the Xcom name so close to the release of a masterpiece game carrying the same name which drew unfair comparisons. It’s a solid 7/10 game.

    • I recommend it.

      I had a lot more fun than I expected to, and @weresmurf is bang on with the Mass Effect comparison, in an alternate 50s past XCOM universe. There’s some occasional design flaws that poke uncomfortably at your play, but if you take it as is, it’s a GREAT ride for a buck.
      It’s not overly complex, just enough that you can amuse yourself with the diversion of it.

  • Im gonna go for the 7 dollar bundle as I already have X-Com and Bioshock Infinite has been on sale for 10 bucks quite a few times now.

    These kind of things are why PC gaming is king.

  • Also, sidetracking a tad, I noticed on the book humble bundle that there’s vol 1 of The Wheel of Time graphic novels. I hadn’t even realised the books had been made into graphic novels but I want. Question is, are graphics novels worth getting to read on a phone/tablet/kindle or is it still better to get the real thing even though it’ll be more expensive? $15 for a shedload of novels isn’t a bad deal so I might get it anyway but just wanted an opinion or two before digging deep for my wallet

    • I read graphic novels on my iPad all the time. Going down to kindle is ok for Manga, but not much else. I wouldnt even bother with your phone.

      • Now for a dissenting opinion. I’ve read more of my collection on a phone (4.5in 1280*720 screen) than I have on print or a monitor and I find it to be a perfectly reasonable solution. Horses for courses, and all that.

        • Yeah, I’ve got the galaxy s4, so decent size, but I still hate it. Having to zoom and move the picture around. Not for me. I suppose go to comixology and download some freebies and see what you prefer.

    • I haven’t got to the Wheel of Time comics yet, I’m still working my way through the last comic bundle Humble had, but that was great.

      Personally, I really like reading comics on a tablet. Although strangely, I’ve been having trouble finding a digital copy of Chew volume 2 (the last one I read) for less than a hard-copy from Amazon would cost (minus delivery).

    • I read on my phone. After the Image Humble Bundle came out I uploaded the PDF versions to Google Play Books and used that for the convenience of reading on the phone. That said it definitely needs zooming and scrolling to catch the details, which can annoy you

    • I read comics all the time on my Nexus 7. Works pretty well, as you can zoom in and out on the art.

    • The comic bundle was pretty great, and if you have a decent app on an ipad, you can read them pretty well.

      My only annoyance with a lot of the graphic novel bundles is that they’re usually only the first couple eps as a taster to lure you into buying over-priced serials.

  • Anyone else stopped buying from Humble Bundle when they started putting a third tier unlock? They should remove the ‘Pay what you want’.

    • Sure would be a shame to pay $20 for two additional games that are $80 on Steam right now

    • I’ve only ever seen them for really recent games which retail for more than the third tier asks for, ignoring all the other stuff in the same/other tiers, so I don’t think it’s enough of an issue to ignore the amazing value they offer.

      • I switched to PC a few years ago. I know $20 is still a good price for all them games but the my problem is mainly with the ‘Pay what you want’ tag.

        Going to sound like a hipster douchebag but remember when Humble Bundle was about indie games that were DRM free?

        I know it’s stupid to even bring up this point since it’s great cheap games, but still.

        • I felt the same way until I looked at it from the perspective that the core bundles are still ‘pay what you want’ while most else is publisher curated and tiered.

          Still not a fan of the inclusion of DRM titles though, or publishers like Ubisoft using it another launch pad for Uplay titles.

    • Your name reflexes your comment…

      you don’t have to buy that tier, you can give $1 if you want to just to get tier 1.

      $20 is a steal

  • This could be the excuse I need to actually start playing Bioshock, seeing as Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2 are bot sitting unplayed with my XBox 360 games and I don’t even have my 360 hooked up any more.

    • @yumpy’s right but I recommend playing Bioshock 2 very hot on the heels of 1 if you can stomach it, because if you go into it with nostalgia goggles expecting something amazing, you’ll be disappointed. It’s more of the same, which isn’t bad when you’re done with Bioshock and craving… more of the same, but as a sequel, it wasn’t a game-changer.

  • So I’m going to post this here. Why did I get 10+ emails from Kotaku asking me to confirm subscbription?

  • Awesome. I had all of the games apart from The Bureau and The Darkness II. Nice to see them in the $1+ tier!

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