The Australian National Pokemon Championships Take Place This Weekend

And the competition is open to anyone.

It takes place at Melbourne Town Hall on July 13 (this Sunday) and registration opens at 8am. Players must bring their own 3DS/2DS/3DSXL and their own copy of Pokemon X/Y in order to compete.

It seems like a pretty big deal.

There are three different categories to compete in, with the top two in each division receiving flights and accommodation for the World Pokemon Championships in Washington, D.C. on 16-17 August, 2014.

Okay, so here are the age categories. Prepare to feel as old as shit.

- Junior Division: Born in 2003 or later - Senior Division: Born in 1999, 2000, 2001, or 2002 - Masters Division: Born in 1998 or earlier

What division are you in if you were born in 1981? Should my heart even still be beating?

Anyway, apparently there are sorts of Pokemon rules that you might want to acquaint yourself with. You can do so here.

But even if you don't want to compete, there's plenty of things for fans of the 'Mon to get involved with. There's a Pokemon Cosplay comp with prizes to be won, a trade lounge, Pokemon movies and shows to be watched and merchandise to be drooled over. Click above to watch this year's regionals for an idea of what to expect.

For more information head here.


    What division are you in if you were born in 1981? Should my heart even still be beating?
    wow, im surprised your still walking around at that sort of age! lol
    you should be eligible for the 'Relic Division' ;)

      If Relic division means I can battle people who don't have time to figure out all the competitive breeding stuff- then sign me up!

        figure out all the competitive breeding
        wow... just how long have i been out of the pokeloop lol

      I was born in 1980 you young whippersnapper, now get off my lawn before I call the... where am I? Is it time for me bath?

    Prepare for perfect stats on pokemon. Totally legit.

    I might go have a look and maybe grab a bit of merch.

    When "senior division" includes people still in primary school, I think it is the age brackets that are the problem, not your own age.

    My younger brother won Melbourne seniors and is flying down there now.

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