The Best Way To Break Bad News Is With GIFs

Creating a video game and releasing it to the world is an incredibly complicated process. But why should I even try to explain the nuances of modern software development with last-gen mechanisms like “words” when we have these amazing things called GIFs now?

As you can see in the glorious image above, Australian indie developer Powerhoof understands this better than most. Today, the company had some frustrating news to share about its game Crawl, which graduated from the Steam Greenlight program back in March and looked damn near pixel-perfect:

Things were going swimmingly as Powerhoof made its way towards the July 17th release date. Then, things took a turn for the bureaucratic.

“There were some tax issues with us being a partnership based in Australia, so we changed Powerhoof into a Company at the start of the month,” Crawl designer Barney Cumming wrote in an announcement attached to the GIF. “Everything was on track until pretty much the last step, where we got hit with an unexpected bit of red tape that we were told ‘may take up to 30 days’ to resolve. We tried to find a way around it, but there’s nothing we can do.”

Powerhoof still doesn’t know for sure when the game will come out now. That’s too bad. But hey, they also said that at the very least, the delay is giving them some extra time to “start adding some of our cool wishlist ideas!”

See? There’s a silver lining in every dark cloud. Especially when that cloud comes rolling in with a GIF on top.

Take note, publishers, public relations representatives, and people breaking up with their significant others: it’s always — always — easier to stomach a hard truth when there’s a good GIF involved.

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