The Big Question: Bought A 'Next Gen' Console Yet?

11 I feel as though there's been a second wave of 'next gen' console purchasers. The early adopters have come and gone, and now the people waiting for a decent enough library of games, or the deal seekers, have begun to hop on board. So have you hopped on the the next gen hype train yet, or are you still waiting at the station.

For the record, I'm classifying the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U as next gen consoles. It's a simple enough YES/NO answer, but if you want to go into more detail in the comments below please be my guest!

I have all three, for 'work' purposes of course. Surprisingly, I'd probably recommend the Wii U at this point, especially in terms of top quality exclusives! Yeah, I'm as amazed as you, but Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and all the great indie games on the Wii U store have combined to make — I think — the most compelling gaming console on the market. That might change over the course of this year, but for now, it feels like the absolute truth.


    Well I've had a PC for years...

      I also had a bowl of cereal for breakfast on Sunday.....

        I had a bowel movement shortly after I woke up...

      Much the same. So far there hasn't been anything I've really wanted to play on the next gen consoles, the only games I'm really hanging for before the end of the year are non-console-exclusives (Civ:Beyond Earth and the Telltale games series) and the only new games I've been buying lately have been from Humble Bundle or the Steam Sales.

      I'll get one, but it'll probably take Fallout 4 or something similar to make me jump and until then I'll wait and see if prices come down.

        no point having a next gen console until fallout 4. Nothing else looks remotely interesting to play yet.

      So have I, but it doesn't play Mario Kart8, Monster Hunter, Pikmin3, Donkey Kong Freeze, and won't play Uncharted 4, The Last of Us Remastered, Drive Club etc.

      So I bought a Wii-U, and can see a PS4 in my 2015 future.

        Yes, I'm intending to pick up a Wii U before too long. The perfect companion to a gaming PC.

    I haven't yet.

    Possibly March or so next year.

      But Destiny is out way before then!

    PS4 and Wii U! No regrets.

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      The best combination! Woot woot

        Yeah, I'm still on the fence about the whole do i go all digital or physical copies of games this gen, if only PSN store wasn't so frickin' expensive!

          If you decided to go digital, I recommend the samsung spinpoint m9t 2tb hdd. The 500gb fills up so fast

            Or a SSHDD hybrid... Especially if you are going digital. They aren't much more expensive and can boost load times. (I have a 1TB SSHDD in my PS4)

            If you are staying with physical releases, then an upgraded HDD isnt necessary

            When you've finished with a game from the PS4, delete it. If you want to play it again, it takes all of 30 seconds to 1 minute when you first pop in the disc until you can play (sometimes even less)

          While that's usually true, there are occasional exceptions.

          E.g. PSN is listing The Last Of Us Remastered at $62.95. The poster I saw at JB at lunchtime said $89. So either JB's info is wrong, or it's a fair bit cheaper to download.

            Yeah I've found that the Sony published content is cheaper on PSN, it seems to be a third party RRP problem


      I have Pc, wiiU and ps4. Got the 'big' exclusive bases covered, great combo to own really.

      Think I'll get an x1 when it gets a slim version.

      Thats the combo I want to own, I am waiting for Uncharted 4 or MGS5 before I grab a PS4, the longer I wait the more chance I have of them releasing the first hardware revision to fix any bugs the early adopters have discovered.

        Not a silly idea! I'm already on my second PS4 as a result of a faulty disc drive.

    I'm waiting on a good bundle deal so maybe next year??

    Got an Xbox One at launch, largely due to Killer Instinct. Really enjoying it! Haven't purchased a physical disc game yet.

    Also just picked up a Wii U during Kmart crazy times, and am very glad I did. Playing Wind Waker on the gamepad sitting in bed is bliss right now.

      Playing Wind Waker on the gamepad sitting in bed is bliss right now.

      Off screen play sounded pretty gimmicky before I actually got my hands on it, now I barely play on the TV. =P

        But having the map/ inventory on the pad is borderline revolutionary for me... Idk if I can go back :/

          the gamepad is so freakin good just for maps and inventory!! i love it!

    About to get an Xbox One so I can play Destiny - it's the first next gen game I've been interested in enough to warrant the hardware purchase

      Get a PS4 and you can play it this Friday =P

        There is a verrrrrry good chance I will be the owner of a PS4 next week due to that fact. I may not be able to wait for the bundle. We'll have to see how my willpower holds out. I'm pretty damn keen for Destiny, even if it is a first-person shooter controlled on a sin against man and god gamepad which is an unholy blight on all of creation for which we WILL be punished as a species.

          It's an FPS the way borderlands is an FPS, not really about pinpoint precision

            Well, sure, stats always help, but I watched a LOT of Alpha 'let's play' videos where the player very clearly got into a lot of trouble they wouldn't have got into if they had a KB&M hooked up. Watching that cross hair move so sluggishly and rigidly without the minute, precise corrections that turn a miss into a headshot? Pretty painful to watch.

            (Edit: But you are right, and it's probably the main reason I'm still interested in this instead of holding out for PC. If this were just Killzone or CoD or something I wouldn't be touching it with a ten foot pole.)

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        @coolhandluke Ummm care to elaborate on the downvote? o.0

          Because the dude wants an Xbox. I cant ever imagine buying a console I wasn't interested in just to play a Beta build of game a few days earlier.

          Don't take it to heart man :)

          He's quite the fanboy and down voted me too, and I was quite civil. Or at least looks like it normally on these articles (No offence, but it's not the fist time I've seen him being heavy on the down vote button over the X1).

          @coolhandluke Maybe he didn't know about the beta or extra content? You are down voting this guy for offering his opinion (Not like he said they guy HAS to get one, but asking if he had considered it, at least that's how it looks to me.) And then you justify it by saying pretty much the same thing as pupp3tmast3r but pro xbox. That's called being a hypocrite.

          Let the man make his own decisions. Neither of you know his actual reasons for wanting one, and attacking each other over YOUR preference is stupid.

          EDIT: BTW coolhandle, I'm a PC guy who also has a PS4 and WiiU. I try to offer an unbiased argument because I have more than one platform and can put in input because of it. No need to down vote me just because you think I'm some fanboy just because I don't APPEAR 100% pro X1 in every post.

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            Lol it's no big deal, I just replied as a joke to Munky anyways! I asked about the downvote, because while I don't mind being downvoted I usually expect some response or post clearing up why!

              Yup, I know it's not a big deal but still. Kotaku is relatively peaceful in terms of flame wars so I don't like it when I see it, even if it is just a little bit like a down vote on a VERY tame pro PS4 post, that wasn't even 'pro ps4', but of a more a 'why not PS4' post.

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            "Let the man make his own decisions"

            I agree

            "attacking each other"

            When did I attack someone?

            "the same thing as pupp3tmast3r but pro xbox"

            How is saying "he wants an Xbox" the same as "get a ps4" ?

            "You are down voting this guy for offering his opinion"

            Kinda like what you just did to my comment?

            I just hate when Im walking into a store with my mind set on one thing and clerk trys to sell me something different. Im sure Munky is a grown up and has already researched which console he wants. As for being a fanboy, I plan on owning a ps4 once there's games out that interest me, for example, Uncharted 4.

        Not really interested in the beta - I'll wait for the full game release as it's not that far away. Can't see my console preference being swayed by a beta a few days earlier than X1 :)
        May get a PS4 down the road but definitely getting the X1 first

      PS4 I think also has the exclusive or timed content as well

      Tbh, unless you NEED some of the other exclusives, why not the ps4? It's cheaper and WILL, undeniably, have an upperhand in terms of multiplatform games the whole generation. In the end each to their own though.

        xbox's better value imo two games and the kinect for $50 more.

    picked up a Wii U a couple of weeks ago. Totally digging it.
    i'll probably pick up a PS4 at some point too when the price goes down or when the game library gets really good.

    No regrets with a day-1 purchase of a Wii U (except for starting the initial update at 10pm...)

    Oh wait, I said no but you did include Wii U. So yes. But neither of the other two yet. Maybe round Christmas if I see a good deal.

    Just jumped on the Wii U bandwagon. Got it mainly for Xenoblade, Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8. Been enjoying my time with it so far.

    I got a PS4 in March, unfortunately my PS3 died, needed a BR player so just went with a PS4 as I knew I would get one eventually

    I'd have to buy a new TV first. Yep. I'm that far behind on tech. That WiiU is starting to look tempting. The new PS and XBox really won't tempt me while most of their games are still available on my last gen machine.

    I love my Xbone.

      Xboner :p

        Still makes me giggle like a child. Probably will continue to after I own one.
        (I don't see this happening for a very long time, but it's an inevitability. I mean... pretty sure Halo 5 won't be going cross-platform in my lifetime.)

          Let me know your Gamertag when you get one so I can add you, I'll make sure to add you when I get my PS4 too.

      Same here. I'll probably grab a PS4 when an exclusive I want comes out, but for now I'm loving it.

    PS4 and hopefully a WII U by year end. Not regretting the purchase but I'm not playing it every day

    I won't be getting one until there is a compelling enough reason to get one. I'll definitely get one for a Naughty Dog game, probably first [new] one will be Uncharted 4.

    In all honesty, the biggest reason for not getting a PS4 yet is because for me it does *less* than my PS3, which I currently use as my media player. Give me what I've already got with the PS3 and we'll talk, Sony.

      This is pretty much me. I'm super disappointed that the PS4 isn't a media player and that's really put a dent in my yearning to get one (plus the titles out so far aren't much guff).

      I resurrected a surprisingly capable old PC laptop and have been having a bash at the games I got in the steam sale that it can run, so I don't feel any urgency to get a next gen console at current prices.

      Yep - me too. At this point I'm more likely to buy a new PS3 than a PS4. Without media streaming it's just a less powerful PC with worse controls.

    No not yet.

    But I've been thinking about getting that 2DS Pokemon bundle.

      I'd totally get a 2DS if it didn't look like something that came with a happy meal.... :s

      I did the 2DS Pokemon bundle. Complete no brainer. Everyone I have met turns the 3D off or at least all the way down on their 3DS anyway.

      Its a great little console - surprisingly comfortable and sturdy. Thoroughly recommend.

      The game is awesome - but you probably already knew that.

      The 2DS isn't bad for what it is. It's not pretty and I'll always recommend a 3DS XL over it, but it runs everything the 3DS does just fine. Although I will say you have to buy a case for it if you want to travel with it, which might make a second hand 3DS more appealing.

      If you can deal with the small screen, you wont regret it. I had one and upgraded to an XL for the screen size. BTW, the 2ds was, IMO, more comfy.

      I really love my 2DS, I completed Pokemon Y on it and when I moved house I used it to wedge the door open while I carried my furniture in.

    Got an Xbone at launch, bought a Wii U about 6 weeks or so ago, be picking up a PS4 in a month or two, and building a gaming rig in about 6-8 months.

    My PS4's been collecting dust for a while now, kind of regret the purchase I mean I'm holding out for exclusives I'm interested in but I could have used that money towards a better rig.

      Not to mention all of Sony's talk about aiming to rope in old Wii owners with re-mastered exclusives instead of new exclusives. (No joke, eurogamer even has an article. The byline reads that Sony see a massive market in re-masterings of PS3 games.)

      Remastering's were cute last gen when we wanted to replay classics and got 2-3 games with better visuals, but now they are really aggressive with the cannon fodder and, frankly, other than being 1080p (Sometimes) they don't look worlds better. (Except GTA from what I've seen.) It's not exactly enough for me to re-buy them, as tempting as it is at times.

        For people trying to make money it's great, you have very low development time and costs and you get to sell a AAA game at full price again. It also becomes a great way to get around that lack of backwards comparability.

        For us consumers well it's not so great.

          Yup. I think there's a fine line between getting around lack of backwards compatibility and milking it. Isn't that what PSNow is for?

          Any way, only time will tell.

    PS4 and wii u

    Lovin the Wii u - especially off-screen play

    PS4 - I don't own a game yet, waiting for something decent to come out

    Yep xbone day 1, love it, got about 12 digital games installed. might get a ps4 soon.

      Over a Wii U?

        Yes. I have 0 interest in anything Nintendo.

          Do you have a heart of stone??

            Haha I don't think so? always had Segas growing up and the Nintendo stuff I see now just looks like its aimed at kids, girls and asians, nothing against either of those but it just doesn't interest me.

            Prob gonna get allot of hate for saying that, but just my opinion.


              haha fair opinion ... but sometimes i just want to be a kid again ;)

          That was what I said until I tried some Nintendo games. Just saying.

          Either way though, in general Sony and Nintendo tend to bring the exclusives with about the same gusto so I would find it hard to pick only one of them. (It's why I went PS4/ WiiU this gen.)

            Fair enough I was always playstation after the sega days but the 360 converted me, prefer the controller, xbox live, voice commands and have more friends on xbox so will use the xbone for the multiplats and ps4 for the exclusives....when they start coming out.

              Yeah, I never owned any Nintendo things before the Wii-U, and hated the whole 'childish' aesthetic of Nintendo games. Got it mainly to play with the kids, but oh man I am a convert now.
              The games are just so damn good, tweaked within an inch of their lives to be slick and so much bloody fun to play.
              I came up through Atari, then Sega then Playstation so missed the whole Nintendo generation thing, but the attention to detail in the game design is just fantastic. And Monster Hunter 3 is mind-blowingly good. Also loving Zombie-U, best $9 I ever spent.

      Yep me too XB1 day 1 and I already have a 2nd xbox doubling up on all my games that are digitally downloaded :) I was going to get a PS4 but decided on a 2nd xbox due to the digital licensing.

        Sorry, what?

          ???? I completely don't understand anything you just said. You bought two XB1s instead of grabbing a PS4 or WiiU???

            So I can co-op games and double up on my games for the cost of one game. I have a few gamers in my house hold.

          its all thanks to an Xbox One feature called "home Xbox," where each user that is signed in to an Xbox One must have one console that is configured as their home Xbox. (If you only have one Xbox One, then that will be the home Xbox for all configured users.) When you configure a console as your home Xbox, any user that signs in to that Xbox One can play any of your downloaded games without having to first sign in as you.

          Now on my non-home Xbox One, I sign-in as normal and can play any of my downloaded games at the same time as anyone else logged on to my home xbox.

          I have 6 people in my family and except for the youngest we all game :)

          I'll be playing titanfall with my wife tonite but only paid for one copy of the game and I will be getting all my multiplayer co-op games as digital downloads for this reason.

            I see, thanks for the clarification! Makes sense!

            Could my brother log into my Home xbox (he only has 360 currently) and play my digital games + their DLC under his GT without me signed in?

              Yes anyone on your home xbox gets access to all your games and access to gold too, so they can play online.....and you can play on a 2nd xbox online and all your games at the same time too.

    I haven't used my PS4 or XB1 full time since launch. Wii U has had some good runs though. Looking to change with games I'm hyped for rolling out on all platforms soon. Sunset Overdrive for XB1, Destiny for PS4, Bayonetta 2 will own all my time when it arrives... after I beat the Bayonetta port first ;)

    Got a WiiU when it came out, great system.
    If they actually release some decent games maybe get a PS or xbox in like a year or two. But yeah, #pcmasterrace

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    I've got all three and it's going about as expected. The Wii U is the console I want to play the most because the games are either Nintendo quality or bring an element I can't get elsewhere. When a game uses the game pad properly it really is a game changer.

    One recent surprise I've had is how good the XBOX One interface can be for playing media. I mean it's a terrible media player in that it barely works, it's borderline criminal, but between Window's Play To feature on my PC and Kinect voice commands I can use it to watch videos on the TV without needing a controller. If it wasn't so restrictive about what it will play and how it would actually make the XBOX One a superior media center.
    I've never been a huge fan of voice commands, it's typically a 1960's idea that was made obsolete by real interface controls, but I've got to admit that being able to control the video without taking my hands off the Wii U game pad is pretty handy.

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