The Big Question: Superman Vs Goku

The big comic book question always seems to be 'who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman', but I think that's a silly question. Superman is too powerful. This is a better question: who wins between Goku and Superman?

Their sheer power is more equal.

So here's the situation. Goku is eating at McDonalds, scoffing down a Brazil burger or something. Superman is in the queue to get a Crunchie McFlurry. On his way to put his rubbish into the bin, Goku bumps into Superman and shit gets real.

Point being — there's no preparation. This is just an on the fly fisticuffs affair. Who wins?


    Don't listen to that ScrewAtack episode! Goku is the hope of the universe, the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. He is the protector of the innocent, the light in the darkness and all that is truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you!

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      ScrewAttack are the same people who said that Master Chief could beat Doom Guy - by showing Doom Guy moving at a snails pace towards Chief.
      It was a right embarrassment to watch.

        They could have at least said Master Chief has shields.

      ScrewAttack is a joke.

      I prefer Bat in the sun's match ups. They do real live action fight scenes between two characters, and the winner is pre-determined by a fan-vote the previous week. Normally if the vote is very close they will do alternate endings with both characters winning. It is cool to watch.

      White Ranger vs Scorpion - (White Ranger is played by the real White Rangaer, Jason David Frank) This was probably one of the best choreographed fight scenes I have seen for a long time.
      Captain America vs Master Chief

      They were pretty cool.

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      He is also the bacon in the refrigerator for all who cry out in hunger but only on his days off.

    Though I wanted to put Goku because I'm not a Superman fan, the reality is that Goku would need to spend several episodes powering up before he actually fights, giving Superman plenty of time to beat him. I doubt Superman is enough of a gentleman to wait around for Goku to finish before he fights. We're talking about a guy that's man enough to get a Crunchie McFlurry. That's like uber hardcore.

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      the reality is that Goku would need to spend several episodes powering up before he actually fights, giving Superman plenty of time to beat him.
      It never worked with any of Goku's other opponents so I expect the same would occur in a Goku vs Superman fight...

        Completely right. They all seem more than happy to wait around for Goku to finish his "aaaaaaargh"'s.

          You know they only did that in the english version of the anime to extend it right? It's not a real part of the story.

            It's in the Japanese version of the anime too. It just isn't in the manga or Dragon Ball Kai.

              Perhaps I'm remembering things wrong but I heard they only spaced out the English version, not the Japanese version. Oh well it's been a long time since I concerned myself with Dragonball Z.

      I really hate this. Goku turned SSJ3 and 4 in only a few minutes in one episode each.....

      Anyway, Superman isn't some blood thirsty villain, this is a fight between two powerful heroes, of course Superman would wait for him, to give him a chance to make it an even fight.

    Superman, because Goku would be too busy hovering in mid-air staring at him menacingly for hours on end to actually do anything else.

    Neither would win, but as a species, we all lose.

    These kind of questions are stupid because both players would never engage in such a fight.

      Nah, but what if, hear me out, what if they did?

      -stunned silence-

        Then you'd be doing a diservice to the characters worse then what Man of Steel and Dragon Ball GT did.

          In the newer Dragonball movies Goku actively looks and trains for a fight with the strongest people in the universe.

          It wouldn't surprise me knowing of Superman's power Goku and/or Superman would eventually seek each other out at McDonalds and fight. Superman wouldn't kill someone and Goku would keep powering up. Goku wins.

          Because he NEVER stops powering up.

    Not even a contest. Superman, because goku has no kryptonite.

    Goku uses Chi/Ki etc which is magical in nature. Superman is weak to Magic. 1 Kamehameha later there is no Superman.

    There's a special place in hell for people who continue to ask this question.

    Goku actually wins, even according to DC lore. Superman is vulnerable to magic and can be damaged by it quite easily as it's not a natural element. Goku is powered by magic and thus, wins. I'm a huge DC fan and not much of a DBZ fan and even recognise this...

    But then, Superman can also sit 10,000 miles away and pierce Gokus brain with a single lasershot...

    But he wouldn't do that.

    So still Goku.

    *Edit* Yes, I'm ashamed I know all this...

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      But it's not magic they're using, It's forming their ki, forced energy from their life force.

        Which is still, even in DC, considered a 'supernatural force'. Goku still wins.

          Then Superman would be vulnerable to himself as eye lasers and his power field are a supernatural force.

            Yep, he's vulnerable to Zod etc, who are of equal measure of power, they are able to harm him and him them.

              But then, everything would harm him as a lot of stuff in DC is supernatural. Killer Frost should have already killed him.

                Not necessarily. Supermans power comes from the red sun, meta humans are different from magical humans. Might pay to do some research into the difference between the two in comic lore.

    Goku blows up the sun, superman no more powers (or at least weaker)......fight over in 2 mins, Goku goes back to finish his brazil burger aaaaaaaand the rest of supermans McFlurry just to rub it in...........nuff said !

      Eating all of the food is definitely something Goku would do.

    Batman... Because his BATMAN!!!!

    even the Mask (as in the one that Jim Carey played) can beat superman.

    Superman could just kiss Goku who would instantly forget that they were fighting.

    I'm a huge Supes fan, but I am an even bigger Goku fan. So yeah Goku wins. By a long shot. I don't even know why people can argue this.

    Superman has:
    1) Superhuman strength
    2) Extremely high defense (He isn't invincible, he is just invincible by conventional standards)
    3) X ray vision (not helpful?)
    4) Super breath (whatever it is called)
    5) Heat vision
    6) Super speed
    7) Powered by the sun

    Goku has:
    1) Superhuman strength (with virtually no limit, his physical strength is only limited by his Ki level)
    2) Energy Beam attacks
    3) Can use the power (life force) of nature to power himself and regain strength
    4) Extremely high defense (Again, like superman he isn't invincible)
    5) Instant Transmission
    6) Super Speed

    At the end of the day, Superman is a fixed entity, his abilities are set, he can't gain strength on the fly. Goku's power level is virtually unlimited, only limited by the amount of energy his body can handle, which thanks to his Saiyan heritage, is almost limitless. Also, Goku could easily destroy the sun (he wouldn't), or use Instant Transmission to teleport Superman to another galaxy, where there is no yellow sun. Superman is also vulnerable to (supernatural) energy based attacks, which Goku has an endless supply off. Goku could just create a planet sized Spirit Bomb and send it at Supes.

      Superman's strength is limitless as long as he can absorb solar radiation from a yellow sun. Superman has a massive healing factor (as long as he has absorbed solar radiation in his cells). Goku can't heal rapidly without external help, so as soon as his Ki shield is penetrated, Goku would be killed by Superman.

      Goku could probably damage the modern incarnation of Superman but Superman is able to heal from damage as long as the sun exists, while Goku has a limited (though vast) supply of Ki. Both approximately as strong as each other. Superman wins due to durability and healing factor and limitless energy source. Ki blasts could be magical in nature and might be able to hurt Superman but he has some resistance to magic, especially non-telepathic forms of magic.

        Not even Superman's healing is good enough to prevent every cell in his body from being disintegrated at the same time via the Kamehameha.

        Also, Goku can destroy the entire planet with finger. Superman does NOT have that kind of power.

    Id say which version of superman are you pitting against Goku, cos theres how many versions?
    sure there may be one or 2 versions that could hand it to Goku, but the majority of the Supermen reincarnations would be destroyed.

    I remember seeing an animated movie about old man batman taking on superman, Superman barely survived a nuclear blast, and batman managed to hold his own against him without kyrponite, Goku would of one shotted him.

    Love to see someone do a side by side matchup of all the iterations of superman against the single iteration of Goku.

    it would be a draw since after they fought enough, they would acknowledge their strength and superman tells goku Gung na ntrag bs na vagretnynpgvp cbyvpr arneyl xvyyrq uvz jura ur pnzr gb rnegu & gung ohyzn'f fvfgre xarj nobhg guvf nyvra & fbsgrarq uvz hc fb gung gur ntrag qvqa'g xvyy uvz, plus to all those who bash screwattack, their research is 99% accurate

    Kind of off topic, but I recently saw Man of Steel - that movie had the best Dragonball-style fights I've seen in a live-action film. I couldn't help thinking I was actually watching a spiritual successor to "The History of Trunks"...

    Unless there is some kind of DBZ vs DC spin off game here somewhere, I am not sure of the relevance on a gaming site. Slow day I guess???

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      Kotaku isn't limited only to Gaming news. Generaly interest question topics like "the big question" and "tell us, dammit" are generally just off topic discussions for general pop culture stuff. Sometimes even sports! SPORTS.

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