The Cast Of Alien Talk Alien Isolation

Alien is and will always remain one of the greatest examples of tension and drama in the sci-fi/horror genre and, in many ways, pushes beyond those parameters. I've always wanted to play a video game that mirrored that tension and it's looking more and more like Alien Isolation could be that game. In this latest video, SEGA managed to round up the original cast of the movie, and got them chin wagging about the new game. It's very, very cool indeed.

And it's also cool, on some level, that the original stars are going to provide voiceover work for the game. I was initially cynical about bringing them into Alien Isolation, mainly because it was initially marketed as a pre-order bonus. Now that SEGA has announced that everyone — not just the people who pre-order — will get a chance to play the early missions featuring the original cast, I'm far more favourable about their inclusion.

I'm keen to see how it all works, and it's quite reassuring to see how enthusiastic the original cast seems to be about the game itself.


    Cue people raging about Colonial Marines, pre-order content and 'how we shouldn't get our hopes up'

    I would... If this game were made by gearbox. Im not pre ordering though. I learned hard with FFXIII, DNF and the last straw was A:CM

    Funnily enough gearbox proved they could make a duke game- in the form of dlc called The Doctor Who Cloned Duke.

    I do think this game will be awesome and the hype at least is promising, but never again will I pre order

      Yeah, not many people understand why DNF was so bad sadly. But I'm very excited by the idea that Gearbox will one day do their own Duke Nukem game. Maybe "Duke Nukem Begins" :P

        Noooo. It would have to be a back to roots shooter like the doctor who cloned me. I dont know if it should be all tue way back to the humble side scrolling beginnings but certainly have DN3D era nostalgia thats not all wall titty slapping. It will be hard because society now in general doesn't look at DNF and DN3D content as funny. Not to mention the potential outcry at strip club scenes

    64 and Sigourney Weaver is still all-class.

    Cant believe they got the original cast together for DLC!

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