The Creator Of Robotech Predicted Crowdfunding In 1995

Video: Yesterday we learned that 80s classic anime Robotech will be returning with the new series, Robotech Academy. It will be paid for via Kickstarter — which is more than a little apt as Robotech's creator, the late Carl Macek predicted the eventual existence of crowdfunding all the way back in 1995.


    That's prescient for the foremost copyright and trademark troll of the cartoon industry.

    Not to mention, that they have been involved with Berlusconi's tax fraud in Italy.

    Maybe do something other than give a villainous company free press?

    Hmm, um, it annoys me when they say the creator of robotech. Because that's like claiming to be a creator for doing a mash up video on youtube which completely destroys and craps up the real story. All they did was get three different anime as different seasons and tie them together.
    Funnanimation butchered and edited one piece a lot for the english release? do we celebrate that and call it "creation" :P?

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      Let's not forget the licensing issues that stemmed from that mess that prevents us getting English releases of all the newer macross anime and games.

      I thought 4kids butchered one piece and Funimation redubbed it afterwards?

      I don't know much about one piece. Just a lot if people bitching at or about 4kids.

        Yeah I probably got it the wrong way around.

    "Yesterday we learned that 80s classic anime Robotech will be returning with the new series, Robotech Academy."

    Hey author, some fact checking if you can? At this point it's at 44k of 500k with 33 days to go. While some people may think that's a slam dunk, not *all* kickstarters succeed... you might want to throw in the word 'POTENTIALLY' there rather than claiming it's a done deal.

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      Also its a kickstarter for a pilot episode that would need to gain additional funding to become a series, so it is even further from returning

      And HG is not exactly "popular" w/ a lot of the existing Macross/Robotech fans in the west *either*

      While some people may grudgingly give them props for bringing over the license back in the 80's HG themselves have accrued a lot of hatred for literally stonewalling any Macross releases to the west because of their license hence we haven't had *ANY* Macross for the last 15 or so years!

        I remember Macross II and Macross + being my favourite two. Can you recommend any more?

          firstly, we don't mention Macross II; Macross Zero, and Macross Frontier were great - Macross 7 was.. well.. it was a Macross series and that was all I needed.

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