The Destiny Beta Starts Next Week

Video: The Destiny beta starts next week on July 17 for PlayStation console owners and on July 23 for Xbox players. According to the FAQ on the game’s official site, you have to pre-order the game to get access to the beta.


    • Doesnt exist on the x1 store. Just go to eb and put $10 down on it. After the beta, cancel your pre-order and wait for it to come to the x1 store.

      Or visit the US website like @gemonic suggests.

        • Same deal. Just go to eb, put $10 down on a physical copy. Get the beta code, play the beta. When the beta finishes, cancel the pre-order and get your cash back. When ms update the Aussie store front, buy the digital copy.

          Or do what @blackdahlianz said just above.

  • Hmmm, last I heard the beta was a Playstation exclusive but I guess this will be part of the growing trend of timed exclusives over the next few years. Ah well, I loved the alpha and expecting a lot more from the beta. The first thing people will rush to find out: Peter Dinklage’s voice acting and whether it’s changed

    • The advertising worked on you well then, they never said that anything except the Alpha and some content was exclusive. But you could totally be forgiven for not knowing!

      Personally I found the crucibles announcer much worse than Dinklages vo. Just totally disinterested.

      EDIT: basically re-typing the whole post as my thumbs and phone seem to be mortal enemies at this point.

  • I was lucky enough to get a Beta code without pre-ordering. I’ll give it a shot but I didn’t like the Alpha. Hopefully they’ve improved things!

  • It seems odd to me that the Alpha was open to pretty much everybody, but the beta is pre-orders only, and therefore going to be a smaller set of users.

    I would have thought that as the game got closer to release they’d be wanting to test it with an increasing number of players, not decreasing?

    • It wasn’t just pre-orders. They had a sign up for the Beta on their website and I think they sent out a eNewsletter about it as well if you were part of their mailing list. Also gamespot gave away some Beta codes as well 🙂

    • Well the Alpha was just ps4 users and of those, you had to be lucky enough to get a code. The beta is 360, ps3, ps4 and x1 pre-orders, as well as the lucky few that managed to get them without pre-ordering. There was an article somewhere about Destiny being the most pre-ordered game at the moment… so I guess it might seem smaller for one platform. But because it’s on 4…

  • And here I am, still with no internet. No way I’m downloading 7GB+ on my mobile plan. I guess I’ll wait until September…

  • The Ghost edition looks cool, hard to justify the Australia tax on it, and the PS4 version is pretty much sold out online everywhere. Just preordered the digital collectors from the US PSN.

  • I did a pre-order from Amazon and then cancelled as soon as the beta key came through. As Amazon don’t charge until the game is shipped it cost $0 Took less then 5 minutes to order, get key and cancel. NP

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