The Entire Story Of Warcraft, Told In 40 Minutes

The Entire Story of Warcraft, Told in 40 Minutes

And that's just the cliffnotes version! YouTuber Nobbel87 has done quite a few videos on the story of the Warcraft series in the past. In his newest, which is basically a large summary, he touches upon every key point of Azeroth's lore, from the arrival of the Titans of prehistory to the ending of the latest released WoW expansion, Mists of Pandaria.

The video has plenty of accompanying visuals and, if you'd like to go even deeper, there's links to Nobbel's past videos for each large topic. If you're a fan, whether old or new, it's a great way to get acquainted with the Warcraft universe's history.

The Story of Warcraft - Full Version [Nobbel87@YouTube, via r/warcraft]

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    Hmm, does the narrator just try to do voices sometimes, like real badly or something, or is it an accent.

      Accent. Annoys me at times too but the guy does his research well

      Yeah accent. This guy does really awesome WoW videos... I've watched a lot of them before.

    Finally get it. Started playing WoW about six months ago, have absolutely no idea what the story is. This video clears it all up - nice.

    I always enjoyed the story in Warcraft III, was so gripping with those cinematic shots and voice acting, I'd love, pray, that they would make another Warcraft RTS, alas they make too much from WoW to ever justify it...

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