The Grim Fandango Remake Will Be Available On PC And Mac

One of the biggest, genuine surprises of E3 was the announcement that Double Fine would be producing a full HD remake of Grim Fandango for the PS4. No-one saw that coming. But now the good news continues. Not only will Grim Fandango be available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, Double Fine has just announced that the game will appear on other formats as well.

Namely, the PC, Mac and Linux formats.

This is good news for folks who prefer not to do their gaming on consoles, and it makes total sense. Grim Fandango was a PC release to begin with, and adventure games were always more of a PC thing anyway. I was surprised when Tim Schafer announced that the game was coming to PS4, now the whole project is starting to make a little more sense.


    Oh thank god!

    While this is good news for me, I can't help but wonder about the state of exclusives on the new gen of consoles. Every time we hear about new titles, they end up being multi platform.

      thats because its easier then ever to port these days, and unless Sony and Microsoft are paying you a truck load to keep it exclusive its more profitable to release on all platforms

        It is a strange beast.

        Say you could make about $5 million selling on xbone and another $5 million selling on PS4. Sony would have to pay you at least $5 million to make it worthwhile to you. Not really worthwhile to them as they would not get that back. I guess it is worth spending that to make your platform look more attractive. Kind of like advertising - can be hard to quantify ROI.

          And on top of that you have to relinquish leveraging the unique hardware aspects of a console to make a game compatible with other platforms. So do you build a unique experience which pushes the hardware, or do you lose the edge in terms of graphics and gameplay and hope the larger market makes up for that?

          Nintendo seems to be the only ones who can consistently do it on their own.

          However, if you can't afford to build a game that will bring in $10 million over two consoles, you might be willing to accept substantially less in order to get access to a $5 million market on one console.

    The one game that i thought would actually make me feel less regretful of buying a vita and now it's on pc too. Yay!

    I really hope this does well, because it might make Disney receptive toward licensing out some of their other stuff for updates / sequels.

    I'd love to see them pass Maniac Mansion over to Double Fine or get Monkey Island into Ron Gilbert's hands again.

    On Mac? Alright! Looks like I'll be gaming like it's 1999 all over again.

    Actually I'm not joking. I'm genuinely excited about this HD remake. Loved the original game. :)

    Yet I'll still get this on Vita. If only to do my part in encouraging more releases like this on the little guy!

      Pretty much the same!

      The Vita cops to much shit for being an Indie/Port machine, but good games are still good games and I for one loved playing God of War I & II all over again, just this time on the way to work!

      This also reminds me that I have to download both Broken Sword 5 episodes and play them!

    Hmm, guess it'll be the Vita version for me (hope it's cross play) - I still have this on CD and got it up and running over the weekend.

    This is good, i have always wanted to play this game but it not being available to buy legally the only option is to set sail on the high seas but this is a better option for everyone.

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