The Horror Of Crysis 2’s Crouching

The Horror Of Crysis 2’s Crouching

Crysis is a first-person series. There is no third-person perspective. And we should be forever grateful for that.

Why? Because this. This is what happens when you tinker with the game and see things from outside the player’s body. Because it’s an FPS, there is no head. There is also no concern given to things like animation, because why would they? You’re never supposed to see any of this.

The Horror Of Crysis 2’s Crouching

Not that any of that will make this any less hilarious/terrifying.

Third person crouching in Crysis 2 [Reddit]


  • Is this really what happens? If so, why isn’t that a problem in multiplayer?

    I don’t think that’s really what happens – the timing on the warped version is way off – the second time it “crouches” and then “stands up” it goes really slowly, but that’s not how the crouch/standup timing works in game.

    Mirrors Edge Animations look pretty funny when they’re not in a first person view though.

    • I don’t think you can use the cover system in the multiplayer.

      Also, just because it’s kinda relevant: Did you know in Crysis 1 you can play the game in 3rd person if you use DevMode and hit F1? (Just like in Crysis 2).

      BUT, in the first game the animations are quite good and the shooting is quite functional, especially with a laser pointer. There were rumours that Crytech wanted to have a 1st/3rd person option or something.

      • Well, Crysis 1 didn’t have a cover system, and you could see Nomad in vehicles as they had windows (C2 only has a windowless APC IIRC)

    • This is an outside rendering of the player model visible to you in first person mode.

      So when you see the arms, the guns, arms, legs and feet in first person mode.

      All that matters is the first person viewpoint. It’d be all weird because things aren’t changing when they don’t need to be. As well as scale and perspective is probably different due to achieving the best look as the player. FOV ect.

      It’s completely separate to how the game renders the models from a third person perspective. Like third person mode in Crysis 1 or in MP.

  • Seriously though this is really old and im pretty sure its been posted on kotaku before

    • It’s making the rounds again because eurogamer posted it today. Before that it was on Kotaku because it was on IGN 2 years ago, or something.

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