The Internet Reacts To Sailor Moon Crystal

Now that the world has had a chance to watch Sailor Moon Crystal this weekend, everyone seems to have something to say about the new reboot. Some stuff is positive, which is unsurprising, given how beloved the franchise is. And some stuff definitely has a tinge of disappointment to it.

Regardless of how you feel about the reboot, one thing is clear: lots of people are watching. That's just how influential the franchise is. I found myself watching even though I wasn't that huge on Sailor Moon growing up.

Here's what the internet had to say about Sailor Moon Crystal.


    Yeah, people tend to forget that 14 age thing going on. I'm not sure I'd trust the safety of the world in the hands of little kids who have never even had a job before. I know the Japanese military always have trouble taking care of Godzilla, but I'd take a guess and say they're a little capable of dealing with... some dicks trying to steal everybodys souls.

    But then again, I used to intensely watch a show where the fate of the world depended on a childrens trading card game.

      Childrens trading card games are what society is built on.

      Not to mention in the uncut series she gets pregnant :)

    I watched it since I watch every new anime that comes out in a given season and well above all else I couldn't get over what a shit personality sailor moon has, she was a terrible/lazy person.

    Given I remember nothing of the previous version ( I did watch it when It was available i.e not often) so I'm not sure if she was always this way. Sure she is "14" but she is supposed to be a super hero, higher standards and stuff.

      Yeah, she was always a terrible/lazy person in the original anime. She slowly grew out of it, but it was definitely a major part of her character.

        She pretty much grows out of the lazy/irresponsible by the end of Season 1 to midway of R... she still has her moments from time to time...

        Then again having all of your friends die in front of you tends to ground people =P

    couldn't stand the voice they used... so stopped watching...

    no i'm not that into anime, but my wife loved sailor moon (still does like the original - english version though)... we're both passing on this one

      I believe there's an English dub coming at the end of the year that might be worth checking out if your wife was a fan of the original series' dub.

    @kingpotato , believe it or not, she was always a ditz and airhead.
    I actually shed a tear watching this new one, still remember parts of the original when it was on morning TV, in fact I think I've got the whole series here somewhere.

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