The Japanese Mario Kart 8 Commercial Is The Best Mario Kart 8 Commercial

And do you know why? It's not because it features the Luigi death stare — it totally does — but because it features all of the 'I just hit with a shell' expressions in slow motion. Luigi's one is obviously the best, but I think it's about time the rest of the crew got their moment in the sun.

But while we're here, a quick question: who is still playing Mario Kart 8? I love the game, and I think Nintendo absolutely got it right, but I'm hearing less and less people talking about it. That's natural, games tend to make a splash at launch and then fade away, but I expected Mario Kart 8 chatter to have a slightly longer tail.

I thought that the whole Mario Kart TV feature would be a part of that discussion but Nintendo, I think, failed to make those videos shareable in a meaningful enough way. But still, this commercial makes me want to play again, just for those slo-mo replays.


    My family love playing each other every night. But I personally wish it was easier to edit camera angles to get that perfect shot!

    TAYbies play every Monday. (Numbers vary.) Good turn out last night!

      Dammit! If I ever remembered it was on, that could have been *me* instead of Baby Daisy!

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      The connection issue thing is crap. I was in an empty lobby for most of the night! :(

      I can't help but notice your scores - are they that low intentionally??

        When you play in tournaments they start at zero, no matter your score previously.

    Im getting my Wii-U tomorrow! So excited!!!

      You won't be disappointed, did you get the Mario Kart Bundle with the free game?

        yup yup yup! Can't wait to get my kart on!!

          Poor bugger. You got sucked in to the MK8 hype like I did. Heres a tip from one fool to another. Ration out your WiiU gaming, cos youre in for a long drought.

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    My latest gripe with MK8 is the lack of in-depth online stats - similar to MK7 on the 3DS where it tracked player wins and losses. Seems like Nintendo has further removed any complexities from the online portion of the game to make it more accessible than ever. My biggest problem with this, is that it's got no real legs on it over the long-term.

    On another note, I'm still getting over a few other things such as the item hold system. No longer can you double up - really takes the thrill and strategies out of a race. Items in general also seem weak as now. Even when you're in last, a few stars and Bullet Bill sometimes aren't enough to get you back in the race.

    Gotta say, but as stunning as MK8 is from a graphical standpoint, there are a lot of shortcomings in terms of the actual gameplay. It has its high and low points, but in my opinion - it's far from the best entry in the series, just seems a little lacking all round. Gone are the days of 4 player around the tele as well, frame rate kind of sucks if you're with playing 3-4 people.

    I think MK8's take on Battle Mode says it all, really.

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      Agreed, my main gripe is the new battle mode...driving around one of the tracks just isn't the same

      Battle mode, FFFFFFFUUUU- don't get me started.

        Battle mode stickers balls compared to mk64

    I still think the whole thing seems a bit unfinished... The lack of stats and timers and dual screen play frustrates but for its now primary function - online play with my housemate, it's still going strong at my place - I want more points!

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