'The Last Of Us: Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture'

'The Last Of Us: Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture'

Briefly: Produced by filmmaker Sam Raimi. Written by The Last of Us director Neil Druckmann. Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) possibly in talks to be Ellie. (But don't count on that one until it's actually finalised.)

More when we know it.

Picture: Sony


    Sam Raimi.. Me gusta.

    Why not just cast Ellen Page when Ellie was clearly modeled after her?

      Maybe she's starting to get a bit older than Ellie?

      Her acting sucks and she's way too old.

    I like the maisie Williams casting if it happens.

    Justin Bieber cameo as Nathan Drake in post credits scene!!!

    Maisie is such a good choice, couldn't think of anyone more suited.
    Except maybe hit-girl.

    Rory McCann as Joel
    Ellen Page as Ellie

    It'd be really, really great if they do age-appropriate casting. Like, an actual 14 year old girl, and a guy in his late 40s, rather than a 26 year old girl playing a kid.

    Unknowns would be pretty good, but Hugh Jackman does have the right look for Joel (and he was pretty great in Prisoners as far as the torture stuff goes.)

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